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  Magazine analysis 1 Front cover   Block words and taglines have instead a red/ yellow for their bright appeal to the background or the standard black or white contrast. Light varied soft colour, The associations are of a religious background, as of something in a holy nature, such as the clouds and blue sky, with calm neutral colours   The logo is cast back to give a more sense of depth, none of the taglines block the face of Jamie, with a speech bubble giving a direct quote, the text has a separate coloured block underneath to bring the text more boldly forward, making it more clear to understand with most of the text brought to the very front to further the reader’s attention.  Pose is relaxed and keen with thposition displayed, showing his hands in a sign of eagerness his face is giving a direct gaze to attract the attention of the potential readers. The images are blended seamlessly together as the logo is slightly misted my the clouds, and the central image has graphic wings attached to the main focal point which connects to the main story featuring “Jamie T” representing him with the connection of ‘ back to life’ and ‘his divine resurrection’ as this infers that he is of an angelic disposition. With the clouds covering his legs. The font is bold and simple lettering, sans serif, often in capitals. Barcode and encoded detail for price and date.   Gives a good indication of contents, designed to appeal and gain interest of Alt rock lovers of this side of the industry.    DPS Text has its own white background box to allow it to be read easily, and are separate without any arranged or easy to tell columns. Large coloured image which fills the entire DPS. Use of colour is very diverse in this DPS as they overlap and repeat certain images Collage appearance, with a direct gaze from the image in two places. Which both the face can be seen.   The text is very little in comparison to the size of the DPS as the images size suggesting the introduction to the article. Sans serif throughout all the magazine    The folios are displayed in this right side of the page in order to keep the natural easy format for reading allowing the reader to keep the focus on the main content without distracting the reader into the reading the wrong order. Stencil font and logo CP contains a large black and white bold letters and background with the use of red to separate the text effectively     Short description of the features within the magazine. With simple or one worded taglines to The paragraphs above are aligned left to the page for simplicity allowing the reader to absorb the text quicker without confusion. Folio is displayed in an abnormal way.
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