FMEA FTA Reliability

FMEA FTA Reliability
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  TAun )srl', Q crolo '- UNIVERSITY F WOLVERHAMPTON i.lee{o't'4-- School f Engineering nd he Built Environment ;,i t- l-. /\ t - l--'' BCI{TECTUNE ANO FNODUCT OggION ET3008Colloborative esign Module uide @Th6 Univsrsily ol WolverhamplonSchoolor ngineeing nd is Built EnvircnmenlModuls Guide 006-0710la  Module uide t{oduleTitler CollaborotiveDesigni{odule Code: ET3008Pre-requisites: ETZOO3 r CV2009 r CN20O3Co-requisit si NoneSemaster/Acadenic eorr Semester 2@7/Ogcredii Voluer 15Level of study:li\odule Leadcr: 6rohan Ook€sPhoner +4419Q2 ?3888Foxr +441902 322754E-moiL 9.l.ookes@wlv.oc.ukInternal Aioderotorr K?vin arn€r 1 Rolionole The principol im of ihis module s to provide underslanding ndknowledge f the principles f Colloborolive esign. his ncludes heopplicoiion f ossociated omputer osed ools ond methodologiesreloted o distributed esign evelopmant. he module ims o reviewmodern oy cpproaches o New Product Development nd nnovotion. hemodule ill provide ihorough nsight o the complex ssues urrounding3 Dimensional AD Dato Exchcnge, esign eoms nd mportontly n -todoy's ncreosingly itigious ociety, Design ssunonce. 2 Leorning ouicomes By successful ompletion f the module tudents will be oble o showr @Th6 niveGily l Wolv€rhamptonSchoolol Enginee g and he Buih EnvironmenlModuls uide 006-072alA  2.1 Krowledge nd Understohdihg KU)1 The woy in which Quolity Assurqnce echniques nfluence hedesign rocess nd how hey might be opplied o evoluote esignsolutions.2 Fociors thot need to be drown into the desiqndevelopmeni/reolisotion rocess.2.2 Subjecf Specific Skills sss)1 Dehonstrote qn qworeness f rnonogemeni/enterPrise ssueswithin he Design nvironment2.3 Intellcctuol Skills I5)2.4 Key skills Ks).1 Communicoie Show obility o discuss ncluding isfening ndreceiving: e oble o moke presenioiion, o reqd ond o write.2 Work with others be oble 1o plon wofk, work owords bjeciives,review work3 Wcckly opic aulde (Pleos€ oie hot on occosion t moy € necessdry o omend he schedule) oThe University J wolverhampionSchoolol Engineerng nd h€ Bu t EnvironmenlModule ulde 006-07 W..kNo WG.kconncncinq Indicotiv. Modulc Progromm. 1?4'^ Sept 07fniroduction o noduleFoilure Modes qnd Effects Anolysis nd Fouli TreeAnolysis ncluding pplicotions o typicol designsituotions. 1'r OcI 07f ntroduction o Reliobility 3I'h oct 07 Risk Anolysis n he collaborqtive nvironment 15'h ct 07 f nclusive esiqn nd Susioinobility 5 22nn Od 076eneric roduct iobility29th oct 07 The desiqner's esponsibility ith cose tudies.7 5'h Nov 07 Borriers o communicotion.The voice f the customer.Quolity equiraments 'filness for purpose 812rh Nov 07Exqminoiion nto he stroteqic role of CAD. 3ofB  9 19th Nov 07Desion ocurnentotion nd ocilities monoqement. 10 26ih Nov 07 Investigotion nio ihe use of Disiribuied sndColloborqtive esiqn 113'd Dec 07Computer qsed desiqn knowledqe ystems 12 101h ec 07The New Product DeveloDment rocess nd ElectronicDoto Exchonoe Christmos ocotion 3 weeks 7rh Jon 08 Finol ummotive ssessnent or semester 14 14th qn 08Morkinq Week 15 z - Jon 08 Feedbock nd ocodemic dvice week You should olso efer to the Acodemic olendor or furiher informoiion nteqching nd ossessmeni eeksihitpr,/,/ /req-qco-cql0708.doc4 Spcciolist Rcsourccs School rovidcd)WoLF qnd appropriote ofiwore, or exomple but nol exclusively) utocAD.5 Spcciolisi Rgsources Studcni provided with cost ndicoted) None 6 Indicotiv. Rcodirg nd L?orhing upport ListDIETEP G E, Engineering esign, Mcarow Hill.CATHER , MORRISS , PHILIP M, ROSE C. Design ngineering ulterworthHeinemonnRIBBENS, . (2000) Sinultaneous ngineering or New Product Developnenf.John Wiley Sons nc.O'CONNER, . 2OO2) ractical el ability Engineering. ohn Wiley ond sons Ltd,SKALAK, S. (2OOZ) nplenenting Concuffenl Engineering n Snall Conpanies.Morcel Dekker tdLEE,K. 1999\ Principles f CAD/CAtuI/CAE ysfens, Addison WesleyWRI6HT, L (Morch 1998) Design Uethods n Engineering nd Product Design.Mc6row-Hill ublishing o. Sludv Skills TiDs voiloble o downlood rohlhttpi// specific resource nformo+ion on olso be fouhd ot the Subject Storting PointlhttD:// OThe University f WolvefiamptonSchoolol Eng neer g and he Built EnvimnmonlModute uide 006-07
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