Fiscal Liquid Metering

Fiscal Liquid Metering
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   NORSOK STANDARD FISCAL MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS FOR HYDROCARBON LIQUID I-105Rev. 2, June 1998  This NORSOK standard is developed by NTS with broad industry participation. Please note thatwhilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this standard, neither OLF nor TBL or any of their members will assume liability for any use thereof. NTS is responsible for theadministration and publication of this standard. Norwegian Technology Standards InstitutionOscarsgt. 20, Postbox 7072 Majorstua N-0306 Oslo, NORWAYTelephone: + 47 22 59 67 00 Fax: + 47 22 59 67 29Email: Website: Copyrights reserved  Fiscal measurement systems for hydrocarbon liquidI-105Rev. 2, June 1998 NORSOK StandardPage 1 of 47 CONTENTS FOREWORD3INTRODUCTION31 SCOPE42 NORMATIVE REFERENCES43 DEFINITIONS AND ABBREVIATIONS5 3.1 Definitions53.2 Abbreviations5 4 GENERAL REQUIREMENTS7 4.1 General74.2 Uncertainty74.3 Sampling equipment74.4 Calibration84.5 Computer design8 5 SALES AND ALLOCATION MEASUREMENT9 5.1 Functional Requirements95.1.1 General95.1.2 Products/Services95.1.3 Equipment/Schematic95.1.4 Performance95.1.5 Process/Ambient Conditions105.1.6 Operational Requirements105.1.7 Maintenance Requirements115.1.8 Layout Requirements125.1.9 Interface Requirements125.1.10 Testing and Commissioning Requirements125.2 Technical requirements125.2.1 General125.2.2 Mechanical part, exclusive prover unit125.2.3 Mechanical part, prover unit145.2.4 Instrument Part155.2.5 Computer Part18 6 WATER IN OIL MEASUREMENT25 6.1 Functional requirements256.1.1 General256.1.2 Products/services256.1.3 Equipment/schematic256.1.4 Performance256.1.5 Process/Ambient conditions256.1.6 Operational Requirements266.1.7 Maintenance requirements266.1.8 Interface requirements266.1.9 Testing and commissioning requirements266.2 Technical requirements27  Fiscal measurement systems for hydrocarbon liquidI-105Rev. 2, June 1998 NORSOK StandardPage 2 of 476.2.1 Mechanical part276.2.2 Instrument part276.2.3 Computer part27 7 OIL SAMPLER SYSTEMS28 7.1 Functional requirements287.1.1 General287.1.2 Products/Services287.1.3 Equipment/schematic287.1.4 Performance297.1.5 Process/Ambient Conditions297.1.6 Operational Requirements297.1.7 Maintenance Requirements297.1.8 Isolation and sectioning297.1.9 Layout Requirements297.1.10 Interface Requirements297.1.11 Testing and commissioning Requirements297.2 Technical requirements30 ANNEX A - REQUIREMENTS FOR AUTOMATED CONDITION BASEDMAINTENANCE (NORMATIVE)31ANNEX B - TESTING AND COMMISSIONING (NORMATIVE)32ANNEX C - SYSTEM SELECTION CRITERIA (INFORMATIVE)36ANNEX D - WATER IN OIL CALCULATIONS (INFORMATIVE)37ANNEX E - GUIDELINES TO IMPLEMENTATION OF ISO 3171 (INFORMATIVE)45
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