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Character Profile
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  Character Profile: Uncle J Image  Age:  22 Representation: Uncle J will be represented as being confident self-assured and powering. Uncle J will also be represented as being intellectual and perceptive about things around him. He will also be dominant character that exerts authority to those around him. Personality: Uncle J ‘s personality is calm and collected he is kind and well spoken. He often teases his nephew but in fact cares deeply for his well being trying to help to be more self-confident. J is very passionate and acts more like a teacher than anything he is very willing to educate other about the world around them. J can be considered to be wiser than his age; this is because he is only 4 years older than Malcolm yet he is very insightful. J creates a presence around him that draw people closer to him making him very likeable  Character Influences: Uncle J’s character is influenced by Shaft, the calm demeanour and authoritative fi gure influenced Uncle J’ s character. I also wanted the character to be the complete of opposite the stereotypes in the blaxploitation film I had looked, by having J attempt to solve an altercation without the use of violence. I was also influenced by the character of Jason “Furious” Styles playe d by Laurence Fishbourne from the film Boyz n the Hood, J becomes the voice of reason trying to advocate a change in the stereotypical representation of black people similar to that of the Furious Styles character in Boyz n the Hood. J character was influenced by the character of Malcolm X played by the Denzel Washington in the film Malcolm X this due to J obvious leadership qualities and his stance on racial agenda. J’s character was also influenced by the character Detective Keith Frazier played by Denzel Washington from the film Inside Man. J stoic in the face of danger keeping his calm and control over the situation. I was influenced by Frazier’s dialogue and mannerism Frazier character is articulate and well spoken with his mannerism enabling to have a bravado and arrogance to him a type of swagger about him.    Character Profile: Malcolm Image  Age:  17  Representation: Malcolm will be represented as a teenager who isn’t self  -confidence and self-assured. A Malcolm questions his own personality why not wanting to conform to societies own stereotype. Malcolm will also be represented as being timid and shy with a need to avoid confrontation. Malcolm will be represented to be well spoken this will be shown through his use of dialogue in the short film. Personality: Malcolm is perceptive and reads into situation a little too much. He is also very safe it tries to avoid possible conflicts anywhere he can. Unlike J who is outgoing and confident Malcolm is the opposite he is shy and can be reclusive. Malcolm can also be opinionated about subjects he is passionate about, comfortably breaking out of his comfort zone to battle his point across. Malcolm is also very caring about others as shown with the relationship he has with is Uncle J, staying with him in his time of need. Character Influences: Malcolm character was influenced by the character of Tre Styles played by Cuba Gooding, Jr. from the film Boyz n the Hood. Just like Tre Malcolm needed some form of guidance from someone older than he was coming in form of J. Tre’s character was intelligent and well spoken experiencing both sides of the black stereotype the positive represented by his father a hard working and the negative the life of his childhood friend Darrin Doughboy Baker who is involved in the gang culture. Malcolm is also very similar the experiencing positive influence of his Uncle J and then experiencing the negative stereotype of black representation.  Film Influences: The film influences for the characters of both J and Malcolm comes from films like Boyz n the Hood and Malcolm X these films deal forms of racial issues with a character often being the voice offering of reason and insight into the way the world works. Then having another character often related to the first being the one the knowledge is imparted on to. J plays the role of the teacher and leader who embodies the ideology; this is shown by his attitudes towards certain subject matters and how he interacts with different people. While Malcolm plays the role of the student who needs a guardian some to show him the right path.


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