Ffn english 101 essay #1

Ffn english 101 essay #1
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  Alex TorbatianInstructor SandowiczEnglish 101September 23, 201  Fast Food Kids !a"e #ou e"er wondered wh# the big $ast $ood companies gi"e out to#s with their meals%&r wh# the# ha"e a whole pla#ground $or 'ids% &r how in the world do the# ma'e pro$it o$ their inexpensi"e meals% The hamburger and $ries meal topped with a big $ountain drin' has been America(s number one meal $or as long bac' as when !enr# )ord built the $irst car* +# 10, there were about a million cars in -os Angeles, more cars than in $ort# one states* The car industr# boosted the rise o$ $ast $ood and made it more accessible to $amil#(s all around America*.a# /roc was an American businessman who oined conalds in 14 and built it into the most success$ul $ast $ood operation in the world* /roc was a "er# smart business man because during the time America was in a middle o$ a bab# boom* The number o$ children had mounted the decade a$ter 5orld 5ar II* /roc made children the target o$ the $ast $ood industr# b# creatingT6 commercials and gi"ing out to#s with e"er# 'id(s meal* 7A child who lo"es our T6 commercials /roc explained, and brings her or his grandparents to a conald(s gi"es us two more customers*8 9Schlosser 1*: )ast $ood companies shouldn(t target children because the# lac' the 'nowledge needed to ma'e a health# and educated choice*;hildren lac' the 'nowledge because the# are misin$ormed and misguided threw $alse ad"ertisement* ar'eting to children has become an art to those big corporations that run the  media and the $ast $ood chains that aim and base their business and gain pro$it o$ children* It(s sad to see our own societ# destro# itsel$ and pro"ide the public with misleading in$ormation ust to ma'e a pro$it* conalds at one point called itsel$ the 7Trusted )riend8 suggesting that it cares about its customer(s wellbeing which was completel# $alse* conalds did this b#  pro"iding pla#grounds and to#s $or children which is a 'id(s dream place come true* <ou tr# sa#ing no to #our three #ear old that ust has seen a commercial with the Tellitubbies eating ice cream and pla#ing in a pla#house and telling #our child to come pla# with them* =o matter how good o$ a parent it(s going to be hard to a"oid $ast $ood* 5hen I was in middle school both o$ m# parents wor'ed se"en da#s a wee' twel"e hours a da#, so the# will gi"e me mone# to go eat out e"er# da#* There were da#s that I would eat conalds or >ac' in the box at least two times a da#* The speed# ser"ice s#stem created b# the $ast $ood industr# pro"ided this ser"ice that created an o"erweight and laz# #outh which is being led to medical problems later on in li$e li'e diabetes and heart attac's* >ust imagine the amount o$ 7arti$icial $la"oring? we are eating and $eeding our children e"er#da# which contains amino acids and about hundreds o$ other chemicals that I cannot spell* 7a t#pical arti$icial strawberr# $la"or, li'e the 'ind $ound in a +urger /ing strawberr# mil' sha'e contains the $ollowing ingredients? am#l acetate, am#l  but#rate, anethol, anisl# $ormate, benzzl isobut#rate, but#ric acid8 9Schlosser 124:, and the list goes on $or about a page* These ingredients cost the corporations almost nothing, which means all the mone# the# ma'e is basicall# @ pro$it*;hildren lac' the 'nowledge needed to ma'e a health# and educated choice because usuall# the# come $rom a low income household and low income areas, which are usuall# $iled with the most $ast $ood chains* ersonall# I thin' these is caused b# our capitalist countr# were the big corporations all ha"e one common goal and ha"e all teamed up together to accomplish it*  5hen a child comes $rom a low income bac'ground and lac's the 'nowledge because the# are misin$ormed and misguided threw their schools and so called 7trusted $riends8 that show up on their tele"ision screens e"er#da# creates an atmosphere that ma'es it seem li'e it is a sa$e and trusted place $or them to eat and ha"e their $un* )ast $ood restaurants ha"e become incorporated in man# public schools* This happened a$ter the industr# started losing mone# during school hours* )ast $ood companies and soda companies pa# to ad"ertise and sell their products in schools* Schools badl# in need o$ cash $ind themsel"es in a di$$icult position o$ concern $or their student(s health and concern $or their student(s educational needs*In conclusion )ast $ood companies shouldn(t target children because the# lac' the 'nowledge needed to ma'e a health# and educated choice* In order $or us to be able to better the health and li$e o$ our #outh, we as a unit need to stand up to the big corporations and $ind a solution* And this starts bu# parents educating and teaching children good habits $rom the da# the# are born* +ut i$ we as a communit# stand up together I(m sure there is a wa# to put an end to $ast $ood and the number o$ deaths it is causing in our communities*    Work Cited 1. Schlosser, Eric*  Fast food nation: the ark ide of the all-American meal.  +oston? !oughton i$$lin, 2001* rint*
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