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  Entrepreneurship   1 UNIVERSITY OF INDONESIA, ECONOMICS OF FACULTY DEPOK, WEST JAVA 2014 FRIDA JUNIA (1106015762) ENTERPRENERSHIP RONNY LUKITO, THE INDONESIA BIGGEST BAGS ENTERPRENER  Entrepreneurship   2 RONNY LUKITo THE INDONESIA BIGGEST BAGS ENTERPRENER ENTERPRENEUR DESCRIPTION   Ronny Lukito  (born in Bandung, Indonesia, January 15, 1962, age 52 years) renowned businessman, a successful entrepreneur who pioneered the business completely from below because Her parents are not from wealthy families He as Indonesia's biggest employers handbags. Now he has a handbag company called B & B Inc., which is engaged in the manufacture of handbags, fashion and accessories with four subsidiaries. They have produced a bag which is now the famous brand like Exsport, Eiger, Bodypack, and The Neosack etc.    Export   is the product for backpack and bags casual with the market segmentation at young people, especially young women, with their distinctive designs and colors. This product produced by PT. Eksonindo Multi Product Industry (EMPI)     Eiger  is the product devoted to adventure activities and nature, like climbing mountains, tent rock climbing are other still pertaining to the activities outside. This product produced by PT. Eigerindo Multi Product Industry. Eiger is One of the products of B & B Inc.. is a very successful which is now the sale is Europe, especially Germany, Malaysia, and Thailand following in Brunei Darrusalam. Eiger now have More than 150 the outlet of the whole country.    Bodypack new product concept for students to reach out to executives. a Bodypack initially devoted to the man with the concept of street gear , which later transformed into the concept of digital lifestyle . This product produced by PT. EMPI Senajaya.   Entrepreneurship   3    Neosack   is more intended for bag school supplies to target teenagers and Junior high school. This product produced by CV Persada Abadi. Ronny Lukito, He is a figure of a diligent and industrious young man, he was not a graduate of the state university or private college favorite, he is a graduate of the STM (Technology Secondary School). Because his family had financial problems so, he can’t to continue his studies in one of the private universities favorite in Bandung. Adolescence Rony ’s  in Bandung was passed with great simplicity of life and hard work away from life glamorous. Since attending Rony STM was used to sell milk in plastic-wrapped in small plastic, tied with a rubber, then the milk-house she was selling her neighbor's house using his motorcycle. His parents had a small shop that specialized in selling handbags, make Ronny used to see the process of production of a bag to work directly assist parents in running the business. From the start the process of packing the bag, spruce bags on display, as well as a cashier when there is a buyer who pays. . The Experience that is the first step to open up opportunities business bag, following in the footsteps of his parents . Since 1976, when Ronny STM sitting on the bench, his father's store began selling handbags the work itself. The store is named Nam Lung, When it was brand handbags products named Butterfly. The name of brand is derived from the Chinese-made sewing machine they use. Shortly after working at his father's store, he started the business opportunity of making their own bags. And then In 1979, to helps the family economy. Ronny started to grow the business. At the beginning, Ronny got many ideas from Jaya giri bag which was in trend at that time. “I don’t imitate. I just take the creation then modify it according to my ability and tastes, he said. He begins his business from the very zero and not a family legacy has now evolved rapidly. Start a business only to capitalize a sewing machine. He began to put his bag into the Matahari department store. Although only get a few orders Ronny continuously develop their business. With less than one million dollars, Ronny bought two sewing machines, sewing equipment, and a little raw material for making bags. Assisted by one employee named Mang Uwon, Ronny produce bags. In 1983 until 1984 Ronny wants to enter products into the Matahari department store, while at the beginning of the file as a supplier, continued Ronny rejected by the purchasing department, new to bring to 13, the petition received Ronny put his bag products, even then, the value  Entrepreneurship   4 of bags sold are not to 300 thousand. And From only two employees to 100 employees. So is the sewing machine, from two to 100. Ronny seek new partners retailers to open new markets to some areas. He went to other cities to promote and build a marketing network. He decided to use the services of a consultant to help her learn a lot about knowledge business management, marketing and also take a financial management course. To increase knowledge Ronny also frequently following a seminar and read books and references. In 1984, finally Ronny buy a house measuring 600m2 to add additional production space. 2 years later in 1986 Ronny bought the land area of 6000m2 to add more production space. After getting married in 1986, he recruited marketing professionals. With persistent struggle and tireless, he knows the market opportunity because he knew the business inside out this bag including matters on the pitch, he knows constraints in business environment. Finally ideals Ronny to be largest player in business bag achieved. Ronny is owned by one of the largest national companies. Do not stop there, now B & B Inc. also produces other types such as wallet, cell phone holster, and a variety of other types of products.   HOW ENTERPRENEUR THINK?  A)   Effectuation Process Since he cannot enroll to the college, he tried to open the handmade business. with two units sewing machine and the science of the father about how to make bags and source of funds limited. Ronny got many ideas from Jaya Girl bag which was in trend at that time. And the he just take the creation then modify it according to my ability and tastes.

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