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       Flood Situation Recent flood has institutionalized catastrophic situation in Punjab province where the death toll has reached to 257    while the number of critically injured people has surpassed 700. More than two million people    have been affected while the total loss including standing crops, livestock and other valuables is unpredictable. Govt. has announced emergency situation in the province but still the situation is worsening with every transitory moment as flood is reaching towards South Punjab after hitting a huge area of North Punjab and many districts of AJK & GB  . Pakistan army has done a great job in the rescue operation for flood affected areas but still a lot more is to be done as quickly as  possible. Incessant rains, accumulation of rainwater and destruction of infrastructure are factors contributing to heavy losses of property, domestic animals and crops. Land sliding has damaged roads and power lines, leaving many people without electricity and drinking water. Flood waters submerged homes after the Chenab River rose dramatically over the weekend, causing what has been described as a Super-flood . Sialkot and Gujranwala regions have  been affected severely due to exceptionally heavy rains. With road and communication links  broken, getting to those, stranded in remote areas, is proving to be a firm challenge. Summary of Losses & Damage  –   Flood 2014 Sr  . Region Human Losses Property Damages Villages affected Persons affected Crops area affected (acres) Cattles Perished Dead Injured Partially Fully 1 Punjab 179 341 5509 743 2115 1,091,807 665,411 5125 2 AJ&K 64 109 4006 2138 120 30,180 2,048 1,870 3 Gilgit-Baltistan 14 11 00 02 - - - - Total 257 461 9,515 2,883   2,235 1,121,987   6,67,459 6,995    Punjab      Azad Jammu & Kashmir Gilgit Baltistan
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