Formulation Characterization and Stability of Protein Drugs Case Histories

Preformulation of drugs with proteical nature
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  Formulation,Characterization, andStability ofProtein Drugs Case Histories  Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Series Editor:  Ronald T. Borchardt The University of Kansas Lawrence, Kansas  Recent volumes in this series: Volume 2 STABILITY OF PROTEIN PHARMACEUTICALS,Part A: Chemical and Physical Pathways of Protein Degradation Edited by Tim J. Ahern and Mark C. ManningVolume 3 STABILITY OF PROTEIN PHARMACEUTICALS,Part B:  InVivo  PathwaysofDegradationandStrategies for Protein Stabilization Edited by Tim J. Ahern and Mark C. ManningVolume 4 BIOLOGICAL BARRIERS TO PROTEIN DELIVERYEdited by Kenneth L. Audus and Thomas J. RaubVolume 5 STABILITY AND CHARACTERIZATION OFPROTEIN AND PEPTIDE DRUGS: Case HistoriesEdited by Y. John Wang and Rodney PearlmanVolume 6 VACCINE DESIGN: The Subunit and Adjuvant Approach Edited by Michael F. Powell and Mark J. NewmanVolume 7 PHYSICAL METHODS TO CHARACTERIZEPHARMACEUTICAL PROTEINSEdited by James N. Herron, Wim Jiskoot,and Daan J. A. CrommelinVolume 8 MODELS FOR ASSESSING DRUG ABSORPTIONAND METABOLISMEdited by Ronald T. Borchardt, Philip L. Smith,and Glynn WilsonVolume 9 FORMULATION, CHARACTERIZATION, AND STABILITY OF PROTEIN DRUGS: Case Histories Edited by Rodney Pearlman and Y. John Wang  Formulation, Characterization, and Stability of Protein Drugs Case Histories Edited by Rodney Pearlman  Megabios Corporation  Burlingame, California and Y. John Wang Scios Nova, Inc.  Mountain View, California KLUWERACADEMIC PUBLISHERS  NEW YORK, BOSTON, DORDRECHT, LONDON, MOSCOW
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