Final Magazine Proposal

Final proposal for my magazine.
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  Final Magazine Proposal My magazine will be focusing on alternative/indie rock, a subgenre of rock. This is reflective of my focal group’s favoured genre for the magazine, as instead of focusing solely on rock, alternative/indie rock invites a wider audience and appeals to more people. The potential contents for my magazine will include exclusive interviews with current artist, whether they’re widely known in the music scene or if they’re an upcoming artist. These interviews will feature exclusive images that the audience can use as posters, as I discovered through my focal group that this would appeal to audiences. It will also feature music, albums, music videos and concert reviews. My magazine will be promoting ideologies that encourage my target audience to be individualistic characters who are free to go against society’s conformity. Most alternative/indie rock artists present the ideology of being a free character who can be fearless and unafraid to express their true  feelings, thus this is what my magazine will represent. Contrary to some of society’s beliefs of rock and its subgenres solely being representative of violence and drugs, the majority of alternative/indie rock artists promote the idea of music uniting people in a congruous manner. This is the main idea that my magazine will promote; music uniting people. I will be naming my magazine ‘Scene’ which relates to the target audience being indie scenesters and related to the ‘music scene’. The reason I have decided to create this type of magazine is that the questionnaire  for my magazine’s most populous response for the genre was rock, however my focal group decided that making it a subgenre of rock such as alternative and indie rock would attract a more varied audience.  Alternative rock invites a wider variation of how the music sounds and therefore I believe it appeals to more people. Also, a reason I have decided  on creating this type of magazine is because alternative and indie rock is my  favoured genre of music and I grew up listening to it. The ideal target audience might be males and females aged between 15-23 as it will focus on current artists that are more appealing towards a younger audience and who’s lyrics will have relatable content about teenage experiences. The lifestyle categories that the audience falls is rebels as the magazine promotes being individualistic and being free to go against society’s expectations, which the audience members will be like.    Create a character profile for the typical person that would buy your magazine. Include the following detail: -   Name   –    -    Age   –   17 -   Occupation   –   In college studying music, media and psychology. -   UK tribes category    –   Indie Scenesters. Indie Scenesters are dedicated to finding the newest music, exploring all avenues to get there –   online, print, record shops, club nights and word of mouth. Staying ahead of the curve is a must, but it’s borne out of a genuine love for music –   and this is what separates them from those more fickle dabblers and dilettantes, the Hipsters. For Indie Scenesters, there’s nothing better than discovering new artists and spreading the love. -   Interests   –   passionate about music, music festivals and concerts,  photography, parties, drums, online blogging and writing. -   Ideologies (values and beliefs)   –    goes against society’s expectations of how she should be, creative and individualistic, open minded, believes music and concerts are important and brings people together.   


Jul 23, 2017


Jul 23, 2017
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