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TV, Digital and Print Production Production, Development and Editorial Executive Search Filcro Media Staffing recruits a multitude of TV production executives on varied levels from Executive Vice Presidents to Executive Producers to Directors of Production Operations across every current media platform. Media Production Recruitment Group. The firm also recruits print production writers, editors and editor-in-chief leadership for the integrated owners of print, digital and broadcast properties. The firm’s capacity to assure that a succession plan is in place to avert the need to identify external creative management in the future is what we accomplish by replacing an incumbent or adding additional creative resources. A Director of Production or Executive Producer or Vice President in Charge of Programming can have many similar strategic and tactical responsibilities based on the size of an organization. The ideal is to identify production and development executives and content creators across all media platforms who fit culturally and creatively to enhance infrastructure that is productive in the current organization. Filcro Media Staffing recruits for Children's Programming, News, Sports, Comedy, Drama, Animation, Business, Merchandising, Music, Reality, Educational and Broadband production and development environments. We also staff Motion Picture Studios, Syndicators, Public Radio, Magazines, Public TV and Corporate production as well as all Broadcast and Cable TV Networks. Our recruitment experience and contacts within various production communities in New York, California, Canada, Chicago, DC, Hawaii and even the Middle East allows us to function with the same efficacy throughout the entire United States and overseas for our international clients. Developing programming when the proper creative executives are in place is financially and creatively rewarding. With ancillary revenue streams and multi platform distribution to include on-demand, broadband, print, wireless and satellite playing an even greater role towards the bottom line we attract talented production and development executives with the experience to facilitate programming, production, editorial and development goals across multiple platforms. Our clients enjoy a collaborative environment dedicated to the search process where business, technical and creative considerations are always maintained. Filcro Media Staffing facilitates production and development environments that create award winning, highly profitable content. If your organization is a major international broadcaster, digital network or magazine publisher our search process will provide access to talent that would not be available otherwise. example 1; example 2. For editorial content and searches associated with Editor-in-Chief or Editor-in-Charge across digital and print platforms please see these references. For Tony Filson OIC Roster - For SAG, AFTRA, AFM, ASCAP licensing and talent payment.
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  Production TV, Digital and Print Production Production, Development and Editorial Executive Search Production | Post Production | Development | News | Home  Filcro Media Staffingrecruits a multitudeof TV production,Post andDevelopmentexecutives on variedlevels from Executive Vice Presidents to Executive Producers to Directors, Editors, print Editors-in-Chief and evenManagers of Production Operations and Production Technology to produce, develop and deliver content across multiplemedia platforms. for US | MENA | EU | ASIA and LATAM markets. From global newsrooms to sports stadiums to motionpicture studios and music video sets, Filcro Media Staffing is a unique executive search firm devoted to the mediabroadcasting and entertainment industries. The firm’s recruitment focus, capacity, experience and modality assures success. Filcro Media Staffing has a notedreputation of accomplishment by adding additional creative resources and leadership confidentially in an expeditiousmanner in exceptionally challenging geographic environments. The firm recruits for news, sports and broadcastingorganizations with human resource needs in some of the farthest and most trying environments on Earth.A Director of Production, Executive Producer or Vice President in Charge of Programming can have similar creative,strategic and tactical responsibilities based on the organization. The ideal is to identify production and developmentexecutives who fit every genre, cultural, workflow, budget and creative consideration to enhance current infrastructure tobenefit the current organization's creative business goals. If a change agent or a succession plan is relevant, recruitmentcan be as verbose or confidential as required to the creative community.When a sports magazines needs a new Editor-in-Chief, Filcro Media Staffing brings forward an integrated approach thatassures cross-platform success with online, print and mobile dissemination with compelling content.   Technicolor is a prime example of an exceptional company in our industry. They are innovative creative pioneers indeveloping new technology and superior workflow for the motion picture studios and TV networks that also recruit globallyfor talented production, post and media technology executives through Filcro Media Staffing.Filcro Media Staffing recruits for Children's Programming, News, Sports, Comedy, Drama, Animation, Business,Merchandising, Music, Reality, Educational and Broadband Production, Print and development environments. The firm alsorecruits for Motion Picture Studios, Syndicators, Media Technology, Public Radio, Magazine Publishing, Public TV andCorporate Production as well as all TV Broadcast and Cable TV Networks. Filcro Media Staffing’s recruitment experienceand contacts within various production communities in New York, California, Canada, Chicago, DC, Hawaii and even theMiddle East, LATAM, Asia and EU allows the firm to function with the same efficacy throughout the entire United States andoverseas for our international clients. Developing programming and editorial content when the proper creative leadership is in place is financially and creativelyrewarding. With ancillary revenue streams and multi-cast, multi-platform distribution to include On-Demand, Internal CMSfor OEM, Mobile, broadband, OTA, OTT, MSO, Magazine, Newspaper and satellite all playing synergistic roles for monetization, Filcro Media Staffing attracts and recruits the talented production, co-pro, Editor-in-Chief and developmentexecutives to facilitate your programming, production, editorial and development goals. Our clients enjoy a collaborativeenvironment dedicated to media executive search where business, technical and creative considerations are completelydevoted to the media, broadcasting and entertainment industries. Filcro Media Staffing facilitates through honed executive recruitment the attraction of creative production, post-production,news, sports, editor-in-chief and development executives that create award winning, highly profitable content.  Post Production  On and Off Air - Post Production Recruitment and Executive Search Filcro Media Staffing’s many years of TV broadcasting and motion picture recruitment experience has taught us that morecoffee and sandwich plates are allocated to this area than any other. Filcro Media Staffing understands the capabilities of equipment and the ramifications of matching the right management and editors to your equipment, genre, culture andbudget.   Technology and techniques change rapidly in post production and numerous generations of equipment stand side by side insome organizations. Changes in software, HD and collateral usage of materials for off-air applications like broadband, OnDemand, mobile and DVD distribution put ever-increasing demands on your post production employees, equipment andsoftware. With enhanced CODEC development materials are now re-purposed successfully more now than ever before. Elephants can now fit through straws! The talented media executives and editors that can transform and monetize a 90minute product suitable for 30 minute or 2 minute assimilation are talented and highly desired in today's market.Post production environments are dependent on talented editors and technologists that facilitate long and short-formstandards for coloration, special effects, audio, conversion, standardization and distribution. Filcro Media Staffing has anintimate understanding and relationships with the motion picture studios, TV networks, advertising agencies, productionhouses and post production facilities and independent in the US, LATAM, MENA, ASIA and EU. Filcro Media Staffing’sexecutive search experience in this practice groups has brought forward some of the most talented post production editorsand technologists in the world.The firm’s understanding of business, creative and technical issues surrounding broadcast, advertising agency, broadbandand motion picture post-production enhances Filcro Media Staffing’s identification and attraction capabilities. FromPROMAX to the Emmys to Oscar winning post-production professionals, Filcro Media Staffing recruits and attractsexceptionally talented professionals in an expeditious manner, globally Media, Broadcasting & Sports PropertiesRegional Sports Network, Sports Teams & Sports Venues Executive Search Reviews  Vice President  TV Programming and Production OperationsSearch  Vice President TV Programming, Production, Creative Development and Operations Based Boston, MA Search Firm Filcro Media Staffing - Following   Sports   Production Executive Search Officer in Char ge Tony Filson, Reporting to   TV Network   President & GM Client  A noted regional sports networ k with cross ownership of a Major League Baseball MLB team and a NationalHockey League NHL team located in Boston, MA - USA. The interests and corporate ownership of the Regional Sports Network RSN range from noted private entertainment executives to a major international print and media conglomerate. The firm enjoys regional market dominance with sports team(s), sports venue, sports broadcasting and newspaper holdings. Through MSO, Satellite and Broadband distribution the client company was seeking to enhance and expand their National presence through the development and production of additional sports and sports oriented television programming. Client Situation  The President / GM as well as the CFO of the Network proceeded to identify an executive search firm toconduct a national search to identify a new Vice President of Programming. The President / GM based in Boston, MA met with the Filcro Media Staffing Office in Charge, Tony Filson in New York prior to retaining the firm and subsequently invited Filcro Media Staffing to Boston, MA to meet with the CFO and review the Network's facilities and relevant staff that would be under the direction of the new Vice President of Programming. Executive Search Industry and Sector  Inclusion Network & Cable Television BroadcastingRegional Sports NetworkSports Venues & Sports TeamsNetwork & Syndicated Television Programming ProducersDomestic and International Newspaper HoldingsThe President / GM and the CFO, with the President / GM acting as the point of contact, identified Filcro Media Staffing and Tony Filson functioning as Officer in Charge of Search to conduct a national search to identify the proper Vice President of Pr ogramming.  Filcro Media Staffing is Retained  Filcro Media Staffing Officer in Charge of Search Tony Filson met with the CFO and GM and commenced with the searchby first establishing a consensus of the CFO and GM as to the weighting of the operational, tactical, creative and strategicskills required. Based on Filcro Media Staffing’s experience with similar programming and development searches it was theopinion of Filcro Media Staffing that a proper pool of appropriate executives could be drawn from a multitude of Nationalcompetitors based on the experience required and the compensation being offered.Filcro Media Staffing’s Tony Filson was provided with organizational charts and overviews of operations, production,facilities, programming, budgets, marketing, sales and associated personnel in Boston, MA. The O&D Charting, budgets,equipment lists and marketing materials provided by the CFO provided great insight into what synergistic changes wouldneed to be initiated by the new Vice President of Programming to meet projected programming goals.The CFO and GM afforded Filcro Media Staffing autonomy during the initial phase of universe compilation and tiering Theestablished hierarchy of desired skill sets and industry experience during universe compilation and tiering only changedonce, with the key factors being a balance of development, operational, production, strategic and programming acumen thatcould be “attracted” based on compensation. The fact that Filcro Media Staffing reported to a single GM and not the entireownership facilitated a clear line and the executive ultimately identified was presented during the first month of the searchassignment.Filcro Media Staffing was fortunate to have such an active GM and CFO participate during the search. The GM had over 17 years of experience with the Network. The cultural awareness of every department was extremely helpful in determininghow effective this Vice President of Programming would be in an environment that was not heavily layered. This senior most programming executive was being hired as one of the top 3 executives at this Regional Sports Network(RSN) to function strategically across all lines of business.Due to current programming and co-production issues the search required a very well rounded Vice President who wouldplay more of a strategic role then tactical with regard to creative development, production and branding of the Network asthey worked with Network Sales and “The Teams” to leverage the MLB and NHL properties owned. On the tactical sidethis person also had to function in Production, Operations, Post, Engineering and Traffic. A person with very diverse skillsets and great scope would be required to handle all these responsibilities. Some of the biggest challenges facing the new Senior Vice President were Change ManagementBest PracticesMentoringProduction, Post & Operations Facilities Build-OutCreative DevelopmentFinancial Management and Budget Controls of Programming and Production CostsInternal and External Marketing and Sales Relationships with Programming & ProductionBrand Development through On-Air Production ValuesMLB and NHL OwnershipOptimize Sports Marketing Across Media Platforms The Filcro Media Staffing Recruitment Solution Tony Filson of    Filcro Media Staffing proceeded to Identify the best in industry Vice Presidents of Programming,
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