Folding Trailer Assignment 2

Folding Trailer Assignment 2
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     YASHAR KHATIB SHAHIDI Computer Aided Product Design  Year 2 (2006-2007)  –  Level 2 CAD & Development 2 (ET2003) Module Tutor: Dr A J Felton Assignment: Folding Trailer    1 1. Existing towed trailers design: 1.1 Motorcycle folding trailer: It transports Harley, Gold Wing, street or dirt bike, or sport cycle anywhere. Then it can be folded up to store anywhere. This trailer is strong enough to haul the big bikes. 1.1.1 Motorcycle trailer  1  1.1.2 Rear view 2  1.1.2 Side view 3  1.1.1 Design specifications of Motorcycle trailer  4 :   holds 1 bike   One person can safely load a motorcycle and secure the tie-downs    8” wheel Rim      2    6” tire width     Maximum of 35 lbs minimum of 25 lbs for lighter bike   Trailer will NOT bounce, the tires act almost like a pneumatic tire   Capacity: 1 bike   Color: Black   Weight: 175 lbs 1.2 Folding trailer: It is used to carry house or other heavy stuff and can be towed by any vehicle. This kind of trailers has pre-drilled holes on the top of the frame rails to attach flooring material. It is easy to be assembled. In most cases; assembly can be completed in approximately 2 hours. Once assembled, it can be simply folded up for easy storage in a compact area of any garage, barn or shed. 1.2.1 SJ-8510 Folding trailer  5  1.2.2 Folding trailer Parts to be assembled 6      3 1.2.1 Design specifications of folding trailer  7 :   Weight of Trailer: 215 lbs     Max Load Capacity: 965 lbs   2 x 2 x 2.5mm C-Channel Frame Structure   2 x 2 Square Tube Tongue   4-Bolt Easy Lube Hubs   4.8-8 (B) Tubeless Tires   It accepts stake sides   Bed Structure: 4' x 8'   D.O.T./C.S.A. Compliant Stop, Turn, Tail & Running Light Assemblies   Axle: 1.5 C-Channel Steel 1.3 Easy store trailer: In less than 60 seconds, and without the use of any tools, converts to an easily storable box on castors that can be wheeled through any doorway or side passage for safe and convenient storage. With the box removed it can also be used as a flat bed trailer for carrying awkward loads.


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