FF - 5 November 2014

FF - 5 November 2014
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  MR SUPERSTAR H PPY  BIRTHDAY  SHAH RUKH KHAN THE MAN WHO HAS REDEFINED THE  ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS TIME AND AGAIN  November 5, 2014 ` 60 A Times Of India Publication    6 FILMF R November 5, 2014 / www. Volume 63 #23 October 23, 2014 - November 5, 2014 / ISSN NUMBER 0971-7277 MR SUPERSTAR H PPY  BIRTHDAY  SHAH RUKH KHAN THE MAN WHO HAS REDEFINED THE  ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS TIME AND AGAIN  November5,2014 ` 60 ATimesOfIndiaPublication PHOTOGRAPH: DABBOO RATNANIMAKE-UP: ARUN INDULKAR AND GA JAMESHAIR: RAJ GUPTA STYLING: DAENA SETHNATRAINER: PRASHANT SAWANT PHOTOGRAPH: JATIN KAMPANI editor’s choice  4 The ed wishes Shah Rukh Khan a happy birthday  1 4 Rekha is the epitome of grace and sensuality  masala fix  6 Ranbir and Deepika in Rohit Shetty’s next, Chitrangda Singh turns producer, Aditya and Shraddha call it quits and other grist from the rumour mill Profiling the life and times of Shah Rukh Khan  OVER STORY 38 07     preview 14   A sneak peek into Akshay Kumar’s next, The haukeens 16   Presenting TV’s brat pack – Abhinav Shukla, Barun Sobti & Gurmeet Choudhary  f shion & beauty 2 Fashion play: Stars dazzle with their style the good life 28   Sweet sins: Neil Nitin Mukesh shares his 44 7874 22 gourmet secrets 32  Hottie Tapsee Panu doles out fitness tips exclusive 38   Profiling the rise   and rise of Shah   Rukh Khan 44   From Madhuri Dixit, Juhi Chawla, Kajol to Kareena Kapoor, top actresses talk about their most beloved co star 5 Nothing spells witty better than SRK. His quotes from the Filmfare archive are a proof that  SRK sells. 56 Decoding the brand Badshah and his fee in crores 62 The life and times of SRK in pictures 68 Presenting all the SRK covers down the years  74 Alia Bhatt gets rapid and fiery   78 Imran Khan is the coolest dad in town  84 Rajkummar Rao finds his niche  88 Remembering the genius and the multi-talented Kishore Kumar. your say  94 Readers write in their raves and rants  96 Viewers shoot off their reviews 1 1 Twitter and Instagram twatter that made trends this fortnight 1 2   Shatrughan Sinha’s wacky witticisms 38 32 26    4 FILMFARE  November 05, 2014 / Birthday splash! What’s so special about Shah Rukh Khan? Let me count the ways – he came out of nowhere, established his own empire and has shown no signs of stopping Erm That should be enough I believe, no... Well, how about the fact that with his wealth capped at $600 million he’s ranked the second richest actor in the world Still not satisfied Okay Look at those abs Which other 48-year-old man has that kind of super awesome muscle tone. And, mind you, he hasn’t been a gym hound like some others but has taken up body sculpting only in his 40s. Cool isn’t it?Cool. Or rather the king of cool. That’s one way to describe SRK. He knew what was cool and went ahead to achieve, to acquire, to become that. He realised that Darth Vader was more cool than Han Solo, so he embraced the dark side to emerge as the coolest anti-hero this side of the multiverse in films like Darr   and Baazigar  . He realised Indian youth were becoming more aware of global fashion, so out went dress dadas  and PYT stylists joined his brigade, dressing him up in designer labels from across the world. Soon, everyone followed suit. Pun intended. He knew the NRIs yearn to get a feel of the  pind   that they left behind. That gave birth to all those movies where the sarson fields intermixed with the fragrant tulip farms of Belgium, lassi   and pinot noir intermingled into a fine cocktail of Western finesse and Eastern ethics. Everyone was a winner, it was all about loving your family and it was okay to marry your best friend. He also jumped onto the sports bandwagon before anyone else did and used his charisma and marketing skills to make sure his Kolkata Knight Riders were a team worthy of kings.But apart from all this, he’s special because beneath all this rich facade, he remains the fresh-faced Delhi boy with unlimited dreams in his eyes. He knows his flaws and he accepts them. Who has learnt to embrace his loneliness and his chronic insomnia and learnt to live with it. In one of his interviews, he said he told his children he wanted to throw a party and call all his friends. His children pointed out that he didn’t have any friends... Which other superstar would share such an intimate detail with so much candour? He’s dared to put himself right up there, all raw and ready to be carved, to be served to the world... and he’s laughing about it while he’s doing it.Here’s wishing a glorious birthday to someone who remains the most special man on earth for me personally, for various reasons known and unknown, and for Filmfare  as well.  Jiyo hazaron saal   and may your verve and passion increase a thousandfold every year... Letter from the Editor For more on tinseltown’s news and updatesfind me on Twitter @jiteshpillaaiBirthday boy Shah Rukh Khan  


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