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  INSTRUCTOR’S MANUAL FUNDAMENTALSOFFINANCIALMANAGEMENT CONCISE THIRD EDITION EUGENE F. BRIGHAM University of Florida JOEL F. HOUSTON University of Florida Harcourt College Publi!er Fort Worth Philadelphia San Diego New York Orlando Austin San AntonioToronto Montreal London Sydney Tokyo  Copyright  ! ! #y $ar%ourt& 'n%(All rights reser)ed( No part o* this produ%t +ay #e reprodu%ed or trans+itted in any *or+ or #y any +eans e,%ept as pro)ided in the $ar%ourt end-user li%ense agree+ent *ound in the read+e *ile(.e/uests *or per+ission to +ake %opies o* any part o* the work should #e +ailed to the *ollowingaddress0 Per+issions Depart+ent& $ar%ourt& 'n%(& 1!22 Sea $ar#or Dri)e& Orlando& Florida 3!442-1222(Portions o* this work were pu#lished in pre)ious editions(Printed in the 5nited States o* A+eri%a'S6N - 3- 3!782-1  CONTENTS OF THE INSTRUCTOR’S MANUAL PrefaceAlternative Formats for the Introductory CoursevContents of the Instructor’s Manual vIntegrated Cases and Lecture Presentation Software vBlueprintsvilectronic Slide Showvii!verhead ransparenciesviiiSpreadsheet Modelsviii#orld #ide #e$ Sitei%Finance &ews#irei%Study 'uidei% est Ban(i% echnology Supplement%Instructor’s )esource C*+)!M%i!rdering Ancillary Materials%iConclusion%iiCourse Sylla$us%iiiCourse Schedule %viii ransparency Pic(+up List%%Chapter ,An !verview of Financial Management ,+,Chapter -Financial Statements. Cash Flow. and a%es -+,Chapter /Analysis of Financial Statements /+,Chapter 0Financial Planning and Forecasting0+,Chapter 1 he Financial nvironment2 Mar(ets. Institutions.and Interest )ates1+,Chapter 3)is( and )ates of )eturn3+,Chapter 4 ime 5alue of Money4+,Chapter 6Bonds and heir 5aluation6+,Chapter 7Stoc(s and heir 5aluation7+,Chapter ,8 he Cost of Capital,8+,Chapter ,, he Basics of Capital Budgeting,,+,iii  Chapter ,-Cash Flow stimation and )is( Analysis,-+,Chapter ,/Capital Structure and Leverage,/+,Chapter ,0*istri$utions to Shareholders2 *ividends andShare )epurchases,0+,Chapter ,1#or(ing Capital Management,1+,Chapter ,3Multinational Financial Management,3+,iv
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