FEXM Documentation Process

Documentation Procedure for export
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  ~ 1 ~ Documentation of a Garment Export house   Submitted to: Prof. I Chakrapani Submitted by: Chahat Jain (06) Nikita Jain (23) Jayveer Deo (18) Karishma Manghnani (20) Parul Nagpal (24) Shraavya Sukumar (32)  ~ 2 ~ Export Documentation    Once the goods are ready the exporter has to prepare and execute various documents of different tags of sending the shipment of goods to the importer    The various documents are vital to the exporter and bank which is a media of payment    The documentary requirements are both regulatory and operational in nature and have to comply with the rules and regulation with the Indian government as well as the importing countries for different type of products.    These requirement are different for different type of products    Accuracy and completeness are the prime necessities in documents covering export shipments Importance of Export document    As an evidence of shipment and title of goods    For obtaining payments    Transportation of the goods    Custom clearance of the goods    And many other purposes Export document cost    Export documentation work constitutes a heavy charge in exports activity    Its costly, complex and cumbersome    Minor discrepancies of any kind either in the date itself or any typing error in the document which looks harmless might proves costly  ~ 3 ~ Export document    Any alteration or addition made by an authority issuing the documents should be endorsed properly, with the signature of the person issuing the document only    If the documents are not the correct ones and not filled properly the importers may not be able to get the goods when the ship carrying them arrives Legal importance    Before granting the permission, the custom officer however ensures that the goods being exported are in accordance with the different regulation particularly in terms of following:    The goods are same type, sort and values as declared by the exporter    The duty or cess livable has been properly determined and paid Aligned documentation system    The Government of India made it mandatory for every exporter to use standardized preshipment export documents w.e.f. September 1,1991    This is properly known as aligned documentation system    The preshipment document on a standard layout was first introduced by Sweden in 1956 Paper size and specifications    All documents under the system are to be prepared on A4 size of paper    Standard margin 10mm---top 20mm----left    The size of the individual boxes should be as per the specification  ~ 4 ~    Maximum tolerance is 1 mm Specifications    The captions inside the boxes should be printed in 6 points sans serif face and should be located as near on the top left corner of the boxes as possible    Documents need to generated mechanically Paper should be found in stable form 50-60% relative humidity Documentation practice in India    In India, on an average about 25 documents are associated with the pre-shipment stages to export transaction    These documents are classified in to two categories: commercial regulatory


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