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Inspection Report
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  OPERATOR:DATE / TIME OF INSPECTION:LEASE NAME AND NUMBER: Company NameSunday, January 01, 2012Lease Name 8:00 AM DRILLING CONTRACTOR / RIG #:STATE / COUNTYINSPECTED BY:  OIL AND GAS DRILLING RIGINSPECTION FORM  , DRILLING FOREMAN:TOOL PUSHER:DRILLER  Drilling ForemanTool Pusher NameDriller Name Compliant - Condition meets compliance Total Deficiencies: 27 out of 363 Non-Complaint - Condition does not meet complianceYes - Condition meets complianceNo - Condition does not meet complianceN/A  - Not Applicable Standard   Applicable  -OSHA, API, ANSI, RAPPS, IADC or other government or industry recognized standard. (RAGAGEP) Recognized And Generally Accepted Good Engineering Practice per OSHA   No.ConditionRatingStandardComments I.DRILL SITE/LOCATION 1Authorized Personnel Sign posted at entrance to site identifying requirements for hard hat, safety glasses, safety toe footwear. Non Compliant 1910.145(c)(2)(i), RP54 7.1.2-3  No signs at entrance. 2No Smoking Area’s Designated & Posted. Non Compliant RP54 7.1.2-3 1910.145(c)(2)(i)  Need signs for designated areas. 3No Parking within 100 ft of the rig. Compliant RP54 6.1.15  No one parked within 100 feet with the exception of the BOP testing equipment. 4Are H2S controls in place where applicable including; warning signs, H2S monitors, SCBA(s)/escape air, wind socks and H2S certification training? N/A 1910.145(c)(2)(i), 1910.1000(e), 1910.1000(e), 1910.1200(f)(5-6), RP54 7.1.2-35Escape & Guy wires flagged with visible material. Non Compliant RP4G 14.5.f   No flagging and no tie wire on shackle. Min 3 clamps with 3 inch spacing 5.1Capacity of guywire anchors verified □  RP4G 14.1-4  No verification or certification tag found.  OIL AND GAS DRILLING LAND RIGINSPECTION FORM Base Beam Anchor □  Screw-type Anchor □  Permanent (Cement) Anchor □  Other____________ Verification Method:____________________________  No 6Outhouse/restroom facility provided. Compliant 1910.141(c)(1)(i)7Hard hats & Safety glasses available for visitors at Tool Pusher/Drilling Foreman's office? Yes 1910.132(a)8All temporary housing/offices must be securely positioned and properly grounded. Compliant RP54 6.1.169Housekeeping, Is the area clean and free of debris and tripping hazards? Yes 1910.22(a)(1), RP54 6.5.110Distance from overhead power lines GT 10 ft. N/A RP54 10.1.111Muster area designated and posted? Non Compliant 1910.38(c)(4)Required signs are not available for area.12Sign posted directing visitors to report to the Drilling Foreman / Toolpusher upon entry, visitors signed in and out? Non Compliant 1910.145(c)(3)No signs posted for sign in & out. ConfidentialPage 211/9/2012Form: DCI LR Audit (Comprehensive).xlsxUpdated on 11/06/2012  No.ConditionRatingStandardComments  OIL AND GAS DRILLING LAND RIGINSPECTION FORM II.TRAINING, PPE & GENERAL SAFETY 1First Aid Training provided, minimum of 2 certified per location. Compliant 1910.151(b), RP54 4.3.12H2S Training provided, if applicable Compliant RP55 5.1-83Face shield provided for removing tong dies with proper tool Yes 1910.1334Any prior incidents, near miss, observations, etc. if any, are discussed during safety meeting Yes RP54 6.1.75No smoking rules observed Compliant RP54 7.1.36Emergency Phone numbers posted Non Compliant RP54 4.2.1, RP55 4.6  Not in Dog House. Need to place in dog house area. Place inside  board area on picture. 7Do Employees know were designated smoking areas are located? Yes RP54 8.3.2, 1910.145(c)(2)(i)8Do employees know were SPCC plan is located? Yes Best Practice Tool pusher house 9Are full body harness and lanyard inspections being conducted monthly and documented? Non Compliant 1910.66 Monthly inspection must be done on lanyard and harness. Systems are in good visual shape, no paperwork for monthly inspections kept. 10SRL's being inspected monthly and copies being obtained at location? Yes ANSI Z 359111Rig inspections being performed Yes 1910.212; 212(a)(2). 212(a) (3)(ii) HSE inspection being done by HSE department and kept at office. 12Pre-spud, periodic, HSE, etc.? Yes Best Practice13All employees familiar with LOTO procedures and policies? Yes 29CFR 1910.14714Safe work permits being used and proper employees understand how to complete this form? No Best Practice  Needs to be performed. No forms being done. 15Atmospheric tester available? Yes 1910.146 (B)16Near Miss program being utilized on this location? Yes 29 C.F.R. 1904.35(B)(1)17Does rig crew know where to dispose of hazardous waste and are all containers labeled? (used oil, diapers, etc) Yes 1910.12 DOT drums are not marked and one drum needs to be emptied and  properly disposed of by rig company. Personnel are disposing of  product properly in drums. ConfidentialPage 311/9/2012Form: DCI LR Audit (Comprehensive).xlsxUpdated on 11/06/2012  No.ConditionRatingStandardComments  OIL AND GAS DRILLING LAND RIGINSPECTION FORM 18Does the rig crew know how to perform a BOP Drill? No 1926.21  Need to have record on location. Need to have (at the minimum) an online copy that can be pulled during inspections. 19Are the rig crew training records on site and current? Yes  RP54 4.3.120Are fuel transfer sheets being performed? Yes Best Practice 21Is the escape buggy getting inspected monthly? No RP54 6.10.1 When rigged up. Documented needs to be done monthly. Currently rigged up with improper clamping. 22Is the Confined Space Entry equipment in good working order? N/A 29 CFR 1910.146(d)(1)23Is the Gas Detector in working order (charged) and calibrated? Yes Best Practices24How is the general safety culture on this location? Yes Opinionated…. Think if you would want to work on this rig?25Safety meetings conducted and properly RP54 6.1.7ocumene: pre-our, pre-os, weekly? es 26Accidents, if any, are discussed during safety meetings. Yes RP54 6.1.727Proper clothing worn by crew; no loose clothing or jewelry, hard hat, glasses, safety shoes, gloves, fall protection other PPE as necessar? Yes RP54 5.1, RP54 5.2 1-8, 1910.132(a)28Are designated Smoking Areas established? Are smoking rules observed? No RP54 7.1.3  Needs to be established "Smoking Area" with signs and insure all are following designated area. 29Injuries reported and documented immediately. Yes RP54 4.1.1-230First Aid Kit/Bloodborne Pathogen Kit available on site. Yes RP54 4.3.2, 1910.151(b), At pusher house. Tool pusher knows the incidents when first aid kept in his office. One on rig floor also. 31Are all containers properly labeled per HAZCOM? Compliant 1910.1200(e)(1-5)32Are MSDS available and accessible at all times? Compliant 1910.1200 (g) (1) MSDS sheet need to be in shaker area if doors are available. No doors on shaker system. Compliant results good. 33Does contractor have a Hazard Recognition Program in use? Yes IADC ConfidentialPage 411/9/2012Form: DCI LR Audit (Comprehensive).xlsxUpdated on 11/06/2012
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