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  SAP FI/CO TCodes (Only End User TCodes) Transaction Text T-CodeEnter Sample DocmentF-! Enter #/$ Accont Postin%F-!&Post 'it Clearin%F-!Post Forei%n Crrency *alationF-!+Post Incomin% PaymentsF-!, Post Ot%oin% PaymentsF-!Payment 'it PrintotF- .e0erse Statistical Postin%F- 1e0erse 2ill $ia3ilityF-&!Enter Trans4er Postin%F-& Enter Cstomer In0oiceF-&&e0erse Cec5/2ill o4 ExcF-&+Incomin% Payments Fast EntryF-&, Enter Cstomer Credit 6emoF-& Post Incomin% PaymentsF-&.Post Cstomer Do'n PaymentF-&1Post 'it Clearin%F-7!Post Ot%oin% PaymentsF-7 Post 2ill o4 Excan%e Usa%eF-77Post CollectionF-7Post For4aitin%F-7+2ill o4 Excan%e PaymentF-7,Cstomer Do'n Payment e8estF-7Enter Statistical Postin%F-7.Clear Cstomer Do'n PaymentF-712ill o4 Excan%e PaymentF-!Enter *endor Credit 6emoF- Enter Trans4er Postin%F-& Enter *endor In0oiceF-7e0erse e9nancin% AcceptanceF-,Do'n Payment e8estF-Post *endor Do'n PaymentF-.Cstomer :oted ItemF-1Post 'it Clearin%F-+ Payment to 0endor (6anal)F-+7Payment to 0endor (Atomatic Payment Pro%ram)F !De3it Credit totals o4 led%erFS !:6I#O $istin%62+ Sales Order $istin%*A!+PO $istin%6E&$6aterial Docment62!7Sales $istin% (6aterial / Cstomer'ise)*F!+Cstomi;ed Sales e%ister<SDS6aintain Tax CodeFT=P6aintain FI Con9%ration> Atomatic Postin%O2!Create Cart o4 AccontsO2 7Create Accont #ropO2D 6asters   #eneral $ed%erFS!!Cstomer $ed%erFD! *endor $ed%erF?! 2an5 6asterFI &Asset 6asterAS! Pro9t Centre?E+ Cost Centre?S! Cost Element?A! Acti0ity Type?$! Internal Order?O!   Transactions Special #/$ Transactions Do'n Payment 4rom CstomerF-&1Do'n Payment Cleared (Cstomer)F-71Do'n Payment to *endorsF-.Do'n Payment Cleared (*endors)F-+ Post Entries Post #$ (:on 2alance Seet Items)F2+!2oo5 *endor In0oiceF2,!De3it CreditorsF2,+2oo5 Cstomer In0oiceF2!Credit De3torsF2+For @* (2alance Seet items)F-!&2oo5in% CollectionsF-&.6a5in% Payment (6anal)F-+.6a5in% Payment (Atomatic)F !e0ersal o4 Indi0idal docmentF2!.e0ersal o4 6ass docmentsF!.Interest on CtomerBs DeFI:TFor Can%in% Cost Centre?2 : Postin% Par5ed Enteries Post #$ (:on 2alance Seet Items)F*+!2oo5 *endor In0oiceF*,!De3it CreditorsF*,+2oo5 Cstomer In0oiceF*!Credit De3torsF*+ Prcase - #oods/Ser0ice Create Prcase Order  #oods6E& :Can%e Prcase Order  #oods6E&&:Display Prcase Order  #oods6E&7:6a5in% #:6I#OIn0oice *eri9cation6IOSer0ice Entry Seet6$. :$ist o4 #/I62+S   Cost Centre Cost Centre #rop Pro9t Centre  Cost ElementCreate Cost Centre?S! Create Cost Element?A! Create Cost Centre #ropO?EO:Create Pro9t Centre?E+ Costin% nC?!: Internal Orders  Acti0ity Type Create Internal Order?O!  Transaction le?O&&Settlement le?O..Create Acti0ity Type?$!  Fixed Assets Ac8irin% Assets tro% FI onlyF-1!Asset ExplorerA !Depreciation Postin% nAFA2 Oters Cstomer Analysis6CTASales Smmary*C/&Prcasin% #rop analysis6CE *endor Analysis6CE76aterial #rop analysis6CE+6aterial analysis6CESe0ice Analysis6CE.Prcasin% Docment $ist (PO $ist)6E.!F:Store $ocation analysis6C+Print PaymentF2<+Stoc5 on Postin% Date62+26aterial $ist66,!Can%e o4 Pro9t Centre1?EO Standard eports Cart o4 Acconts $istSGA$G.! &7&,Compact Docment @ornalSGA$G.! &&.1Cstomer'ise 2alanceSGA$G.! & &Cstomer'ise Open Item list (All items)SGA$G.! & Cstomer'ise Sales eportSGA$G.! & .,Docment Display incldin% AmontSGA$G.! &&.1Docment @ornalSGA$G.! &&.#$ Acconts $ist (Detailed)SGA$G.! &7&.#$ Acconts $ist ($ist)SGA$G.! &777$ed%er 3alancesSGA$G.! &7! $ine Item @ornalSGA$G.! &&1 Period'ise SalesSGA$G.! &!. Statement 4or #$s / *endors / CstomersSGA$G.! &7&&Statements 4or #$ Acconts Cstomers  *endorsSGA$G.! &77&  *endors $ine'ise items (Open H Cleared)SGA$G.! & !7*endor'ise Prcase eportSGA$G.! &!17Asset 2alancesSGA$G.! 1,7Fixed Assets e%isterA! Fixed Assets Additions eportSGA$G.! &!+!Fixed Assets Deletion eportSGA$G.! &!+&Fixed Assets Depreciation eportA!7 Tax Dedcted at Sorce@ I:6IS T Codes DetailsFinancial Accounting SPO Enter I6#O=!& Company Code - Create Cec5 DeleteO=!7 Create 2siness AreaO?2D Fnctional AreasO2+ Create Credit Control AreaO2&1 6aintain Fiscal ear *ariantO27 Assi%n Co Code to Fiscal ear *ariantO2 7 Creation o4 Cart o4 Accont (CoA)O2 Copy Cart o4 Accont (CoA)O21 Transport Cart o4 AccontO2D De9ne Accont #ropO2& Copy #$ Acconts 4rom te Cart to Co CodeO2+7 De9ne etained Earnin%sO2+. 6aintain Financial Statement *ersionsO2C 6aintain Field Stats *ariantO22O De9ne Postin% Period *ariantO2A De9ne Docment Type  :m3er an%esO2 6aintain Postin% ?eysO2A Create Tolerance #ropsF2: Create #$ :m3er an%esO2$ Atomatic Postin% DocmentationF2?P Atomatic Accont Assi%nmentO2C 66 Atomatic Accont Assi%nmentO2, Enter #lo3al ParametersFS!! Creation o4 #$ 6aster ecords(F-!&) Postin% o4 #$ Transactions(F2!7) Display o4 #$ Docment(FS !:) Display o4 #$ AccontsO2, De9ne Interest Calclation TypesO2D7 De9ne *endor Accont #rop(=?! ) Creation o4 *endor 6aster (F-7) Prcase In0oice Postin%(F? !:) Display *endor AccontF & De9ne Jose 2an5O22. 6aintain Terms o4 Payment (ToP)O2D& Creation o4 Cstomer Accont #ropO2A7 Cstomer Tolerance #rops(=D! ) Creation o4 Cstomer 6aster (FD !:) Display Cstomer Accont(F-&.) Incomin% Payment Postin%O2, De9ne Dnnin% AreaEC!. Copy e4erence Cart o4 Depreciation (CoD)OAD2 De9ne Depreciation AreaOAO2 Assi%n Cart o4 Depreciation to Co CodeOAOA De9ne Asset ClassAO1! Assi%nment o4 Accont in Asset ClassOA& Determination o4 Depreciation Area in Asset Class(AS! ) Creation o4 Asset 6aster

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Jul 23, 2017
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