Focus Group Guideline

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  1 | I.V Group International I. Warm-Up Explanations of Focus Group Explain focus groups There are no correct answer  –   only opinions. You are speaking for other people out there like yourself We need to hear from everyone Please, only one person talking at a time. No side discussions or we can miss some very important comments Don ’ t ask the moderator any questions, because their opinion is not important at the moment  –   it ’ s what focus group members think and how you feel that are important. That ’ s why we are here Don ’ t feel bad if you don ’ t know much about the things we ’ ll be talking about here  –   that ’ s important for us to know. If your opinion is different from that of others in group, that ’ s important for us to know. No need to be afraid of being different. We are not looking for everyone to agree on something unless they really do. We need to cover some topics, so the moderator may have to move the discussion along at times. Please, don ’ t be offended because of that. Any questions? II Coffee Shops Visiting Habits First of all, we would like to know about your habits of visiting coffee shops A. Do you visit coffee shops? (why or why not, explain) B. Which coffee shops do you visit? Why? C. What is the main factor while choosing coffee shop? D. What is your regular order in coffee shop? E. When did you start visiting coffee shops? Why? F. What additional services should coffee shop offer? Are there any special factor you ’ d wish coffee shops offered?  2 | I.V Group International III Interior Now we will show you some photos of coffee shop interiors and we would like to know your opinions on each. Please, tell us which you would visit and which would not? Why? (Photos attached in Appendix 1) A. Show group members photos one by one. B. Ask them to write down their opinions. C. Discussion. a. What is your first impression to this design? Is there anything you particularly like and dislike about the design? b. What would you change in the concept and design? REAPEAT THE PROCESS FOR THE SECOND PHOTO. Final decision A. Show both designs B. Ask focus group members to compare the two C. Ask them to make their choice D. Explain the choice IV Brand Recognition Now we shall show you logos of several brands, we would like to know which company the logo belongs to in your opinion. (Photos attached in Appendix 2) A. Show the group photo B. Ask them to write down the company name they think the logo belongs to C. Discussion a. What have you heard of Starbucks/Costa b. Which would you like to be presented in Georgia? Why? REPEAT THE PROCESS FOR THE SECOND PHOTO.  3 | I.V Group International Appendix 1  4 | I.V Group International Appendix 2


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