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FEG04 Chapter 05 Rev

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  1 5-1 Yes/no questions and short answers 5-2 Yes/no and information questions 5-3 Where  , why  , when  , what time, what…for, and  how come   5-4 Questions with who  , whom  , and what   5-5 Using what   + a form of do   5-6 Using which   and what kind of   5-7 Using whose   5-8 Using how   5-9 Using how often   5-10 Using how far   5-11 Length of time: it   + take   and how long   5-12 Spoken and written contractions with question words 5-13 More questions with how   5-14 Using how about   and what about   5-15 Tag questions   CONTENTS    2 5-1 YES/NO QUESTIONS AND SHORT ANSWERS Does Marta look happy? No, she doesn’t.   Marta doesn’t look happy.    3 Yes, he  did  .   (He arrived.)  No, he didn’t  .   (He didn’t arrive.)  Yes, I   do  .   (I like apples.)  No, I    don’t  .   (I don’t like apples.)   5-1 YES/NO QUESTIONS AND SHORT ANSWERS YES/NO QUESTION SHORT  ANSWER + LONG ANSWER (a) Do   you like    apples? (b) Did   he arrive  ?    4 Yes, it is  .   It’s sunny.  No, it isn’t  .  It isn’t sunny.  Yes, I   have  .   Yes I have seen Jim.  No, I    haven’t  .   No, I haven’t seen  Jim.   5-1 YES/NO QUESTIONS AND SHORT ANSWERS YES/NO QUESTION SHORT  ANSWER + LONG ANSWER (c) Have    you   seen Jim? (d) Is   it sunny  ?


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