Financial Insititutions and Markets

It gives basic picture of indian financial system
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  FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS, MARKETS AND SERVICES  INTRODUCTION ã Financial market as a place where people and organizations wanting to borrow money are brought together with those having surplus funds. ã Financial market does not refer to a physical location. ã Transferring of funds from the surplus sector to the deficit sector is the main function of the financial market. 2  ã The credit requirements of the corporate sector are greater than their savings. ã The savings of the household sector are channelized into the corporate and public sectors for productive purposes. ã The market participants in financial markets are investors or buyers of securities, borrowers or sellers of securities, intermediaries and regulatory bodies. 3  COMPONENTS OF FINANCIAL MARKETS FINANCIAL MARKETS MONEY MARKET CAPITAL MARKET FOREX MARKET 4


Jul 23, 2017


Jul 23, 2017
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