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  • 1. Identification . Data Collection . Analyses YourTurn-KeySolutionProvider / web:
  • 2. Fourth Prime Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (FPS) is a young company with the vision and focus towards Innovation / R&D and Automation sectors. Currently we have presence in Automation, Manufacturing, Process Control, Retail industry etc. having a successful track record of years of innovation in the field of customised software and integrated services offering. FPS is a evolving technology solutions company with balanced approach to deliver the solution or its components with existing technology / frameworks available and is active in the field of process automation, asset / item identification its tracking & monitoring, consulting etc. in IT / ITeS, Tolling, Smart City, e-Governance, SCADA, M – PLC / OPC, Vision Technology and many more. The company is backed up by OEM’s, who are pioneers of respective business domain and have close collaboration with global leaders in the field of Automation, Software, Respective Services, Barcode, Security devices, GPS and RFID technologies . Our key strength lies in our wide experience in the field, world-class research attitude &ability and a strong implementation and monitoring / maintenance track record. Team behind FPS has successfully designed and integrated systems for process automation, fleet management, logistics control, Electronic Toll Collection, Parking Management and despatch / receiving etc. Projects involving sensor integration for remote data reading have also been commissioned over our own M – PLC Platform and functional WIP using own SCADA application. Our line-up of applications includes library management, physical security, person safety, enterprise asset tracking, document tracking solutions, POS solution and fleet management etc. Strategy of Fourth Prime Solutions Pvt. to master emerging technologies and provide innovative solutions to our customers in order to address their business needs.
  • 3. * Process Automation * Smart Vehicle Trace and Track * Smart Asset Tracking * Document Tracking * Supply Chain Management * Vision Technology * Parking Management * Electronic Tolling Solution * M – PLC / OPC * WIP Solution * Production Control System * Analytics * Incident detection * Smart School Solution * Asset Marking & Life Cycle Management * Customised Application development * Customised PLC Communication Tools / SCADA * Portable Test Lab for Civil Construction / Testing Agency. Solutions * Controllers & PLC * Sensors * Valves and Switches * Vehicle Tracking Device * RFID Reader * RFID Tags * RFID Coder / Decoder * Barcode Readers * Barcode Printers * Specialized Tolling Readers and Tag * Labels & Ribbons * Asphalt Test equipment * Concrete Test equipment * Pre and Post Tensioning equipment (Civil) * Ground Penetration Radar Products * Project Consulting and Monitoring Services – IT / ITeS / e – Governance / Smart City / Contact Centers / IVR Design, Automated Data Collection etc. * Special Purpose Machine Designing and Development Services * Automation Consulting Services – Process / Production / Tolling / Traffic / SPM etc. Services OUR Offerings
  • 4. RFID for Asset Tracking Fixed assets are often one of the most neglected areas of compliance. Records are inaccurate and most companies have a very incomplete picture of what assets they do own. Wall-to-wall inventories when compared to the fixed asset ledgers invariably differ. Thirty percent of assets on the books no longer exist, partial retirement of complex assets never gets recorded and optimal asset utilization cannot be verified. Wehelptoreducecostofownership Benefits Automatically tracks and secures assets with little or no human intervention Constant and accurate visibility Assets available when needed Unauthorized movement of assets is tracked immediately No line of sight required Fast and easy check in/out of assets Assets movement and status Increased efficiency and employment productivity Security concerns are addressed Low maintenance cost Overall better ROI Application Industries Healthcare Retail Warehouses Manufacturing Fleet Maintenance Offices Schools Jewellery Shop
  • 5. Organizations can maintain accurate location information for documents and other accessories as well as maintain accurate information about chain of custody. Keeping track of the important documents, expensive office equipment’s and valuable assets are no longer problematic or time consuming chores. RFID for Supply Chain Management Application Industries Education Insurance Government Legal Banking Hospitals Benefits Locate a document instantly Maintains confidentiality of the document Automatically track the duration of check-out by an individual Improper file placement can be tracked. RFID technology has brought a new level of visibility and control over the supply chain management. RFID solutions enable you to track and instantly identify assets, containers, and component parts across the enterprise and beyond. These solutions can be implemented in partnership with third-party vendors and trading partners to provide a drastic improvement in the productivity and efficiency across the supply chain. Benefits Accurate monitoring of inventories Improved availability of goods Improve sales controlling Theft detection Improved customer service and satisfaction Exactly matching production planning Transparent warehouse and shop inventories Effectively matching demand and supply Application Industries Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Retail Warehouses FMCG RFID for Document Tracking
  • 6. RFID for Library Management RFID can either replace or supplement existing library bar codes. When the cost of labour is taken into consideration for tasks such as checkout, check- in, inventory holds, lists, mis-shelved items. RFID can prove to be very efficient compared to traditional bar codes. Features Advantages Benefits Sightless identification More than one item can be checked out or checked in at the same time Items can be placed on reader without careful placement that it is required for line of sight system (barcode scanner) Reliable borrower self-checkout Immediate and consistent borrower self-check in Circulation staff freed for other library tasks Theft detection Increases the difficulty in intentional or accidental removal of items from the library without checkout Reliable knowledge of stock locations (i.e. checked in or checked out) Financial - reduces costs of replacing stock Integrates with automated materials handling systems more effectively than traditional barcodes Automated check-in chutes can provide 24-hour check-in Automated sorting units including ability to sort into specific bins Automated 24-hour holds pickup and checkout units Books get sorted and back on the floor quicker for enhanced circulation capabilities Lower labour costs on  Check in processes  re-shelving  holds pickup Customer satisfaction increase due to 24-hour access Less staff handling of each individual item Protects staff from many materials handling-related injuries (e.g. RSI) Higher staff job satisfaction Financial:  Cost of qualified staff exploited with increase in added value work  reduced cost associated with staff down-time through RSI type injuries Permits borrowers to self-manage standard check in and checkout processes reliably Staff can exploit their profession skills as opposed to clerical skills Staff redeployment to customer facing duties Staff experience greater job satisfaction from less repetitive tasks, i.e. productivity gains Ability to expand and improve customer services Flexibility and modularity Many levels of sophistication and implementation allowing the library to start simply and expand the solution as funding and/or processing needs progress Ability to manage the expenses over a number of years Ability to add newer products and features as finances and customer needs dictate Lower initial capital investment allows for easier approval for start-up solutions Allows for phased funding and more effective user of Institutional budgets.
  • 7. Vehicle Tracking GPS tracking technology uses the Global Positioning System to determine the precise location of a vehicle, person, or other asset to which it is attached and to record the position of the asset at regular intervals. Such recorded data can be stored within the tracking unit, or it may be transmitted to a central location data base, or internet-connected computer, using a cellular (GPRS), radio, or satellite modem embedded in the unit. This allows the asset's location to be displayed against a map backdrop either in real-time or when analysing the track later, using our customized software. Application Industries Schools Logistics Cabs Banks Long Haul Tracking Benefits • Accurate metrics to make the management of your mobile workforce easier. • Lower fuel and vehicle running costs • Validation of working hours and elimination of discrepancies between hours worked and hours claimed by drivers • Accurate job performance evaluation • Instant proof of delivery • Elimination of manual log sheets and tedious reconciliations. Accurate employee time sheets are available automatically. • Hassle free and efficient despatching • Reduced customer complaints due to proper operation records and scheduling • Better reactivity with automatic notifications of special occurrences such as speeding, unauthorised use of vehicle or extended journeys. Immediate corrective action can therefore be taken. • Increased work efficiency and productivity through better management, (planning, routing and re-routing) of your resources. • Minimised liability– improved accountability
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