Final Project Week 8

Final project module
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   1 Alex Ribeiro Student ID : H00035087 Module KGMT-683 Behaviour & People Management FINAL MODULE PROJECT WEEK 8 STURATA INC STABLISHMENT Author: Alex Ribeiro –  Project Manager   2 Table of Contents 1.   MANAGEMENT SUMMARY 3   2.   PROJECT BACKGROUND 3   3.   PROJECT OBJECTIVES 4   4.   THE ORGANISATIONAL DESIGN PLAN 5   5.   STAKEHOLDERS IDENTIFICATION AND COLLABORATIVE ADVANTAGE IN MANAGEMENT 8   6.   CONFLICT RESOLUTION PLAN 9   7.   BEHAVIOURAL ISSUES AND SOLUTIONS FOR MERGING RYOICHI 11   8.   LEADERSHIP MANAGEMENT AND TEAM MEMBER STRESS 14   9.   CODE OF ETHICS 16   10.   CONCLUSION 18   11.   REFERENCES 19     3 1.   Management Summary The Project manager has a mission to establish Sturata Inc. as a business organisation within a limited period of ten months. This work describes the empowering methods taken by the organizational team and joint venture partners to develop a business by further investment and the creation of a business plan, thus ensuring the successful management, development and delivery of information system projects. The strategy undertaken and controlled by the executives and executed by the project manager and his team, keeping schedule in time and on budget, will be further described, ethically adapted to the business partners and presented in the fulfilment of a development of a new customized warehouse system and autonomous mobile vehicles. 2.   Project Background The creation of a new product requests a measure of how success can be achieved at the door of every organization. Sturata Inc. reinforces this idea by identifying the dimensions to the success of its new warehouse system and related products and by capturing the financial success as well as portraying the degree to which the new product opens new opportunities and by expansion into new market areas (Cooper & Kleinschmidt, 1987). The establishment of a new company was initiated by Dr Ryan O’Neal in conjunction with Jeff Hoffman; Dr O’Neal developed an   4 improvement of traditional warehouse systems and Jeff Hoffman provided sponsor funding. In response to the challenges posed by the project, the mentioned executives agreed on the need for project management skills in order to lead the start-up and development of the company. Within the timeline proposed, certain tasks required close attention and priority measures. The identified obstacles involved include: 1 - The set up of the project management team 2 - Finalization of research work 3 –  Registration and legalization of the company 4 –  Homologation of safety regulations to allow the work of human and mobile vehicles in same environment 5 –  Set up of a supply management system 6 –  Testing of new products in a live warehouse environment 3.   Project Objectives The Project objectives, created by the executives and project manager, were reviewed and extended to a necessary validation cycle and healthy negotiation through the support of the project team in order to fit the organizations philosophy and strategy (Meredith & Mantel, 2009). Setting up the objectives of a project is SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-lined) (Tuner & Müller, 2003) and requires the participation of the project team, application of
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