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   Fenaflex tyre couplings from 24 to 14,675Nm, standard DBSE spacer variant, ATEX approved variant and flywheel version available. HRC, resilient couplings from 30 to 3,150Nm, available in Taper Lock and pilot bore variants Jaw couplings from 0.5 to 280Nm with incidental misalignment capacity and quick fit spacer varaint. Rigid Taper Lock couplings in 8 sizes up to 10,500Nm Section 5:Drive Couplings SECTION : 5 Fenner shaft couplings range from highly resilient to totally rigid and are all precision manufactured using high quality ferrous materials and the latest polymer technology. DRIVE COUPLINGS Drive Couplings: Design Data Required Type of prime mover, or driving machineElectric motor starting arrangementEngine or compressor inertia of both machines (MR 2  or GD 2 )Rotational speed of prime moverPower rating of prime moverType of coupled machinePower absorbed by coupled machineHours/day duty & start/stop frequencyBoth coupled shaft diametersDistance between shaft endsLikely machine alignment quality > angular> parallel> axial Visit for the Drive Design AssistantDrive Couplings PageFenaflex Couplings 113Fenaflex Power Ratings 114Fenaflex Dimensions 115Fenaflex Spacer Couplings 116Fenaflex Flywheel Couplings 117HRC Couplings 119HRC Dimensions 120Jaw Couplings 121Rigid Couplings 123Installation 124 Visit for online Fenaflex installation videos  Fenaflex® Couplings   112 Fenaflex Couplings DRIVE COUPLINGSSECTION : 5 Fenner Advanced Chain Technology THE MARK OF ENGINEERING EXCELLENCE   Fenaflex ™  Tyre Couplings Flexible and EfficientLess Stress. More Flexibility. > Simple time saving installation> Large misalignment capability, 4° angular, up to 6mm parallel and 8mm axial> Internal load carrying cords are wound in both directions, so there is no problem reversing drives> Tyres are available in standard and FRAS construction. ATEX approved> Pump spacer and flywheel fixing variants available  Fenaflex® Couplings - Power Ratings   FEN01/14 : DRIVE DESIGN & MAINTENANCE MANUAL113 SERVICE FACTORS The Fenaflex coupling is a highly flexible, torsionally elastic coupling offering versatility to designers and engineers with a choice of flange combinations to suit most applications.Tyre coupling flanges are available in either F or H Taper Lock ™  fitting or pilot bored, which can be finish bored to the required size.With the addition of a spacer assembly the coupling can be used to accommodate standard distances between shaft ends, (DBSE) facilitating centrifugal pump maintenance.Fenaflex couplings can accommodate simultaneous maximum misalignment in all planes without imposing undue loads on adjacent bearings and the excellent shock-absorbing properties of the flexible tyre reduce vibration and torsional oscillations.Fenaflex tyres are available in natural rubber compounds for use in ambient temperatures between –50 O C and +50 O C. Chloroprene rubber compounds are available for use in adverse operating conditions (e.g. oil or grease contamination) and can be used in temperatures of –15 O C to +70 O C. The chloroprene compound should also be used when fire-resistance and anti-static (FRAS) properties are required, and it is this tyre material that is used with specific flange modifications in the ATEX approved variant. SELECTION (a) Service Factor Determine the required Service Factor from table below. (b) Design Power Multiply the normal running power by the service factor. This gives the design power which is used as a basis for selecting the coupling. (c) Coupling Size Refer to Power Ratings table (page 114) and from the appropriate speed read across until a power greater than that required in step (b) is found.The size of Fenaflex coupling required is given at the head of that column. (d) Bore Size Check from Dimensions table (page 115) that chosen flanges can accommodate required bores. EXAMPLE A Fenaflex coupling is required to transmit 45kW from an A.C. electric motor which runs at 1440 rev/min to a rotary screen for 12 hours per day. The motor shaft is 60mm diameter and the screen shaft is 55mm diameter. Taper Lock is required. (a) Service Factor  The appropriate service factor is 1.4. (b) Design Power  Design power = 45 x 1.4 = 63kW. Type of Driving UnitSPECIAL CASES For applications where substantial shock, vibration and torque fluctuations occur, and for reciprocating machines (e.g. internal combustion engines, piston pumps and compressors) refer to your local Authorised Distributor with full machine details for analysis. Electric motorsSteam turbinesInternal combustion engines † Steam engines Water turbinesHours per day dutyType of Driven Machine10 and underOver 10 to 16 incl.Over 16 10 andunderOver 10 to 16 incl.Over 16CLASS 1 Agitators, Brewing machinery, Centrifugal compressors andpumps. Belt conveyors, Dynamometers, Lineshafts, Fans up to 7.5kW. Blowers and exhausters (except positive displacement), Generators. CLASS 2* Clay working machinery, General machine tools, paper millbeaters and winders, Rotary pumps, Rubber extruders, Rotary screens, Textile machinery, Marine propellors and Fans over 7.5kw. CLASS 3* Bucket elevators, Cooling tower fans, Piston compressors and pumps, Foundry machinery, Metal presses, Paper mill calenders, Hammer mills, Presses and pulp grinders, Rubber calenders, Pulverisers and Positive displacement blowers. CLASS 4* Reciprocating conveyors, Gyratory crushers, Mills (ball, pebble and rod), Rubber machinery (Banbury mixers and mills) and Vibratory screens. * It is recommended that keys (with top clearance if in Taper Lock bushes) are fitted on applications where load fluctuation is expected.† Couplings for use with internal combustion engines may require special consideration, refer to pages 117. (c) Coupling Size By reading across from 1440 rev/min in the power ratings table the first power figure to exceed the required 63kW in step (b) is 75,4kW. The size of coupling is F90 Fenaflex. (d) Bore Size By referring to the dimensions table it can be seen that both shaft diameters fall within the bore range available. SECTION : 5DRIVE COUPLINGS Fenaflex Couplings  Fenaflex® Couplings - Dimensions   114 Fenaflex Couplings - Power Ratings DRIVE COUPLINGSSECTION : 5 POWER RATINGS (KW) Speedrev/minCouplings SizeF40F50F60F70F80F90F100F110F120F140F160F180F200F220F250 1000.250.691.332.623.935.247.079.1613.924.339.565.797.6121.0154.02000.501.382.665.247.8510.5014.1018.3027.948.779.0131.0195.0243.0307.03000.752.073.997.8511.8015.7021.2027.5041.873.0118.0197.0293.0364.0461.04001.012.765.3210.5015.7020.9028.3036.6055.797.4158.0263.0391.0486.0615.05001.263.466.6513.1019.6026.2035.3045.8069.6122.0197.0328.0488.0607.0768.06001.514.157.9815.7023.6031.4042.4055.0083.6146.0237.0394.0586.0729.0922.07001.764.849.3118.3027.5036.6049.5064.1097.5170.0276.0460.0684.0850.01076.0 7201.814.989.5718.8028.3037.7050.9066.00100.0175.0284.0473.0703.0875.01106.0 8002.015.5310.6020.9031.4041.9056.5073.30111.0195.0316.0525.0781.0972.01229.09002.266.2212.0023.6035.3047.1063.6082.50125.0219.0355.0591.0879.01093.01383.0 9602.416.6312.8025.1037.7050.3067.9088.00134.0234.0379.0630.0937.01166.01475.0 10002.516.9113.3026.2039.3052.4070.7091.60139.0243.0395.0657.0976.01215.01537.012003.028.2916.0031.4047.1062.8084.80110.00167.0292.0474.0788.01172.014003.529.6818.6036.6055.0073.3099.00128.00195.0341.0553.0919.0 14403.629.9519.1037.7056.5075.40102.00132.00201.0351.0568.0945.0 16004.0211.10121.3041.9062.8083.80113.00147.00223.0390.0632.018004.5212.40123.9047.1070.7094.20127.00165.00251.0438.020005.0313.80126.6052.4078.50105.50141.00183.00279.022005.5315.20129.3057.60186.40115.00155.00202.00 24006.0316.60131.9062.8094.20126.00170.0026006.5318.00134.6068.10102.00.136.00184.00 28007.0419.40137.2073.30110.00.147.00 28807.2419.90138.3075.40113.00.151.00 30007.5420.70139.9078.50118.00.157.00 36009.0524.90147.9094.20 The figures in heavier type are for standard motor speeds. All these power ratings are calculated at constant torque.  For speeds below 100 rev/min and intermediate speeds use nominal torque ratings. PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS – FLEXIBLE TYRES CharacteristicsCoupling SizeF40F50F60F70F80F90F100F110F120F140F160F180F200F220F250 Maximum speed rev/min4,5004,5004,0003,6003,1003,0002,6002,3002,0501,8001,6001,5001,3001,1001,000 Nominal Torque Nm T K N 24661272503755006758751,3302,3253,7706,2709,32511,60014,675 Maximum Torque Nm T K MAX 641603184877591,0961,5172,1373,5475,6429,33916,45523,50833,12542,740Torsional Stiffness Nm/ O 513264163911261782964707781,3711,9592,7603,562Max. parallel misalignment mm1. end float mm ± mass. kg0. Torque ± Nm @ 10Hz T KW 112653811271832523565919401,5562,7423,9185,5217,124Resonance Factor V  R 777777777777777Damping Coefficient  Ψ FLEXIBLE TYRE CODE NUMBERS Unless otherwise specified Fenaflex flexible tyres will be supplied in a natural rubber compound which is suitable for operation in temperatures –50 O C to +50 O C. A chloroprene compound is available which is Fire Resistant and Anti-Static (FRAS) and has greater resistance to heat and oil.This is suitable for operation in temperatures –15 O C to +70 O C. For temperatures outside these ranges – consult your local Authorised Distributor.The FRAS tyre variant is used with specifically modified metal flanges to create the ATEX approved variant. SizeNaturalFRAS F40033A0048033A0068F50033B0048033B0068F60033C0048033C0068F70033D0048033D0068F80033E0048033E0068F90033F0048033F0068F100033G0048033G0068F110033H0048033H0068F120033J0048033J0068F140033K0048033K0068F160033L0048033L0068F180033Q0048033Q0068F200033M0048033M0068F220033N0048033N0068F250033P0048033P0068*Hexagonal socket caphead clamping screws on these sizes.Maximum torque figures should be regarded as short duration overload ratings for use in such circumstances as direct-on-line motor starting. All Fenaflex tyre couplings have an angular misalignment capacity up to 4º.Coupling SizeM Dimension (mm)Gap Between Tyre Ends (mm)Clamping Screw Torque (Nm)Screw Size F40*22215M6F50*25215M6F60*33215M6F7023324M8F8025324M8F9027340M10F10027340M10F11025340M10F12029350M12F14032555M12F16030580M16F180466105M16F200456120M16F220556165M20F250596165M20


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Jul 23, 2017
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