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Wider Professional Experience (WPE) Logbook Hannah Biggs Name: ____________________________ s2931678 Student number: _______________ Program: Bachelor of SECONDARY Education Graduate Diploma of Education - SECONDARY Campus: Gold Coast Mt Gravatt Please ensure that you have completed all requirements on the below checklist before submitting your logbook All details app
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  Wider Professional Experience (WPE) Logbook Name:  ____________________________  Student number: _______________ Program: Bachelor of SECONDARY Education Graduate Diploma of Education - SECONDARY Campus: Gold Coast Mt Gravatt Please ensure that you have completed all requirements on the below checklist before submitting your logbook  All details appear on logbook Name and student number appear on ALL pages Program details on this cover page have been completed Reflective statement - completed and attached (one only required for whole experience) Proof of Completion (letterhead or stamped Statement of Completion for any school volunteer days or hours) Photocopy of Certificates of Attendance, Award and Coaching Certificates, with supportin evidence of hours if not appearing on Certificate (if required in your program) The total hours logged equals a minimum requirement WPE for relevant program I have retained a copy of my logbook and my srcinal documents Hannah Biggs s2931678  Name ________________________________ Student Number: _____________________ Logbook for WPE Date(s) Organisation Name Description of Activity Certificate, letterhead or Statement of Completion attached No. of hours / days Setting (eg 1,2,3) Sample Only St Johns Ambulance Apply first aid (formerly known as Senior First Aid) HLTFA301B See attached Certificate Sample 15 hrs ONLY Total number or hours (1 school day = 5 hours)   Preservice Teacher Signature: _____________________________ Date: dd/mm/yyyy  7/10/15 -25/11/15 St Laurence's College  Art Teacher Aide See attached letterhead See attached letterhead See attached certificate See attached certificate See attached letterhead See attached certificate 10 days = 50 hours 10 hours 5 hours 5 hours 60+ hours 6 hours 1 3 2 4 3 2 Feb/March2014 June 2015 June 2015 July - November 2016 11/10/17 Cranfield Academy of Dance Dance teaching Griffith University Griffith University Peer Mentoring Program (training) Peer Mentoring Program of First Year Students Gumdale YMCAOutside School Hours Care  Assistant/Carer  Independent SchoolsQueensland Professional Learning: Teacher Aides Working with Students with Hearing, Visual or Physical Impairments Hanah Biggs  s2931678 136+  All 05  08  2018  Name ________________________________ Student Number: _____________________ Completion of Wider Professional Experience Preservice Teacher Instructions: 1. Use the space provided to write a reflective report of your expectations, experiences and learning in each wider professional experience. Your report should contain some self-evaluation of your development as an aspiring teacher. Reference to the Australian National Standards where relevant. 2. Keep a copy of the reflective report and place it in your teaching portfolio. 3. Submit the completed report and reflective report must be submit as directed by the relative Course Instructions and Course Profile. One reflective report only required.  Approx 500 words – not one for each activity. Reflective Report   Preservice Teacher Signature: ____________________________ Date: dd / mm / yyyy  Hannah Biggs  s2931678 Please see below. 05 08 2018  Hannah Biggs s2931678 Wider Professional Experience - Reflective Report  Wider Professional Experience has helped me gain essential insight and skills required for becoming a quality teacher. The experience has been particularly helpful in building rapport with students of all ages, building professional rapport with colleagues and the community and creating and maintaining networking connections in the teaching world (standard 7.3, 7.4). My work with children has helped me understand the physical, social and intellectual development of students of all ages (standard 1.1), and has also opened my eyes to the multitude of linguistic, cultural and religious differences amongst students (standard 1.3). My work at YMCA Outside School Hours Care has developed my ability to manage challenging behaviour (standard 4.3), and helped me understand the importance of maintaining student safety at all times according to legislative requirements (standard 4.4). During my ten days at St Laurence’s College (setting 1), I acted in an Art Teacher Aide role. I assisted with classroom management, teaching and organization, as well as assisting with the setup of the school art exhibition. During my time there, I learnt a lot of valuable teaching strategies from observation, which I will use to improve my practice (standard 6.2). In addition to this, I built on my foundation content knowledge for the Visual Art KLA (standard 2.1). By assisting the art teachers and teacher aides, I learnt valuable skills in clay work, oil painting, sculpture and the use of ICT for art. The most valuable thing that I gained from my experience at St Laurence’s was the opportunity to meet and engage with the staff members in t he art department, which has given me a solid professional network foundation (standard 7.4). For part of my community based WPE, I spend 10 hours teaching dance at the Cranfield Academy of Dance. I taught Grade 2 Ballet, as well as choreographing a dance and teaching the senior Hip Hop troupe. This experience helped me to understand the magnitude of pedagogical strategies available to facilitate learning (standard 2.1). Active learning is an extremely valuable tool in education, and I now feel I have a better understanding of how to instruct a more physical-based lesson. The experience also drastically improved my ability to clearly communicate instructions, which is an essential skill for effective teaching and learning (standard 3.5). I have completed a vast array of professional learning  –  far more than what has been documented in this WPE logbook. The ISQ professional development day  –  Teacher Aides Working with Students with Hearing, Vision or Physical Impairment, was just one of many workshops I have been fortunate enough to attend in my role as a Teacher Aide at St Aidan ’ s Anglican Girls ’  School. The workshop was extremely valuable and allowed me to engage in professional learning to improve my practice and ability to effectively differentiate for students with disabilities (standard 1.5, 1.6, 6.2). This workshop, as well as many others, also allowed me to engage professionally with colleagues, which has been invaluable in developing my skillset as a teacher (standard 6.3).
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