FLO Fesselio Liuzes Orfilize

F.L.O FESSELIO LIUZES ORFILLIZE the grace of heaven is coming to the earth in perfect harmony of God's creation. This divine grace of justice, law and justice comes from the knowledge of the truth, which is obtained not only by the first initiation, as they receive the baptized, but wandered way through the (re) birth (amphisbaena is perfected in Ouroborospose), where the beginning and end unite in himself.
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  F.L.OFESSELIO LIUZES ORFILLIZE the grace of heaven is coming to the earth in perfect harmony of God's creation This divine grace of justness, law and justice comes from the knowledgeof the truth, which is obtained not only by the first initiation, as theyreceive the baptized, but wandered way through the (re) birth isperfected (amphisbaena in Ouroborospose), where the beginning andend unite in himself  This total vision, conviction and living e!perience of evangelical truthencompasses both the beige sat word, and the full description of thedenied state of grace that od granted the people# Therefore, this right is to be born as life from the grace of od to thepeople, only by those [   ]  who be captured and treasured and this is just again by od$s grace capable %ecause race is grace and od is od  &nd man is, what is man That is why '* Than +ore igher Than or +ore Than ighest or +ore &ny overnment by e!hibitioner$s &% and &%$s Obligationer That$s why it needs the -*T and highest, more than any government for the divine gates & and % %eginning and end  &lpha and Omega The old system of .lus / minus 0 and minus 0 .lus / The interplay is thus redeemed from the guilt The new world agreement of harmony of grace therefore be seen to move in a rotation of the heavens to the earthwhereby the gates & and % Out of the ancient interplay of wealth and loss, the '12'-' 34O5 is bornof divine love, grace and abundance, the earth and the people paid .eople and humanity are 32 There is no state would be entitled on the people under him to rule assubjects and ta!payers and interest collectors There are, however, the 6ingdom of od, *ky and arth  This protects the people and they mentor and support to help them affordtheir autonomy in freedom for the benefit of themselves, each other andall mankind The 1enus .roject is the first stage of education, therealization and implementation of the new legal order harmonic The1enus .roject will provide the people of character and in their abilitiesand encouraged so that they the 71&7 0 4evel (1alue 7reation &sset7enter) learn self0administration in circles direct democratic cooperation The new order comes over the 8 archangels, the 9: light windows of the;< cycles and <= materialization levels in the 5O24 -n this new order, without e!ception, every person is involved 0 whether citizens or king, or >ueen, or king of kings, whether enslaved or sovereign 5hether under political immunity or not# very governmentand every ruler, every court and every judge, every general and any typeof military, every cardinal, pope and every religion#  &ll human beings are invariably ?@&T  &ll laws and any kind of legal system is subordinated to the supremeuniversal principle of order This is od$s mercy for the world and A@*T-7 for what so many peoplehave prayed for millennia *ince this '5 5O24 &2+'T happens in the agreement of all forces , it is now important, however, to support the 74&24&2*-. of 4ight F.L.OFESSELIO LIUZES ORFILLIZE -s hold by the royal pedigree of the sons and daughters of 6ing avid er %rief .auli an die ebrBer 6ap C (;D:)eilige *chrift von 2omanus Teller, Aohann &ugustin ietelmair, Aohann Aakob %ruckner %and =85enn man die *tellen der 6irchescribenden ansieht, wo die Taufe und die etauften genennet werden, welche man bei Luizero Fesselio  und anderen gesammelt findet, so siehtman gleich, dass dieser von der Taufe gebrauchte &usdruck jEnger ist als die &postel, denn er kommt erst bei den 6irchenlehren des zweiten Aahrhunderts vor -n dem ' T ('euen Testament) ist er dem vangelio beigelegt, 9 7or <,< oder auch 7hristo selbst, Aoh =,D und der &postel selbst erklBrt es unter 7 =F, 9C durch rkenntnis der 5ahrheitG welche, dass sie nicht nur die &nfangsgrEnde, wie die etauften, empfingen, sondern eine vollkommene  insicht, Hberzeugung und lebendige rfahrung der evangelischen 5ahrheit anzeige, sowohl das beigesetzte 5ort, als auch die ganze %eschreibung des verleugneten nadenstandes, welcher der &postel machet, zu erhBrten scheint rklBrung des neuen Testament, %and 9 von 7hristoph &ugust ermann5em aber die 3rage in den *inn kommt eine .erson aus den 'achkommen &arons mit einer aus dem eschlechte avids verwandt sein kInne, der lasse sich von   Fesselio   unterrichten
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