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Finite State automatas

Finite state automaton lecture slides
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  Finite Automata(FAs) ã   Automata: The General Idea ã   Diagrams and Language Recognition ã   Formal Notation ã   Nondeterministic Finite Automata ã   Removing Nondeterminism  Why FAs ? ã   Recognition  : Is string x in language L? ã   Simplest   way to specify some languages ã   Equivalences  among representation systems ã   First in a family of models  of computation  States:the essence of FAs ã   State : a model of the entire internal memory ã   FA’s memory : knowing what state it’s in. ã   State to state transitions , based on input ã   State-transition diagrams  (next)  State Transition Diagramsfor some languages abcbcca b,ca,b a,c  L ,a{a, bc} {ab, ac}{aa,ac,ba,bc, aaa,aca,baa,bca} {b,cc,ab,acc,aab,aacc,…}ab{ l ,a,b,aa,ab,bb,aaa,aab,abb,bbb,…}a bb{ l ,a,bb,aa,abb,bba,bbbb,aaa,…}abbc{ab, ac}aa


Jul 23, 2017
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