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Caste formation in india
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  1 CHANAKYA NATIONAL LAW UNIVERSITY HISTROY FINAL DRAFT ON CASTE FORMATION IN ANCIENT INDIA SUBMITTED TO - SUBMITTED BY -   D R  .   PRIYADARSHINI   DIKSHA   SINGH (FACULTY   OF   HISTORY)   B.A.   LL.B   (SEM.I)   ROLL    NO.   1724  2 DECLARATION BY THE CANDIDATE I hereby declare that the work reported in the B.A., LL.B (Hons.) Project Report entitled “ Caste Formation in Ancient India ” submitted at Chanakya National Law University is an authentic record of my work carried out under the supervision of Dr. Priyadarshini. I have not submitted this work elsewhere for any other degree or diploma. I am fully responsible for the contents of my Project Report. SIGNATURE OF CANDIDATE  NAME OF CANDIDATE: DIKSHA SINGH CHANAKYA NATIONAL LAW UNIVERSITY, PATNA.  3 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT   I would like to thank my faculty Dr. Priyadarshini whose guidance helped me a lot with structuring my project. I owe the present accomplishment of my project to my friends, who helped me immensely with materials throughout the project and without whom I couldn’t have completed it in the present way. I would also like to extend my gratitude to my parents and all those unseen hands that helped me out at every stage of my project. THANK YOU,  NAME: Diksha Singh COURSE: B.A., LL.B. (Hons.) ROLL NO: 1724 SEMESTER  –   First  4 CONTENT Sr. No. Pg. No. 1. INTRODUCTION 5 2. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES 7 3. HYPOTHESIS 7 4. RESEARCH QUESTION 8 5. RESEARCH METHEDOLOGY 8 6. CASTE AND IT’S FORMS  9 7. ORIGIN OF CASTE SYSTEM- THEORIES 14 8. EARLY VEDIC AGE 22 9. LATER VEDIC AGE 27 10. DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CASTE AND VARNA SYSTEM 31 11. CONCLUSION AND SUGGESTION 35 12. BIBLIOGRAPHY 38
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