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  ilipino nationalism The  Aguinaldo Shrine built in 1845 is where thePhilippine Declaration of Independence from Spainwas declared on June 12, 1898.Flag of the Philippines  Filipino nationalism  began with anupsurge of patriotic sentiments andnationalistic ideals in the 1800sPhilippines that came as a consequenceof more than three centuries of Spanishrule. This served as the backbone of thefirst nationalist revolution in Asia, thePhilippine Revolution of 1896, [1]  andcontinues up to this day. Thesenationalistic sentiments have led to awide-ranging campaign for political,social, and economic freedom in thePhilippines. Background  In the years before the 11th century, thePhilippines was divided into numerousprincipalities known as barangays, aname derived from Malayan boats calledbalangays. These small political unitswere ruled by datus, rajahs or sultans. [2] In 1565, European colonization began inearnest when Spanish explorer MiguelLópez de Legazpi arrived from Mexicoand formed the first Europeansettlements in Cebu. Beginning with justfive ships and five hundred menaccompanied by Augustinian monks, andfurther strengthened in 1567 by twohundred soldiers, he was able to repelcompeting Portuguese colonizers and tocreate the foundations for the Spanish  colonization of the Archipelago. In 1571,the Spanish occupied the kingdoms ofMaynila and Tondo and establishedManila as the capital of the Spanish EastIndies. [3][4]  This Spanish colonizationunited the Philippine archipelago into asingle political entity. [1] The term Filipino srcinally referred tothe Spanish criollos of the Philippines.During their 333-year rule of thePhilippines, the Spanish rulers referredthe natives as indios . [5] The start of Filipinonationalism (1760s–1820s)
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