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Final Locations and Risk Assessment

As we changed our filming locations, I have completed a final location risk assessment and location information.
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  Final Filming Locations & Location Risk Assessment  –  Heartwood Forest Heartwood Forest is situated in Hertfordshire, England. Covering over 850 acres this ancient woodland is a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and contains areas of grassland, dense woodland and is well known for its thriving bluebells. We have decided to film in this area as it is incredibly picturesque and would provide us with a wide variety of interesting camera shots. Due to the diversity of this location it is also an ideal space for filming purposes as we plan on shooting the majority of our music video here. This forest is a haven for wildlife, different tree species and has a range of interesting spaces; this is a great advantage as we can achieve visually captivating shots which can also be affective in creating a relationship between the lyrics and visuals. Furthermore this serene location relates to our chosen genre (singer-songwriter) which favours natural rustic environments rather than big productions. For the design of this location we plan on keeping everything simple and with only a few objects being placed on the forest ground to represent the parting of the couple. We are also going to film part of our train journey to Heartwood Forest to use within our music video. We thought this footage would work well within our video as the journey relates to the lovers moving on/leaving each other and links to the overall concept we are trying to portray. As this is a public area we do not want to be too disruptive with the location design aspects and therefore we will only be using props within this filming location. Over-ground Train  –  (Thameslink) As a group we decided to change our filming locations. We are now going to film our music video in Heartwood Forest and on a Thameslink train as we believe these locations are more suitable for portraying our concept and would allow us more creative freedom in relation to editing and overall cinematography.    Location Risk Assessment   Potential Hazard Who is at risk? Chance of injury (Low, Medium, High) Control Measures Location Heartwood Forest As we are filming in an outside woodland area potential hazards include: uneven ground, big uneven stones, slippery surfaces (e.g. wet leaves, rocks, mud and grass) due to possible wet weather, exposed tree roots and low branches, potentially harmful plants (such as stinging nettles, thorny plants and giant hogweed), dropping and damaging equipment, weather (risk of rain or heavy winds), wildlife and getting lost in the forest.   Our entire group  –  actors/performers and crew members who are filming the different scenes. The chance of injury during filming in Heartwood Forest is MEDIUM; this is due to the various potential risk of filming outside in a dense woodland area. To prevent any risk we must insure that:    Everyone wears appropriate footwear with sufficient grip to ensure no one injures themselves.    Weather appropriate clothing should be worn.    The weather forecast must be checked 24 hours before filming and on the day so that all precautions regarding equipment and location are considered.    Each member must be aware of harmful woodland plants.    Ensure that each member is aware of the hazards prior to filming.    Assess the location for wet and uneven surfaces before filming and cautiously travel though the forest.    Cautiously use equipment.    We have a map of the area and phone signals just in case. Heartwood Forest is 1h 39mins from our departing location, Shepherds Bush. We plan on using public transport  –  Overground train and Thameslink to travel to our main location. From Shepherds Bush Overground Station we will take the train towards Stratford and exit at West Hampstead (21 mins, 5 stops), then we will walk a short distance (226ft) to West Hampstead Thameslink station and take a Thameslink train towards Bedford and exit at St Albans City (16 mins, 1 stop). From St Albans City we will then walk (115ft) towards St Albans City Railway Station (Stop D) and take the 657 towards Redbourn and exit at Sandridge,opp Langley Grove (19 mins, 14 stops) then finally walk to Heartwood Forest Car Park (3 mins). Over-ground Train - Thameslink As we are filming in a public space potential hazards include: damaging filming equipment, disturbing passengers, risk of annoyed and rude passengers, bad spatial awareness (on our behalf), overcrowding and our personal items being damaged. The general public on the train as well as our entire group members  –  actors and crew. The chance of injury during filming is LOW as there are minor potential hazards within this enclosed public space. To prevent any risk we must insure that:    We travel at an off-peak time as there will be fewer passengers on the train.    Be spatially aware - we must place ourselves in an appropriate place to limit disruption to the public.    Act appropriately and limit our noise levels.    Make sure all equipment is in an adequate condition prior to filming and be careful with equipment. The duration of our journey on the Thameslink train (towards Bedford) from West Hampstead to St Albans City last for 16 mins. During this time we will be filming some shots for our music video.
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