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LESSON PLAN Student Teacher: Muallâ Köseoğlu Cooperating Teacher: Fatma Akejder Supervisor: Bengi Sonyel Date: 03.03.200 Classroom: SF!A 0# Time: 0.00$ 0.%0 Period: %0 mins Level: &ntermediate Skills: 'rammar Teaching Point: (ra)ti)e o* modals. PLANNIN AI!S:  +o ,ra)tise modals t-roug- .arious a)ti.ities. PE #O !ANCE O$%ECTI&ES: By t-e end o* t-e lesson/  'i.en eig-t *las-)ards0 t-e students 1ill 2e a2le to make ,redi)tions a2out t-e ,i)tures and 1rite one senten)e *or ea)- ,i)ture in g
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  LESSON PLAN Student Teacher:  Muallâ Köseoğlu Cooperating Teacher : Fatma Akejder  Supervisor: Bengi Sonyel Date: 03.03.200 Classroom: SF!A 0# Time : 0.00$ 0.%0 Period:  %0 mins Level : &ntermediate Skills : 'rammar  Teaching Point: (ra)ti)e o* modals. PLANNINAI!S:  +o ,ra)tise modals t-roug- arious a)tiities. PE #O !ANCE O$%ECTI&ES: By t-e end o* t-e lesson/  'ien eig-t *las-)ards t-e students 1ill e ale to make ,redi)tions aout t-e ,i)turesand 1rite one senten)e *or ea)- ,i)ture in grou,s y using a,,ro,riate modals 1it- % a))ura)y.  'ien  *ill$in$t-e$lanks senten)es t-e students 1ill e ale to *ill in t-e lanks indiidually y using modals   in )orre)t *orms at least # out o* t-em )orre)tly.  'ien % *ollo1ing normal senten)es t-e students 1ill e ale to re1rite t-em in ,airs  y using must and can’t 1it- 0 a))ura)y. PLACE IN SC'E!E O# (O ):  &n relation 1it- t-e last lesson on modals. ASS*!ED )NO(LEDE:  All students are *amiliar 1it- t-e tenses in 1-i)- t-ey are going to use 1it- modals. ANTICIPATED P O$LE!+S,:  Students may not   understand some o* t-e 4uestions related 1it- modals. +o aoid t-ist-e tea)-er 1ill go oer t-e suje)t and gie arious e5am,les. !ATE IALS:  6orks-eets *las-)ards.   P OCED* EP OD*CTION +-. mins, T/SS/T  +o a)tiate students7 s)-emata t-e tea)-er rings eig-t *las-)ards to t-e )lassroom and diides t-e students into *our grou,s. 8See A,,endi5 A9  +-en s-e distriutes t-e *las-)ards and asks t-em to 1rite one senten)e y using suitale modals *or ea)- ,i)ture. S-e in*orms t-em t-at t-ey -ae % minutes to do t-is a)tiity.For e5: 8*or t-e *irst ,i)ture9 +-e oy may have forgotten  -is keys.  A*ter *inis-ing t-e a)tiity t-e tea)-er inites t-em to t-e oard to 1rite t-eir senten)es. +-ey sti)k t-e *las-)ards near t-eir senten)es as 1ell. For e5: e must have had   an a))ident.  +-en t-e tea)-er distriutes t-e *ill$in$t-e$lanks a)tiity and 1ants t-e students to use t-e must, might, may, could or can't 1it- )orre)t *orm o* t-e er indiidually in ;minutes. 8See A,,endi5 B9For e5: +: !et7s do t-e *irst one toget-er.  1. 6-ere is <aid= e >>>must e>>>>>> 8e9 at s)-ool. ?lasses egin at .  6-en t-ey *inis- t-e tea)-er )-e)ks t-e ans1ers as a 1-ole )lass orally. For e5: +: ae you *inis-ed= S: @es. +: K. 6-o 1ants to read t-e se)ond one= S: 2. S-e >>>>)an7t t-ink>>> 8t-ink9 t-at it is a good idea. &ts )raCyD  A*ter t-is e5er)ise t-e tea)-er asks students to do t-e ne5t a)tiity 1-i)- is re1riting in ,airs. 8See A,,endi5 ?9For e5: +: K )lass. Eo1 you are going to re1rite t-ose *ie senten)es 1it- your  ,artners y using t-e modals must and can’t. Be )are*ul you are asked to use only must and )an7t. &s eeryt-ing )lear= S: @es. +: !et7s do t-e *irst one toget-er. .&7m sure s-e7s at -ome. >> S-e must e at -ome.>>>>>>  +: 6ell you )an start no1. @ou -ae # minutes. 2   +-en t-e tea)-er )olle)ts t-e ,a,ers to gie t-em *eeda)k *or t-e ne5t lesson. CLOS* E   +- mins,  +ea)-er summariCes 1-at t-ey -ae done in t-at lesson. 'O!E(O )    Eo -ome1ork is gien.3
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