Fire Walking

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  Firewalking________________________________________________________________________  A seminar on Firewalking   A network debugging toolPresented byChinmayee.NRoll number-764University seat number-! #$C!%$% &'aminer ------------------------------------------------ !. .(.C.&.) *  Firewalking________________________________________________________________________  Contents 1.Abstract ----------------------------------------------------------------32.Introduction to Firewalking-----------------------------------------43.Firewalking-------------------------------------------------------------5  - Introduction to traceroutes -)ra+eroute -,ow tra+eroute works -roblems you might en+ounter -+hanging aths -No sending messages -buggy )CP/0P imlementation -)ra+eroute otions- Traceroute Tecni!ues----------------------------------------------------------  -roto+ol subter1uge -Nas+ent ort seeding 4.Firewalking Tecni!ue--------------------------------------------------------11  -2irewalk the tool -Port s+anning te+hni3ues  )CP +onne+t5 s+anning )CP !N s+anning )CP 20N s+anning 2ragmentation s+anning 2)P boun+e atta+k  )CP reverse ident s+anning U P 0C(P ort unrea+hable s+anning 0C(P e+ho s+anning U P re+v1rom5 and write5 s+anning  -A slow walk  5.Figting back Firewalking-----------------------------------------1##.Conclusion-------------------------------------------------------------1 .$ibliogra%&----------------------------------------------------------1 !. .(.C.&.)   Firewalking________________________________________________________________________  Abstract 2irewalking is a network debugging tool that +an be used 1or knowing the vulnerability o1 the 1irewall that rote+ts our network .)he te+hni3ue +an rove harm1ul i1 it is used bya ha+ker.2irewalking needs two 0P addresses the 0P address o1 the 1irewall or gateway and the 0 address o1 a host behind the 1irewall.))8 raming is done using tra+eroutes to 1ind the e'a+t value o1 ))8 1ield that makes the a+ket e'ire and generates a resonse.2irewalking uses ort s+anning 1or dete+ting oen orts on the 1irewall.)o understand the 1irewalking te+hni3ue we need to understand the tra+eroute te+hni3ue.)ra+eroute is use1ul to dete+t the ath a a+ket takes to the destination.0t does ))8 raming to a+hieve its goal.)ra+eroute uses the 1ollowing te+hni3ues ã Proto+ol subter1uge ã  Nas+ent ort seeding)here are also ort s+anning te+hni3ues usedthey are ã )CP +onne+t5 s+anning ã )CP !N s+anning ã )CP 20N s+anning ã 2ragmentation s+anning ã 2)P boun+e atta+k  ã )CP reverse ident s+anning ã U P 0C(P ort unrea+hable s+anning ã 0C(P e+ho s+anning ã U P re+v1rom5 and write5 s+anning!low walk is a te+hni3ue that is used to make 1irewalking work roerly in +ase i1 the a+kets are droed 1or reasons other than re9e+tion 1rom 1irewall. :e +an 1ight ba+k 1irewalking by using 1riewalls with NA) and ro'y servers 1or ea+h ali+ation.)he seminar is a an eye oener 1or system administrators it +an hel them to rote+t their 1irewall 1rom a stealthy dangerous atta+k +alled 1irewalking. !. .(.C.&.) ;  Firewalking________________________________________________________________________  Introduction to Firewalking  :hen we +ome a+ross the term 1irewalking the 1ollowing 3uestions are obvious to us.  'at is (irewalking) 2irewalking is a network debugging te+hni3ue that +an hel us know the vulnerability o1 the 1irewall that rote+ts our network. '& is it im%ortant to know about (irewalking) 0t is a te+hni3ue 1or dete+ting vulnerability o1 the 1irewallhen+e it +an be dangerous i1 the1irewalking te+hni3ue is used by a ha+ker.0t is imortant mainly be+ause it is di11i+ult to dete+t i1 the ha+ker is using this te+hni3ue to know the 1irewall vulnerability.<n the other hand its 3uite a use1ul te+hni3ue that +an hel us know how strong our 1irewall is. A brie( idea o( te tecni!ue =asi+ally 1irewalking uses a tra+eroute-like 0P a+ket analysis to determine whether or not a arti+ular a+ket +an ass 1rom the atta+ker>s host to a destination host through a  a+ket-1iltering devi+e. )his te+hni3ue +an be used to know ?oen> or ?ass through> ortson a gateway. (ore over it +an determine whether a+kets with various +ontrol in1ormation +an ass through a given gateway. Also using this te+hni3ue an atta+ker +an ma routers behind a a+ket-1iltering devi+e. !. .(.C.&.) 4
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