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FORT WAYNE COMMUNITY SCHOOLS 1200 SOUTH CLINTON STREET FORT WAYNE, IN :02 p.m. September 24, 2012 OFFICIAL PROCEEDINGS Roll Call The Board of School Trustees of the Fort Wayne Community Schools
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FORT WAYNE COMMUNITY SCHOOLS 1200 SOUTH CLINTON STREET FORT WAYNE, IN :02 p.m. September 24, 2012 OFFICIAL PROCEEDINGS Roll Call The Board of School Trustees of the Fort Wayne Community Schools met in regular session in the Lester L. Grile Administrative Center on Monday, September 24, 2012 at 6:02 p.m. President Mark GiaQuinta called the meeting order with the Pledge of Allegiance and the following members in attendance: Members present: Members absent: Mark GiaQuinta, Chairperson Stephen Corona Becky Hill Julie Hollingsworth Jordan Lebamoff John Peirce Lisa Olinger Fort Wayne Philharmonic Music Educar of the Year Awards Chief Academic Officer Steve Cobb sitting in for Superintendent Wendy Robinson presented the following information and recommendation concerning awards and recognitions: RECOMMENDATION: It is recommended that the Board recognize St. Joseph Central Elementary School Teacher Laura McCoy and Kekionga Middle School Teacher Michael Horan for winning the 2012 Fort Wayne Philharmonic Primary and Secondary Music Educar of the Year Awards. RELATED INFORMATION: Ms. McCoy and Mr. Horan were awarded Primary and Secondary Fort Wayne Philharmonic Music Educar of the Year Awards, sponsored by Sweetwater Sound. The award honors excellence in music education. St. Joseph Central Elementary and Kekionga Middle School both received a $500 cash prize be used for music resources. Both teachers will be recognized at the Philharmonic concert Saturday, Ocber 27. The following individuals were recognized: Laura McCoy Bill Critell, Principal Michael Horan Jennifer Mable, Principal Consent Agenda Minutes Vouchers Mr. Cobb presented the following consent agenda items with recommendations for approval: Minutes from Regular Meeting, September 10, 2012; Vouchers for the Period ending September 24, 2012; Personnel Report; Grant Application Non-English Speaking Program; Grant Application Title III: Language Instruction for Limited English Proficient and Immigrant Students; and Workers Compensation Third Party Administrar. The minutes from the regular Board meeting of September 10, 2012, were distributed Board members with a recommendation for approval. RECOMMENDATION: It is recommended that the Board approve the vouchers for the period ending September 24, RELATED INFORMATION: All vouchers paid by the Fort Wayne Community Schools appear on a voucher listing. The voucher listing for the first meeting of the month includes the payroll and fixed charges for the previous month. 274 Personnel Report Detail of all invoices paid remains on file in the Business Office until audited by the State Board of Accounts. Following the audit, vouchers are placed in srage for not less than seven (7) years following payment C POSITION CHANGED L LEAVE N NEW POSITION R REPLACEMENT T TEMPORARY POSITION 0010 GENERAL 0321 STATE GRANTS 0593 CLASS SIZE REDUCTION 0015 RACIAL BALANCE 0371 NON-ENGLISH SPEAKING PROGRAM 0600 VOCATIONAL EDUCATION FEDERAL 0035 CAPITAL PROJECTS FUND 0390 WAREHOUSE 0626 PERKINS GRANT 0041 TRANSPORTATION 0400 FEDERAL PROGRAMS 0646 MEDICAID REIMBURSEMENT 0060 PRESCHOOL SPECIAL ED 0411 DELINQUENT 0662 MAGNET GRANT 0080 FOOD SERVICE 0413 COMPREHENSIVE SCH REFORM 0684 TITLE II 0090 TEXTBOOK RENTAL 0416 SCHOOL INPROVEMENT 0688 TITLE III 0140 CAREER CENTER 0417 TITLE I 0694 READING FIRST 0190 ALTERNATIVE ED GRANT 0420 TITLE V 0808 GIFTED & TALENTED 0210 DONATIONS FUND 0492 I READ GRANT 0814 REFUGEE CHILDREN SCHOOL IMPACT GRANT 0213 WALLACE READER S DIGEST 0511 STEWART B. HOMELESS ASST TITLE I GRANTS TO LEA STIMULUS 0215 EDUCATION IMPROVEMENT 0525 K-2 SPECIAL EDUCATION 7953 SPECIAL EDUCATION PART B STIMULUS 0219 KNIGHT FOUNDATION 0526 SPECIAL EDUCATION FUND 7954 SPECIAL EDUCATION PART B PRE- SCHOOL STIMULUS 0270 FOELLINGER 0527 SILVER GRANT 7960 TITLE 1 PART D DELINQUENT STIMULUS 0311 DRIVER EDUCATION 0543 PRESCHOOL SPECIAL ED - FEDERAL 0320 CONTINUING EDUCATION 0555 ADULT BASIC EDUCATION ADMINISTRATOR(S) RECOMMENDED FOR RETIREMENT/RESIGNATION/TERMINATION/DECEASED NAME ASSIGNMENT STATUS FUND EFFECTIVE Stansberry, Wayne/Assistant Principal (215-Day), Resign Nancy M. SS II, Group 5, Step 15.0 ADMINISTRATOR(S) RECOMMENDED FOR EMPLOYMENT Employment is contingent upon satisfacry completion of all pre-employment requirements. NAME ASSIGNMENT STATUS FUND EFFECTIVE Harris, Human Resources/Direcr, SS I, R Thomas A. Group 11, Step 19.0 TEACHER(S) RECOMMENDED FOR RETIREMENT/RESIGNATION/TERMINATION/DECEASED NAME ASSIGNMENT STATUS FUND EFFECTIVE Cochran, Blackhawk/Business Resign Allen W. Cochran, Erin C. North Side/Math Resign Collins, Catherine C. Special Education/Speech Language Pathologist Resign Hoffman, Trent T. Kekionga/ED Resign Porter, Melissa J. Smith, Erin L. Yoder, Lynn G. South Wayne/Grade 3 Resign Wayne/MIMD Resign Sick Leave Retire TEACHERS(S) RECOMMENDED FOR EMPLOYMENT Employment is contingent upon satisfacry completion of all pre-employment requirements. NAME COLLEGE EXP FROM TO STATUS FUND EFFECTIVE Gonzalez, Connie A. Grand Canyon University MS 4.0 New South Side/ Title I English R Jandore, Renee Valdosta State University MS 2.5 New Miami/ ELL R Kim, Cammie M. University of Hawaii BA 6.0 New Miami/ Grade 6 Math (0.50) + Science (0.50) R Mujkic, Amela Indiana University BS 0.5 Certified Substitute Levan Scott/ Full Day Kindergarten R Murray, Jacquelyn A. Bowling Green State University BA 1.0 New Indian Village/ Grade 5 R Nelson, Star A. Indiana University BS 0.0 Certified Substitute Shawnee/ Language Arts R O Dell, Charity H. Indiana University BS 0.0 New Indian Village/ Grade 2 R Roy, Ryan J. Saint Francis University BS 0.0 New Memorial Park/ MIMD R Sarrazin, Donald L. Indiana University BA 1.5 Certified Substitute Blackhawk/ Visual Arts (0.50) + Drama (0.50) R Starnes, Whitley K. Manchester College BA 0.0 New Lincoln/ Full Day Kindergarten R Straley, Elizabeth G. Taylor University BS 2.0 Certified Substitute Lakeside/ Language Arts (0.50) + Certified Substitute R Thirkettle, Katheryn J. Indiana Wesleyan BS 3.0 New Irwin/ Grade 5 R Vance, Erica J. Ball State University BA 2.0 New Lindley/ Grade 5 R Wall, Ashlie R. Findlay University MA 1.0 New Washingn/ Grade 5 R TEACHER(S) RECOMMENDED FOR BOARD ACTION NAME FROM TO STATUS FUND EFFECTIVE Basinger, Fairfield/Title I Student Fairfield/Grade 5 R Adam M. Interventionist (4170) Bucher, Beth E. Washingn/Grade 2 Washingn/Family Medical Leave L Bucher, Beth E. Washingn/Family Medical Leave Washingn/Leave of Absence L Costello, Jason M. Lay-Off Blackhawk/Social Studies R Gerber, Gary M. Arlingn/Student Interventionist (5260) Arlingn/Grade 5 R Horwitz, Jennifer M. Forest Park/Grade 5 (0100) Abbett/Student Interventionist R Houser, Julianne M. Forest Park/School Improvement Coordinar (4170) Forest Park/Building Coach R Loebert, Mark R. Lindley/Grade 2/3 Split Harris/Grade 5 R Muncey, Elizabeth Lakeside/Sick Leave Lakeside/Sick Leave, Extended L Putt, Rebecca L. Harrison Hill/Title I Preschool Harrison Hill/Family Medical Leave L Ritzenthaler, Debra A. Fairfield/Grade 5 (0100) Fairfield/Title I Student Interventionist R Tanesky, Erika A. Harrison Hill/Special Ed Pre-school Harrison Hill/Family Medical Leave L Taylor, Monica A. Northcrest/Special Ed Preschool Northcrest/Full Day Kindergarten R SUBSTITUTE(S) RECOMMENDED FOR RETIREMENT/RESIGNATION/TERMINATION/END OF ASSIGNMENT Craft, Jace S. Lothamer, Lillian A. Sner, Samantha J. Henney, Jeremy H. Reese, Donlaray R. Van Horn, Samuel D. Lee, Jillian D. Steveson, Thomas R. Walters, Rhonda J. SUBSTITUTE(S) RECOMMENDED FOR CERTIFIED SUBSTITUTE POSITION(S) Employment is contingent upon satisfacry completion of all pre-employment requirements. Fulk, Michael T. Kerschner, Sarah A. Noel, Angel N. German, Bethany S. Longsworth, Jeffrey R. Park, Elizabeth J. Hall, Katharine E. Mackey, Leslie E. Straley, Elizabeth G. Hendricks, Michael D. Nutter, Natalie R. Wietfeldt, Barbara K. CERTIFIED PERSONNEL RECOMMENDED FOR HOMEBOUND ASSIGNMENT (S) Amstutz, Jerry D. Hines, Andrea R. Reinhard, Laura Y. Archer-Sorg, Karen S. Lee, Heather M. Ross, Chelsea C. Buskirk, Jill E. Luckey, Jonathan C. Schoenle, Jeffrey R. Day, Neil T. Osei, Christina K. Siples, David B. Figel, Ellen M. Polly, Susan L. CERITIFIED PERSONNEL RECOMMENDED FOR ADDITIONAL ASSIGNMENT (S) Achenbach, Rachel L. Adams, Daniel B. Alcorn, Michelle S. Amstutz, Dawn E.. Amstutz, Jeffrey A. Anderson, Angelia J. Anderson, Lillian A. Andrews, Amy D. Andringa, Linda M. Ankenbruck, Steven J. Ankenbruck, Sharman D. Ankney, Leann Archbold, Laura M. Arthur, Vicki S. Aughenbaugh, Joan C. Avery, Allison J. Baatz, Elizabeth A. Bailey, Richard E. Baker, Judith A. Barker, Kimberly A. Ball, Caryl L. Balmoria, Nicolas J. Barnes, Sharon M. Barney, Jenny C. Baumgartner, Lindsey E. Baut, Chrispher S. Bayne, Dana A. Beckley, Nol T. Benjamin, Linda S. Berning, Jeffrey A. Beucler, Dustin R. Beutel, Sarah E. Bireley, Eunice J. Birkenbeul, Jason M. Bittner, Joseph M. Blankenhorn, Sondra E. Bloom, Wendy L. Bodenstein, Jennifer A. 278 Boesch, Susan B. Bohnstedt, Amy J. Bookmyer, Carolyn M. Bordner, Kelly B. Bostic, LaShaunta C. Bowers, Julie T. Bowersock, Melissa J. Boyce, Susan A. Bradley, carol J. Bradley, Kristine G. Brandenberger, Matt J. Bredemeyer, Charlene D. Brehm, Andrew B. Brineman, Charles A. Broadnax, Amanda M. Brockhouse, David H. Brown, Robert E. Brown, Stacie D. Bruick, Robert G. Bryden, Stephen E. Buchs, Tia M. Bullock, Gary N. Burch, Deborah L. Burns, Celeste M. Burns, Kristy R. Bush, Russell A. Buskirk, Jill E. Buttermore, Margaret R. Byler-Getts, Janeen Cain, Kimberly M. Carr, Janis L. Carter, Joseph M. Castar, April N. Castleman, Rene K. Causey, Kenneth E. Cavanagh, Kathy S. Christie, Patricia R. Chupp, Ann L. Clark, Kelly W. Clawson, Brian C. Cochran, Sarah E. Colby, April M. Colon, Rafael Contadeluci, Christie A. Contreras, Nancy B. Coolman, Barak R. Cooper, Bradley J. Court, Jennifer M. Crager, Shane D. Crider, Cassandra L. Crider, Rhian E. Crisler, Diana L. Crisp-Ridge, Sherry E. Croft, Tod M. Cross, Denise J. Cross, Jill R. Crouse, Nancy E. Crozier, Brenna Curry, Carolyn A. Danley, Christine C. Danley, Michael R. Darrah, Penny A. Darrah, William J. Davis, Drew W. Davis, Lois J. Davis, Richard L. Davis, Sue A. Day, Angela L. Day, Neil T. DeBoard, Christina E. Dechecko-Bradshaw, Linda L. DeGrandchamp, Melanie A. Deitche, Marianne M. Dick, Sarah E. Didier, Philip D. Didomenico, Robert M. Diederich, Anthony D. Diem, Nicholas S. Dinius, Nicole R. Doerffler, Jason R. Dowty, Michael J. Drew, Leanne Dwire, Christine M. Ehle-Fails, Christina L. Ellis-Debaillie, Amanda M. Emenhiser, Kyle G. Enriet, Jennifer Epperson, Angela M. Erdman, Eric D. Evans, Chad E. Evans, Tonja R. Fahrenbach, Chrispher L. Fails, Craig A. Falk, Cathy L. Faulkner, Erica J. Fennig, Tiffany N. Ferber, Susan N. Fields, Eddie R. Fields, Tara A. Fisher, Amy A. Fisher, Cynthia L. Fisher, Dennis J. Flesch, David D. Flesher, Mindy K. Folkerts, Spencer A. Ford, Alanna C. Ford, Kimberley L. France, Todd M. Franz, Emily M. Freck, Carol A. Freeman, Lynn M. Freiburger, Annette M. Freimuth, Angela R. French, Jennifer L. French, Samuel W. Frisinger, Gregory E. Frost, Jamie N. Fry, Heather L Ginder, Brian T. Glass, Jody L. Godfrey, Selma R. Goodman, Julie L. Graf, Conrad J. Graham, James C. Graham, Timothy M. Greuter, John B. Grose, Janna E. Grotemat, Kristen L. Grove, Erica L. Hall, Ryan C. Hamblin, Lisa M. Hamrick, Linda L. Hannibal, Joyce A. Harkenrider, Samuel M. Harris, Meagan N. Harting, Cody A. Hartman, Michael R. Hartup, Jennifer L. Heche, Dawn M. Heffelfinger, Carmen A. Heiges, Lori S. Helmke, Todd A. Hensler, Kevin M. Hermance, Gregg G. Herzberg, Katherine A. Hess, Bradley S. Hesting, Chad M. Hetrick, Keila L. Hewett, Mark A. Hieber, Lisa R. Hill, Melissa M Hines, Karen R. Hines, Nicole L. Hoekema, Rebecca S. Hoffner, Kristee L. Hogan, Tommy L. Holdredge, Ann L. Holmes, Ronald E. Hooper, Deborah S. Hoover, Kelley L. Hormann, Kimberly S. Houser, Julianne M. Howard, Jacqueline Y. Hower, Joshua I. Hubley, Ryan D. Hudson, Deborah A. Hudson, Samantha V. Hunter, Kim H. Huth, Brenda L. 279 Ibholm, Teresa K. Jackson, Stephanie R Jernigan, Wendy A. Johnson, Riley M. Jones, Suzanne T. Kaflik, Chrispher D. Kamp, Sue E. Kaufman, Stephanie L. Keifer, Renae L. Keirns, Ryan W. Kelble, Kimberly A Kindler, Angela P. King, Edward E. Kissel, John A. Klee, Erica L. Klee, Kevin J. Knarr, Jennifer S. Knoblauch, Chrispher C Knox, Ronald A. Koehrn, Christine M. Koerner, Douglas P. Kowalewski, Joseph J. Kuntz, Barbara J. Lampn, Elizabeth L. Larsen, Eric J Leasure, Jarod M Lee, Jeffery K. Lee, Kevin B. Leef, Nancy A. Leininger, Derek L. Lemmon, Tony J. Lichtsinn, Nicole L. Linnemeier, Jennifer L. Long, Ronald L. Loraine, Billie J. Love, Jeannie M. Luckett, Andrew D. Ludwiski, Christine M. Luessenhop, Peter M. Lutz, Andrew D. Macdowell, Sean E. Mahon, Gary S. Manck, Theresa K. Mann, Chrispher A. Mann, Kristine N. Martin, Gordan L. Martin, Veronica L. Marne, Amy A. Marne, Timothy J. Matthias, Nancy K. Maupin, Thomas C. Maxn, David M. Maxwell, Sean M. Maynard, Shanna D. McAfee, Jann R. McClain, Teresa A. McComb, Alice E. McInsh, Benjamin J. Mckee, Betty J. Mckee, Linda A. Mckinstry, Alexander B. Mclay, Lisa M. McMillan, Shalauna D. McWilliams, Michelle R. Menor, Barry L. Mertes, Matthew G. Meyer, Bruce A. Meyer, Nichole C. Mickey, Rhonda R. Michael, Christine L. Miguel, Philip F. Milentis, Alexander T. Milledge, Robert E. Miller, Jonathon P. Miller, Michal R. Miller, Timothy J. Miller, Willie R. Minnich, Jo E. Minnick, Timothy J. Mohr, David A. Mohrman, Ryan E. Monnier, Sandra L. Moore-Palm, Jean M. Morey, Tamara D. Morris, Michael J. Mossberg, Jack M. Muchler, Daniel G. Musser, Robert A. Mustapha, Roberta J. Nagel, Karen S. Nather, Allison M. Neff, Danene G. Nelson, Shanita L. Neuman, Michael E. Newman, Jina R. Nichols, Donn J. Nolan, John P. Noonan, Theresa A. Oaks, Denise K. Oberlin, Emily J. O Boyle, Amy L. O Brian, Patrick L. O Reilly, Pamela S. Phillips, Colleen R. Piatt, Gregory A. Ping, Robert M. Plumb, Melissa C. Polly, Susan L. Polsn, Jenessa K. Pope, Elizabeth S. Prideax, Kari J. Printzos, Annia L. Queen, Carol E. Quigley, Sara L. Race, Michelle L.. Ragon, Paul A. Ramon, Sara A. Rasor, Chrispher M. Rehrer, Aaron, M. Reilley, Kimberly A. Reinking, Laura M. Reynolds, Jason A. Reynolds, Kari L. Rich, Michael W. Richardson, Carissa L. Richardson, Luke A. Richter, Janet S. Riley, Scott E. Ritter, Patricia L. Roberts, Chrispher T. Roberts, Jeffrey M. Roberts, Todd J. Robinson, Chrispher M. Robinson, David L. Robinson, Diamond A. Roddy, Micah R. Roebuck, Kimberly D. Root, Jana L. Rorick, Linda C. Rosier, Molli S. Roy, Louis I. Runyan, Joan C. Rutledge, Delene C. Ryan, Gina M. Samuels, Betina L. Samuels, Bradley J. Sanchez, Elizabeth A. Sanchez, Maria E. Sanders, Joel R. Sapper, A Frank 280 Satterthwaite, Heather D. Schaefer, Larry P. Schleinkofer, Cynthia J. Schmidt, Kirk A. Schmitz, Andrew G. Schneider, Jeffray S. Schoenle, Jeffrey R. Schriner, Jill K. Seewald, Bethany N. Sellhorn, Tyler R. Serrani, Vincent P. Sevcovic, Donna P. Shaidnagle, Barbara K. Sheefel, Tony L. Sherrill, Eric D. Shipe, Andrew D. Shlater, M Paige Sieber, Jane G. Singlen, Andrea M. Singlen, David C. Skaggs, Sondra D. Skeln, Marc D. Sleesman, Chase M. Sliger, Kerry J. Sliger, Melissa M. Smuts, Lynn S. Snider, Melissa J. Somers, Linda D. Somers, Steve L. Speed, Kimberly K. Starks, Camille Stath, Karen M. Steele, Gretchen A. Straessle, Kimberly S. Strawser, M Jean Strine, Amy C. Studebaker, Elizabeth M. Stumpf, Theresa L. Sturgeon, Donna L. Sutherland, Benjamen J. Sunderland, Rebecca L. Swanson, Sarah J. Swary, Bethany L. Swihart, Louise A. Sylvester, Maureen L. Taylor, Gregg A. Taylor, Karen A. Templar, Rhonda L. Thomas, Jeffery A. Thomas, Susan K. Tippmann, Kurt M. Todor, John S. Townes, Veronica O. Townsend, Todd W Trevino, Alexandra M. Trout, Eva C. Troutner, Anthony T. Truesdell, Mark P. Truex, Sarah A. Turriff, Cynthia A. Uhen, Sallye S. Van Pelt, Bradley L. Vance, Richard L. Vanderweele, Lori M. Vargas, Sarah R. Vaughan, Jennifer J. Vendrely, Mary E. Vought, Daniel A. Walborn, Lisa A. Waldschmidt, Kim N. Wallace, Kameron M. Wallace, Nancy E. Wallace,Therese M. Warnecke, Marlene L. Warren, Adrienne R. Watkins, Denise A. Wattley, Darrell L. Weber, Tara M. Wehrkamp, Kyle E. Wenger, Danial L. Whetsne, Jeremy M. Wichern, Wendy L. Wilhem, Gretchen M. Williams, Vickie L. Willis, Trampus A. Wilson, Kara L. Wims, Wanda Y. Wise, Catherine C. Wise, Faith E. Witzigreuter, Jennifer E. Woehnker, Alan T. Wolford, Janet L. Woollacott, Amanda L Wysong, Jill M. York, Bridget W. CLASSIFIED PERSONNEL RECOMMENDED FOR RETIREMENT/RESIGNATION/TERMINATION/END OF ASSIGNMENT NAME ASSIGNMENT STATUS FUND EFFECTIVE Allen, Mark A. North/Bus Driver Sub Sub Special Ed Resign Beeler, Teresa K. Feipel, Todd P. Fox, Teresa G. Food Service Sub Resign Helen Brown Natarium/Lifeguard Resign Special Ed Department/Clerk Resign Kimmel, Melissa J. Krinn, Rachel M. Holland/Primetime Asst Resign Wayne/School Asst Special Ed Resign Nelson, Star A. Ogilvy, Amanda M. Abbett/Data Trainer (.25) + Towles Montessori/Data Trainer (.25) + Bunche/ Data Trainer (.25) + Maplewood/Data Trainer (.25) Special Ed Department/Occupational Therapist Resign Resign Reynolds, Natalie E. School Asst Sub (0100) + Special Ed Asst Sub (0100) Food Service Sub () End of Assignment 0100/ Sneed, Michelle Y. Irwin/Primetime Asst Resign Skes, Brandon C. School Asst Sub (0100) + Special Ed Asst Sub (0100) Food Service Sub () Resign 0100/ Turner, Pamela D. Memorial Park/Hearing Impaired Interpreter (0100) + Hearing Impaired Interpreter Terminate 0100/ Washingn, Rebecca A. North/Bus Driver + Bus Driver Supplemental + Bus Resign It is recommended that the Board of School Trustees approve the following change: Pay Scale 69 Hearing Interpreters Add: Visually Impaired, Group 1, Steps CLASSIFIED PERSONNEL RECOMMENDED FOR EMPLOYMENT Employment is contingent upon satisfacry completion of all pre-employment requirements. NAME FROM TO STATUS FUND EFFECTIVE Almani, Dima M. Food Service Sub () Anzuruni, Alimasi A. New St. Joseph Central/School Asst Special Ed (0100) + Schools Asst Special Ed Batt, Anne M. Special Ed Sub (0100) + Clerical Sub (0100) + Food Service Sub () Bills, Chrispher P. South/Bus Driver Sub Sub Special Ed North/Bus Driver Supplemental + Bus Blevins, Barbara J. North/Bus Driver Sub Sub Special Ed North/Bus Driver Supplemental + Bus Boissoneault, Susan V. North/Bus Driver Sub Sub Special Ed North/Bus Driver Supplemental + Bus Branham, Amber M. Food Service Sub () Brown, Jamar T. New Wayne/School Asst Special Ed (0100) + School Asst Special Education Brown, Tambra I. Food Service Sub () Dickerson, Jaime N. New Bloomingdale/Data Trainer (.34) + Glenwood Park/Data Trainer (.33) + Nebraska/ Data Trainer (.33) R Dirschell, Ryan C. North/Bus Driver Sub Sub Special Ed North/Bus Driver Supplemental + Bus Docr, Matthew A. New Young/School Asst Special Ed R Edgar, Annamarie E. Faust, Cassandra M. New ELL/Evaluar/Interpreter T New Northrop/Cafeteria Asst R Flores-Cruz, Raul A. South/Bus Driver Sub Sub Special Ed South/Bus Driver Supplemental + Bus Ford, Jessica M. New Holland/School Asst Special Ed R Gatn, Mary L. Food Service Sub () Gibson, Beth Ann New Facilities/Coordinar Capital Projects R Gillespie, Samuel D. School Asst Sub (0100) + Special Ed Asst Sub (0100) + Clerical Sub (0100) + Food Service Sub () Lincoln/School Asst R Goodin, Jessica M. New Human Resources/Human Resources Specialist I R Grayson, Wilbert L. South/Bus Driver Sub Sub Special Ed North/Bus Driver Supplemental + Bus Grimm, Robin F. Food Service Sub () Haines, Kay L. New Special Ed Sub (0100) + Clerical Sub (0100) + Food Service Sub () Hilgemann, Kimberly E. South/Bus Driver Sub Sub Special Ed South/Bus Driver Supplemental + Bus Jackson, Allen L. New Maintenance & Operations/Mechanical Maintenance R Jones, Susan M. Food Service Sub () Kinder, Jodie L. Food Service Sub () Labossier, Nicole L. New Wayne/Cafeteria
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