1. Festival in Russia Winter festival Belen – Jorgelina P. 2. Winter Festival inMoscow Russiaã Where is this festival? It is in Russia 3. It is celebrate fromdecember…
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  • 1. Festival in Russia Winter festival Belen – Jorgelina P.
  • 2. Winter Festival inMoscow Russia• Where is this festival? It is in Russia
  • 3. It is celebrate fromdecember 25 to January 5
  • 4. In this festival the peopledacinces, and they cookstraditional food
  • 5. PER USofía Reinaudi – Agustina DettoniCol. UNLPam – 2º - InglésTeacher: Aurelia García
  • 6. PERuPeru is smallcountry, yourcapital is Lima.Bounded on theeast with Brazil,on the north withEcuador andColombia, on thesouth with Chile.
  • 7. PERUCarnival ofPeru:This party andpubliccelebration. Iscolorful.Takes placebetweenFebruary andMarch.Peruvians arewho celebrate
  • 8. PERUCOMMENTS: InPeru for tressadorn thiscelebration; thendance aroundthem.¡Is very beatifulcountry !
  • 9. Festival de las Rosas en Kazanlak(Bulgaria) Dana- Jorgelina
  • 10. Location of brazil Brazil is in South America west of Argentina. Presents a variety of beach where do festivals. Tomás - Javier
  • 11. FestivalsLets look at the major festivals in Brazil.
  • 12. Brazilian traditions andfestivalsMajor Brazilian folklore festivals are related to religious calendar, all reflected in dances, legends, beliefs.
  • 13. Feast of Santo Amaro inthe Goytacazes Campos (Riode Janeiro) Held on January 15. Is the a religious party. It also makes the representation of the struggle between Moors and Christians, also known as horses.
  • 14. From January 24 toFebruary 2Celebrations of the religious feast of Our Lord of Nazaré, in Nazaré (Bahia)
  • 15. 4 days before AshWednesday Considered the worlds biggest party, the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro, is enjoyed for five days of uproar
  • 16. 22 and 24 June Folk Festival of the Amazon in Manaus. You iesta San Juan in Cachoeira (Bahia).
  • 17. 26 DecemberThe festival consists of Congadas Brazilian parades on the day of St. Benedict commemorating the coronation of a king of Congo
  • 18. see some photosCarnival in the rio de janeiro
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  • 23.  Colombia is located in South America, at the north of Peru and Ecuador In the west of it is Venezuela and Brazil. And is ubicated at the east of Panama and the Pacific Ocean
  • 24. o Carnival of Barranquilla:o Takes place in Barranquilla, Colombia.o Is celebrated on Saturday to Tuesday , usually in February.o The costume is a pair of pants, shirt sleeve, tie, sweater or vest, and a mask with a long nose, and an elephant ears with many colors
  • 25.  The oficial language is Colombian. The population of Colombia is forty-six million people
  • 26. EslovaquiaSOFIA - AGUS Flag
  • 27. Location
  • 28. Traditional attire
  • 29. Halušky
  • 30. Traditional Festival • Florencia Aguirre, Camila Winckelmann- Ingles “B”
  • 31. Where?.. When?.. In México, it is on November the first and second day-
  • 32. Who?.. All México, specially families with dead.
  • 33. Clothing and makeup Womens: long dress with many colors,hat,shoes or boots. Men: do not have a specific clothing. MAKEUP: For all the same, imitating a skeleton
  • 34. Comments: This festival is celebr ated with joy, not afraid of the spirits, the day of the dead is much more relaxed . Honoring the lives o f the deceased
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