Internet scam
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  What is scam? .  (1)A confidence trick or confidence game (also known as a bunko, con, flim flam, gaffle, grift, scam, scheme, or swindle) is an attempt to defraud   a person or group by gaining their confidence. Confidence trick  History of scam…   ã The first known usage of the term confidence man in English was in 1849; it was used by American press during the United States trial of William Thompson.  WORLDS MOST POPULAR SCAM COMPANY PERSON COUNTRY AMOUNT NAME OF SCAM YEARS SATYAM B.RAMALING A RAJU INDIA 7.136 CARORE FUNDIG  ACCO. 2009 ENRON JEFARY SKCILING USA 2,866 CARORE  ACCO. FROADS 2001 Xerox PAOUL A. ELAYAR USA 29,100 CARORE  ACCO. FROADS 2002 GRO MORE RESEARCH &  ASSES MGMT HARSHAD MEHATA INDIA 4.300 CARORE BANK SECURITY MISS USE 1992 N.H. SECURITY KETAN PAREKH INDIA 1000 CARORE K-10 2001-02 WORLDCOM SCOT SULIWAN USA 43,650 CASRORE  ACCO. FROADS 2002 BERINGS BANK NIKLISON BRITON 6,790 CARORE FUTURE TREDING 1995 GLOBAL TRUST BANK RAMESH GILY INDIA 812 CARORE BANKING FROADS 2004

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