FCRA Receipts ( April'2018 to June'2018) 10.07.2018

FCRA information for April to June 2018
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  Details of Quarterl 1Name of the Association :- Society for Rural Urban and Tir ! RA Re#istration Number:- $1%&'$1R$Address of the Association :- -1* !irst !loor* +au, has Fina Quarter: Amount received 0urin# this uarterInterest received durin# the 2eriodTotal l#$o$a%e of Donor 1 Paul Hamlyn Foundation  Instutonal  Raj Kaul  Individual  Interest earned durin# the 2eriod Total &nstitutional'&n(i)i(ual   y Receipt of Foreign Contribution  bal Initiative (SRUTI):: nclave* Ne/ 0elhi -11''1%: cial Year: 2018-2019 April2018 to !une2019Rs# 2*+,+2.2'-   Rs# /*+9/.'-R # 2*+82+209'-A%ount Rs#  *%$*$3%4'' '54'&4'15 Education Support  1*5%4'' '4'64'15 otal 2+*,+2.2#00 $%*3$ 2+*82+209 Detail of t3e (onor+official A((ress4 5%ail a((ress4 6ebsite a((ress: 7urposes for 63ic3recei)e( 0ate of Recei2t Paul Hamlyn Foundation ,5-11 Leeke Street, London WC1X 9HY,!, nited !in dom, Email #d$ m%rooke&'p()*or *in*uk We%&ite addre&&$ +++*p()*or *uk Fello+&(ip pro ramme$ )rom People& r ani&ation to Panc(ayati a.*/0/ Corriente Pointe ri2e, ed+ood City Cali)ornia-93045
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