Four, by John Cage

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  FOIJR for 2 violins, viola'and violoncellofor tbe Ardni Quartet Copyright O 1989 y Henmar Press, nc, 373 park Avenue South, .hw york, Ny 1@16 New York Ciry # t{c 52  The players it in the conventional elation o qach other.There are three ive-minute ecligns, -C eadr having lorible time brackes and one which is fixthese are notated rom 0'00 o 5'00 . There are our parts f4) each of which can be played byany of the players.If the performance s to last en minutes, l players play section B (pans 14). The ts/o violinisrthen exdrange heir para wiù rhe oùer wo players ittrer as I with 3 and2 with 4 or 1 with 4 an2 wiù 3. After resening eir ckonomercrs hey play section B again.If the performance s to last wenry minutes, ll playea play sections A and C without pauseberween. Players and 2 then e.rchange ireir parts with players 3 and 4 in either way and play Aand C againIf rhe performance s cornplete, BC, with the repetition t will last hirty rninutes.t4c 52- S  Section -Pan 1 FOUR O'00'ê 0'22.5, o'15 êo'3o e 0'52.5'O'45 <-t 1'O7.s 'l'07.5, 1'22.5n 1'22.5' ë 1'45'1',37.5' è 2'OO'1',52.5' e 2'15' 2',O7.5'è 2'300 2',22.5',ë 2'45'2'37.5',l) 3'69 2'52.5'{+ 3''15' gw 3'07.5 ê 3139 p 3'22.5'{.} 3'45 3',37.5n ê 4'gg 3',52.5', 4'15'4'07.5'<+ 4,3O, PPP YP 4'37.5o (-) 5,99 Joh o'37.5' M- <t PP - o* PPPgP?P 4'22.5'è 4'45'  Secùon A-P^fi21',O7.5' o'15' FOUR O'OO ) 0'22.5' o'30 <+ ?P>- PPp 1',22.5',ë 1'45'1',52.5', 2'15' ?.-.-- 2',22.5',€ 2'45'2'52.5',S 3'15'3',22.5', e 3'45 3',52.5 ) ê 0'37.5 o'45',ë 1'07.5 gp 1'37.5 {.+ 2'OO 2',O7.5', > 2'30' FP 2'37.5'ê 3'OO'{-} 3'30'+) 4'OO 4'07.5'<+ 4'30 John o'52.5', 1',22.5', PPP 3'O7.5 3'37.5'4'15' f.4 4',22.5',ë 4'45 4',37.5',e 5',O0'

DK2P1 P2K2

Jul 23, 2017
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