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Four Things More Divine Than God From A Human's Point-of-View

Centering on a theory of divine nature and human rights.
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   Nathan Coppedge, SCSU3/07/2015, p.  FOUR THINGS OR! "I#IN! TH$N GO" FRO $ HU$N%S &OINT OF #I!'I( h)*an+ ae e-, then the One God + not hat the ant.I( h)*an+ ae d-ne, the ant opton+. The don%t ant Fate to dete*ne that ( the do e-ethng ght, the eo*e the One God. That -e + too +*p+t, (o ea+on+ that ae not atogethe o-o)+.'hat a h)*an ant+ + a "-ne Nat)e 4444 not a God o( )dg*ent, )t a e++ed (o* o( *atte hh nteat+ th the h)*an, aong the h)*an to get hat t ant+6 hethe t + tho)ght, o ad-ent)e, o e*oton+, o o*(ot.The tadtona God + not the God o( Co*(ot. So, ho o)d He e GodIt + *oe 8e that the Ch+tan God + a deepton. That +, ( e ta8e a Ch+tan  ee( n a de*on that dee-e+, hat + to pe-ent the de*on (o* dee-ng )+ tho)gh egon Th+ o)d e an o-o)+ o)te (o t8e, and (e + e- eno)gh to +)gge+t that God, ( he e9+t+, + dong tte *oe than +)+tanng a+ ph+a po-+on+, hh+ not hat a +pt)a God o)d ant to do, e9ept to e a+ene pata. S)h an e9+tene doe+ not ea po*+e egon, t on po*+e+ (ood and +hete, and *ae not (o e-eod. $t ea+t, e o)d +a that egon + a (o* o( et+*. $nd hat + to  pe-ent et+t+ (o* ha-ng ete deepton+$ppaent, the on thng potetng God%+ ght to e God + the dea that God + the on poe*4+o-e.:)t *o+t o( th+ + an o-e4oo8ed onept (o* h+to.It an e ntepeted that hat + d-ne (o the h)*an + the (oong61. The at to :! God, ( God + good ;de+peaton<.2. The at to ha-e a hoe ao)t eng God, ( God + dete*ned ;a+paton<.3. The at to ha-e good e9peene+ ndependent o( God ;eng +o*ethng<.=. S*p ()(ng one%+ on dentt, +)h a+ the ght to happne++ ;eng +o*eone<.I( none o( the+e tea ae *et (o an nd-d)a, t + 8e to *ean one o( the (oongthng+6;1< God + the on poe*4+o-e, +)gge+tng an a+ene o( dentt.;2< God + o8ng +e(4ahe-e*ent  de*andng an ata path.   Nathan Coppedge, SCSU3/07/2015, p.  ;3< $ de*on + the eng ()ntonng a+ a God.O,;=< Thee + no God.Th)+, I (nd the (o) pnpe+ a((*at-e o( thng+ hh ae geate than God (o a h)*an eng, hh I  eaoate hee ;the eaoaton + *potant<6;1< :eng +o*eone, +)h a+ eng apae o( ()(ng one>+ on *ted onept o( ho to e d-ne.;2< :eng +o*ethng, +)h a+ ha-ng d-ne +)+tane+ to a((* the e9+tene o( the goodto egn th.;3< $+paton, +)h a+ the at to 8no hethe one + God and e d-ne tho)t God,and ;=< "e+peaton, +)h a+ the at to ahe-e good thng+ tho)t eo*ng God.I (nd th+ +t + +o*ehat on)+-e ao)t h)*an ght+ -+. the d-nt. :)t t + a+o a +t o( thng+ hh ae, (o* a h)*an pont o( -e, *oe d-ne than God.$ tan+aton (o nt)t-e p)po+e+ + +o*ethng 8e61. Seeng God, 2. ?nong God, 3. "ea*ng God, and =. S)--ng God.:)t to +o*e peepton+ t + *oe 8e the (oong61. :eng a +*a God, e9eptona god+ eng *oe e9eptona than God, 2. :eng n the gaden, the gaden eng the ogn o( e-ethng, 3. Ha-ng haate, +o a+ to ha-e  p)po+e, and =. That e-ethng e good, n)dng God, H)*ant, the 'od, and the Sen+e+, +ne othe+e thee + no )n-e+a God.
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