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Transcript PRICE L$40 FrontPage Ü   TOP STORIES  pg 8b  pg 8a Ü   Ü    Health EBOLA VOL 8 NO.706FRIDAY, OCTOBER 24, 2014 CENTRAL BANK OF LIBERIA MARKET BUYING AND SELLING RATESLIBERIAN DOLLARS PER US DOLLAR  These are indicative rates based on results of daily surveys of the foreign exchange market in Monrovia and its environs. The rates are collected from the Forex Bureaux and the commercials banks. The rates are not set by the Central Bank of Liberia. Source:  Research, Policy and Planning Department, Central Bank Liberia,  Monrovia, Liberia WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 8, 2014 L$84.00/US$1L$85.00/US$1BUYINGSELLINGL$84.00/US$1L$85.00/US$1L$85.00/US$1L$84.00/US$1 TUESDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2014WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2014  News Extra - pg.5  POOR MATERNAL HEALTH FACILITIES AT C. B. DUNBAR HOSPITAL IN BONG COUNTY     p6  p5 Ü   Ü        I     N     S     I     D     E  Liberia’s Ebola Survivors Tell Their Stories  Kidnapping Charges Dismissed For West Philadelphia  Business Owners Diaspora   ‘MIRACULOUS RESILIENCE’ 'LIVING HELL' The Deputy reportedly got angry and when he asked the minister why she was searching his computer, she retaliated and a shouting match ensued within earshot of other employers and ofcials at the ministry. Deputy Minister Langley during the exchange of words reportedly threatened to resign his  position, according to bystanders and some employees who witnessed the exchange.   CREMATION OF EBOLA  BODIES BECOMES  NIGHTMARE FOR  BOYS TOWN  PUBLIC WORKS DEPUTY FOR TECHNICAL SERVICES THREATENS TO RESIGN AFTER INCIDENT AT MINISTRY WEEKS YELLS AT DEPUTY MINISTER WRONGLY  ACCUSED   Page 2 |  Frontpage   Friday, October 24, 2014  Stephen D. Kollie, 0776329124/ FPA STAFF WRITER Monrovia- R  ecommendations for prosecution of ofcials of government has now become a cliché with several reports from the Ministry of Justice, General Auditing Commission, the Liberia Anti Corruption Commission all stockpiled and awaiting action from the Executive Branch of Government.Despite the public declaration that corruption is the public enemy number one with a promise by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her regime to ght the menace head-on, there are no known cases of  prosecution against individuals for corruption.There is a high belief amongst the Liberian public, that  pronouncements about prosecution is a mere public charade to distract the public attention and keep an ongoing debate but in spite of the lack of public condence in the Government’s ability to prosecute people for corruption, the Liberia Anti Corruption Commission has once again place the Ministry of Justice in the spotlight submitting a list of individuals to the Ministry to face  prosecution for corruption related offenses. The LACCC has said after thorough investigation into corrupt malpractices by past and present ofcials of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf led government; it is submitting the names of several persons to the Ministry of Justice for immediate prosecution.LACC Chairman James Verdier Jr. told a news conference Thursday at the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism that the LACC has been working diligently behind the scene over the  past few months to investigate numerous cases which point to mass corruption in the Unity Party led government and has submitted several of these cases to the arm of government responsible for  prosecution, noting the commission will not hesitate to stand singularly to pursue the recommended cases should the Justice ministry delay the prosecution of the ofcials. Disclosing several cases that have been concluded by the commission and submitted to the Ministry of Justice for prosecution the LACC Boss named the Japanese Oil Grant as one of such cases which has  been investigated by the commission.The Government of Japan extended a grant of one billion, one hundred million Japanese Yen (¥1,100,000,000), to the Government of Liberia under a Grant Arrangement, provisions of which are conveyed in an Exchange of Notes dated March 8, 2011 between the Donor (Japan) and the Recipient (Liberia), for the purpose of contributing to the promotion of the economic and social development efforts by the Government of Liberia.But the LACC Boss said there were irregularities carried out by ofcials from the Ministry of Commerce and the Liberia Petroleum Renery Company (LPRC) which led to their failure to ascribe to the Public Procurement Concession Commission regulations in terms of tendering bids and awarding grants and contracts to bidders.As a result of the many alleged corrupt malpractices, the LACC Boss noted that the commission is yet to understand the full implementation of the Japanese oil grant thus the LACC has recommended to the Ministry of Justice that Aminata and Sons incorporated pays back into the Japanese petroleum products account an unexpended amount of US$16,000.00 intended to hire the services of an internal auditor. Cllr. Verdier further stated that as concluded by the Commission’s investigation Aminata is to pay an additional US$6,500.00 in to the Japanese Petroleum product account which was allotted and intended for public relations while the Managing Director of the LPRC T. Nelson Williams is recommended to the Justice Ministry to be charged for violating 138.1 of the PPCC act for his role in awarding $13 million dollars contact to Aminta and Sons without the required bidding process. Urey, Kromah NOCAL and lawmakers bribery saga Cllr. Verdier named another case involving alleged bribery carried out between the National Oil Company of Liberia and lawmakers of the 52nd National Legislature as a concluded investigation by the commission now before the Ministry of Justice.It can be recalled that early this year, Mr. Clemenceau Urey, a former  board chair of NOCAL admitted before the Joint Legislative Public Account Committee (PAC) of the National Legislature that he approved the payment of US$50,000 to lawmakers before ratifying oil contracts, which according to him, were intended to benet the country and its people.Mr. Urey, who was invited by the lawmakers to give account for money spent under his stewardship, however, told the lawmakers that he was not informed by his colleagues that they gave them (lawmakers) additional money which amounted to US$118,000 as lobby fees.The invitation of the ex-NOCAL board chairman took into consideration the General Auditing Commission (GAC) Reports of 2006/08/09 on NOCAL.Among other things, the GAC reports stated that there were several irregularities, including lobby fees that were paid by NOCAL to lawmakers as inducement to pass several contracts. But the former  NOCAL board chairman had maintained that he took the action in national interest and not for himself.As a result of his opened confession, the LACC invited Mr. Urey, as well as former Montserrado County Representative Alomiza Ennos Barr, who was also at the center of Urey’s allegation, and others for investigation to authenticate whether they took bribe to pass certain concessions.Said Verdier: “After the investigation, the following recommendations were made to the Ministry of Justice. That Mr. Clemenceau Urey and Counselor Stephen Dumbar be charged and prosecuted on charges of bribery, misapplication of entrusted  properties, criminal facilitation, criminal conspiracy and economic sabotage for the amount of fty thousand dollars. That Dr. Foday Kromah and Mrs. Marie Parker be charged and prosecuted for  bribery, criminal facilitation, criminal conspiracy and economic sabotage for the amount of one hundred eighteen Thousand four hundred dollars.The report also recommends that former representative Alomiza Ennos Barr also be charged for criminal facilitation and misapplication and bribery for the amount of forty thousand dollars.The Commission is also recommending Mr. David Kortee for  prosecution for allegedly receiving money from the Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Public Works to carryout public relations work but did not perform such duty.Other cases that have been recently concluded and currently in route to the Ministry of Justice, according to Chairman Verdier involves the Duncan Gas station, the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning and the Ministry of National Defense as well as allegation of misappropriation, misapplication and wastage of Government resources in the Sinoe social and county development fund. Teahjay in line The LACC is also recommending the prosecution of Sinoe County superintendent J. Milton Teahjay for misapplication of instructed  properties, misuse of public money and property, theft and illegal disbursement and expenditure of public money.He noted that Superintendent Teahjay allegedly used, disbursed and expended without any evidence of documentation the sum of $50,000 dollars representing thirty percent share of land rental fees  paid by the forestry concessionaires for development purposes, $12,000 dollars representing part of proceeds realized from sales of rubber seized from illegal tappers from the SRC plantation among others. Digging further in to high prole corruption cases, the LACC Boss revealed that the commission is currently investigating a contract  between the National Legislature, a Ghanaian lawyer and two Liberian lawyers to review the Petroleum law that has been passed  by the Liberian senate.According to Cllr. Verdier, based on the three agreements in the  possession of the LACC between the Legislatures, the two Liberian and Ghanaian lawyers, the Legislature agreed to pay fty percent of the contract amount immediately after signing.Said the LACC Boss: “The two Liberian lawyers were each contracted for $25,000.00 each while the Ghanaian lawyer was contracted for $75,000.00. So upon signing those contracts they were advanced fty percent of the contract price. Now the thing that came out of the investigation was that the Speaker said NOCAL was not in the position to pay readily and they did not want these experts to leave so they had to nd money to advance the experts so that they could continue to work. The money advance may have been from either the personal pocket of speaker Tyler or Rep Lawrence. It is against our nancial management law to use your personal money to nance public works. So we are questioning that.”  Cll. Verdier said the LACC is now questioning all actors involved in the deal including NOCAL to establish whether there was a  bidding process for the contract noting that the money for the three contractors is far beyond the threshold of the PPCC.Recommendations for prosecution is not new in Liberia as during the reign of former Justice Mini9ster Cllr. Christina Tah and Solicitor General Wilkins Wright, a report was submitted to the President requesting prosecution in line with several audit reports released by the general Auditing Commission of Liberia. Similar Submission Fell on Deaf Ears In a memorandum addressed to Justice Minister Tah on August 15, 2011, then Solicitor general, Cllr. M. Wilkins Wright categorized audit reports from the General Auditing Commission of Liberia into four categories in which the Solicitor general recommended that some of the cases needed immediate prosecution and further investigation for others.Cllr. Wright indicated that after reviewing the reports, they were categorized in summary form for easy categorization to enable the Ministry of Justice either prosecute, conduct further investigation or drop further proceedings against some individuals.Stated Cllr. Wright “the report has been categorized for the purpose of easy categorization in terms of those actions proposed. The name of an entity may appear in more than one category of the summary because of the nature of the conduct complained of and the recommended action to be taken against them; as such, to be able to know what offense was committed, one would have to refer to the detailed report to nd the cause and the specic person affected”. The solicitor general expressed his willingness as a government lawyer to pursue the case. “I appreciate the opportunity to participate in the ght against corruption and impunity in our country, and we stand prepared to lead the prosecution of those concerned should our recommendations be approved. Delay in submitting this report is regretted as well as any inconvenience” said Cllr. Wright. Since the reports from the Solicitor General were submitted to the Minister for onward submission to the President for action the Liberian leader had played deaf ears on the Ministry request to  prosecute several individuals recommended for prosecution up to date.It remains unclear what will become of the latest LACC recommendation for prosecution of several individuals some of whom are close friends of the President.  Frontpage   Friday, October 24, 2014 Page 3 FrontPage vv   Commentary E DITORIAL PUBLIC WORKS MINISTER Antoinette Weeks is in the news again for all the wrong reasons.WHEN THE MINISTRY responsible for implementing and facilitating infrastructures, roads and public building  projects should be busy working the clock to ensure that the government is on course with interventions in various communities, the minister, since her ascendancy to the  post has been busy taking shots at her deputies and at loggerheads with her peers. EVEN BEFORE her post at Public Works, Weeks faced similar issues at the National Oil Company of Liberia where she served as the director of exploration activities.IN THAT CAPACITY, Weeks was again involved in verbal spats with her peers and co-workers and news of her departure was greeted with relief by many she had crossed paths with.HOW SHE ENDED up at Public Works remains a mystery when she had never held a managerial post prior and most of her experience has been with incomplete consultancy  positions, according to a resume.IN JANUARY, Weeks raised eyebrows when she and her former Deputy Minister for Technical Services, Victor Smith traded barbs and verbal exchanges including invectives with Smith reportedly questioning why President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf brought Weeks into her government after Weeks referred to Smith as a “Country Man”, according to witnesses who were present on the scene.WEEKS SURVIVED but Smith was shown the door by President Sirleaf.ON THURSDAY, history repeated itself when Weeks and Smith’s successor were involved in a shouting exchange heard by employees and peers at the ministry.ACCORDING TO EYEWITNESSES, Claude Langley, Deputy for Technical Services reportedly walked in on Weeks behind his desk, browsing his computer. When Langley inquired why his boss was doing such, a verbal exchange reportedly ensued, drawing bystanders and murmurs within the public works building.MORE RECENTLY, according to sources within the ministry, Minister Weeks has been at loggerheads with another deputy, Jackson Paye, Deputy Minister for Rural development after Paye raised objected to a plan by Weeks to dissolve the Department of Rural Development at ministry.IRONICALLY, Weeks had sought to explore the plan when Paye’s predecessor Christian G. Herbert held the  post, spurring a serious rift between Weeks and Herbert. IN THE MIDST of a deadly Ebola outbreak, Weeks’  persistent verbal jabs at her deputies do not bode well COMMENTARY B y the latest count, we have lost over 2,500 of our compatriots to the rampaging Ebola crisis and we are still counting. By the time this angry piece is rolled out in print, we could be counting 3000 or more dead Liberians from Ebola. Our President has confessed our helplessness to combat this unprecedented and monumental national tragedy to the international community. As a result an armada of international forces has arrived all over the country. They include armies and personnel of friendly governments, non-governmental organizations, who have left their families to try to salvage us from dreadful Ebola. People of goodwill from all over the world have died risking their live to save us Liberians. Yet, in the face of the seriousness of our situation, more peoples across the world are still coming to rescue us, so that we do not perish. It is unimaginable that some thoughtless people whose  political ambitions have no bounds are busy scheming to  push us, a distraught citizenry of a prostrate country, to conduct accursed morally bankrupt and indecent elections in December, 2014. This is the height of unconscionable shamelessness on the part of our political elite.This indecent  proposal to hold elections while the whole world is focused on saving Liberians from the Ebola scourge should be rejected by all well meaning thoughtful Liberians. Any politician associated with this inhuman scheme should  be publicly denounced and frustrated at the polls.Do this shameless greedy people understand that over one thousand families have suffered a loss of at least a family loved one.Do they know that complete families have been devastated.Do they understand that thousands of Liberian children have been orphaned.Do they realize that schools are closed. Doctors, both Liberians and non Liberian, are dead.  Nurses haveperished. For everyone of the 3000 victims of Ebola, more than ten families are mourning. The fact is we do not know how many have died so far. In effect the vast majority of Liberians are mourning lost family and friends. Our towns and villages have been deserted. Our social fabric strained. Our cultural practices have been debased. We can no longer go the farms or even our ofces. We cannot hug our loved ones or properly greet our neighbors. We are even scared to touch each other. Our churches and prayer warriors are fasting and praying. Our mosques are supplicating. And  people are hungry! Our health minister has sacked health workers because our government says it has no money to pay them adequate compensations for the dangerous work that they are doing.In the midst of all this, the Legislature is bent on holding elections. My question is for whose benet do they want the elections. Denitely, it is not for us Liberians. It is for themselves and their pockets. For this devilish  people, their deep pockets are more important than the 3000 or so Liberia so far that we have lost so far and who don’t even have graves because they were cremated. And then, if the government has no money to pay health workers, where would it get the money to pay for elections. Where would the elections ofcials to be recruited come from? Or is someone  planning to manipulate the elections when many people are not watching. How many Liberians want to go to the Ebola regions to monitor the elections. How do we know that after all the population movements from the towns and villages  because of Ebola, the voter register is still valid? Would our international friends collaborate in this national folly? Who can guarantee free, fair and transparent elections in this situation? Would international election monitors come? Some smart Alec has some devilish plan to plunge Liberia into chaos. That is the real danger that would bring further misery to our lives if we manage to get rid of Ebola. The danger is not some stupid constitutional crisis that they are manufacturing.Also, how are we going to explain to the world that the  political ambition of about 200 people competing for 15 seats in the Senate is more important than the ght against Ebola pandemic that could wipe out half the population of our country, if not contained. What do we want the world think of us as a people? In the last 10 years we have had UNMIL that was deployed because we killed ourselves for over ten years. Now a new United Nations mission to help ght Ebola has been created. The United States is spending over a billion dollars to help us in this country. Even African countries, the African Union and ECOWAS have all mobilized to help us out of this terrible situation. How can we go back and tell them that our immediate  priority is to conduct elections even before or barely just as we are through with Ebola national tragedy mainly via international help. The thoughtless people have created a  bogey man called constitutional crisis. Respected counselors have said that there is nothing like that. In any case, it is left for the President and the Legislature to manage the State of Emergency so that there is no crisis. Our constitution is resilient enough to handle the challenge, if indeed this very selshsmall group of people manages to create one. We can no longer control the affairs of those who die, but we can manage a crisis, whether constitutional or otherwise. The life of every single Liberian is worth more than the senseless ambition of 200 opportunistic politicians. So let us all say a resounding NO,NO,NO to elections in December 2014. It is an indecent, inhuman, selsh and unconscionable proposal. Counsellor JeromeKokoya should nd some worthy cause for his life and time, instead of pursuing the foolish errand for politicians. There should not be any talk of elections until Ebola is completely kicked out of Mama Liberia!!! ELECTIONS 2014: REJECTING AN INDECENT PROPOSAL When Will Minister Weeks Get the Ball Rolling? CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE WEIRD KIND MORE JABBINGS THAN FIXING AT PUBLIC WORKS Cephas Johnson-Wreh, A concerned Liberian citizen for Liberia’s image and showers an unnecessary cloud of uncertainty over government’s plan to undertake roads and infrastructural projects, badly needed as it seeks to leave a lasting legacy and imprint amid some serious reservations that the government is racing against time to fulll many of its obligations to the government and people of Liberia.IT ALSO muddies the working atmosphere and keeps employees consistently on edge when they should be focusing on how to come up with creative and innovative ideas to improve the physical outlook of post-war Liberia. WEEKS’ HOGGING OF projects and misguided priorities are not only posing as a deterrent to development but also is stalling the government’s agenda and deliverables. WHATEVER BECOMES of her latest spat with yet another deputy minister remains to be seen. Her much publicized family tie to President Sirleaf appears to be clouding the  president’s judgment on what to do with a minister who came to the post with so much promise and now entrenched in an ongoing battle with her peers at the detriment of Liberia and the government’s development agenda.   Page 4 |  Frontpage   Friday, October 24, 2014 FrontPage  Send your letters and comments to: YOU WRITE; WE PUBLISH; THEY READ! COMMENTS FROM FPA ONLINE DISCLAIMER  The comments expressed here are those of our online readers and  bloggers and do no represent the views of FrontPageAfrica Rodney D. Sieh , Managing Editor, 0886-738-666; 077-936-138,; Wade C. L. Williams,  News Desk Chief,; 0880664793 Sports Editor, Danesius Marteh ,, 0886236528 Henry Karmo, Al-varney Rogers, 0886-304498Sports Reporter, A. Macaulay Sombai ,macaulay., 077217428 COUNTY NEWS TEAM Grand Bassa, Alpha Daffae Senkpeni , 0777432042Bong County, Selma Lomax,, 0886-484666Sinoe County, Leroy N.S Kanmoh , leroy.kanmoh@frontpageafricaonline.com0886257528BUSINESS/ADVERTISING Kadi Coleman Porte, 0886-304-178/ 0777832753, E DITORIAL TEAM WHAT READERS ARE SAYING ABOUT OUR STORIES ON THE WORLDWIDE WEB   The Reader's Page  CHARLES E. KING · TOP COMMENTER · MONROVIA, LIBERIA Greetings Dr. Sirleaf:Your letter does not address the main issue that has had Liberians reacting to the statement you made. “The symbolism of me going there and potentially getting Ebola when I have a nine- and a seven-year-old at home isn’t worth it just to appease people. I’ve made a commitment not to live in Liberia for many reasons, and I think my contribution means more.” From what I see, (I could be wrong) but there were no questions about where you were before you made this statement. You had made many trips back and forth as is very evident and very commendable. The way you presented your statement tended to show your lack of 'understanding of the  plight of the Liberian people'. You could have really presented your  position a little differently. We have to be very careful how we communicate and explain to our people in such a way that sends a clear message, especially when we are the off springs of parents who are in the political limelight. No matter what we do, we will always be a target and that is why whenever those of us who have  political connections speak, people are listening and will dissect every word we say, thereby we should make every effort to watch what we say, and act in ways that will not permit fuel for misguided opinions. It is this statement that the people are reacting to and so I would just like to suggest to you that it be addressed accordingly. Kind Regards Charles E. King. PLEEBOCOLLINS25 (SIGNED IN USING YAHOO) What do you want, a medal? There are hundreds of Liberians who are helping the ght, many on the ground giving their lives. Perhaps next time you should think before you speak.. ALIEU SWARAY · · CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER AT SELF-EMPLOYED  Nonsense! Sometime is better to remain silent and allow people to remain in doubt than to speak out and conrmed your..... RAYMOND SUMO · TOP COMMENTER · CUTTINGTON UNIVERSITY, LIBERIA Most Liberians will not do any good for their fellow Liberians unless they are sure to get a personal return on their investments. With the wave of corruption in Liberia, almost every donation is sold by those handling the donations. So how does Dr. Sirleaf measure the impacts of his organization's donation on the ordinary citizens? The Liberian Government needs to rebuild better hospitals, public clinics, expand the medical college, provide scholarships and incentives that encourage more Liberian students to enter the medical profession. Why should politicians and cabinet ministers in Liberia make US $15,000.00 per month while nurses and medical doctors make US $ 400.00 and $1, 200.00 per month respectively? This shows that the government doesn't care for the human development of the country  but they rather beg the international community for everything. JOSEPH BERNARD · FINANCIAL CONTROLLER AT FIELD SERVICES LIBERIA Mr. Sirleaf, next time please choose your words carefully. We do appreciate all the Health care services you and your team have  provided here so far, but your statement during these critical times in our country's history takes away so much the esteem some of us had for you. Unfortunately, you have proven to all that your interest is the United States of America and not your poor native Liberia . Save yourself the headache of coming here and move on with you work and little children . Thank God we have friends who are wailing to risk their lives and leant a hand to help safe mama Liberia. SAYKU KROMAH · TOP COMMENTER · WORKS AT RETIRED I believe the clarity provided by Dr. James Sirleaf should put our minds at rest. Any discerning mind can see that he is been genuinely apologetic about his last statement. He probably misspoke, which most people with other professional callings are apt to do when confronted by a major media entity. My only suggestion to Dr. Sirleaf is not to grant spot interviews, because it requires special skills, and subject to misinterpretations. If the media house needs your views that badly, they can wait; until send them a written statement. Thanks for the clarity. SAYKU KROMAH · TOP COMMENTER · WORKS AT RETIRED I know some people are surprised at my comment, but those who know me are not. My issue is with the leadership of President Ellen Johnson who happens to be the mother of Dr. James Sirleaf. That leadership issue is not so personal as to transcend and consume my very cherished sense of fairness. My ght is against her corrupt and inept regime, and her initial sluggishness that turned Liberia into the epic center of this Ebola virus. I am still calling for her resignation to allow the constitutional process of succession to prevail. Am as committed to that struggle as I was in campaigning for her in 2005. 'I APOLOGIZE': DR. JAMES SIRLEAF IS STILL COMMITTED TO LIBERIA  The Editor  M adam President I call on you to forthwith resign as President of Liberians in the diaspora, as Foreign Minister, as Chief International Spokesperson, and as PR person for the Republic of Liberia.Unlike AB Darius Dillon, I realize that the act of resigning is a choice, and that it is not dictated by the constitution, nor can it be forced by utterances from mere pundits like himself, or Tiawon Gongloe.Therefore Madam, if you choose to heed my request to resign those  positions, I call on you to assume your duly elected position, and start governing for the people at home.What I mean by that, is that I would like for you to turn inward and become a domestic President to ensure that all 15 Counties in Liberia experience; your power, your time, your energy , your devotion, your love, your visits, and your undivided attention. In essence, your PR efforts, lobbying efforts, your travels, your urge to please, and your political skills must now be focused within your country, to appease your own people.It is quite evident that for the past 8 years, you have enjoyed the spotlight from the West. You have won all major awards and accolades and spoke at just about every Prestigious University in Europe and America. In addition you have visited most of their Capitols on a constant and consistent basis. With the help of our International partners, your UN connections, lobbyists and The Black Congressional Caucus, you have ensured that peace and stability has been maintained; our economy has been strengthened, and our status in the world was elevated, until Ebola brought us to our knees. Furthermore, your government has danced to the drum of various donor organizations, whose programs you had to institute, whether they were good for our nation or not, all because it was their money.Quite recently, you never hesitated to tell your American/International "constituents" that you would prosecute your own citizen for bringing Ebola to America. In fact you even met with the Judiciary branch to look into possible charges that would have been brought against the late Thomas Eric Duncan. You didn't stop there, but you went as far as personally calling the Mayor of Dallas and apologizing to him.Indeed you've done all in your power to keep our International  partners happy with you, and by extension, happy with Liberia. In the end it is hoped that over the long haul Uncle Sam will continue to work with your government; that funding will continue to ow from International Organizations, that Multinational Corporations will continue to invest in Liberia, and that in the short term International ights out of Liberia will not be banned. You've done well Internationally, and you get an A for that. Your Foreign policy is intact, and your International legacy is secure. It's now time however, to turn inward, and work on your domestic policy!Ma Ellen your Domestic policy should be more than constructing roads, turning on the Hydro, restoring water or eradicating Ebola. It should have the overarching goal of having your approval rating and respect, as high as it was Internationally when you won the Nobel Peace Prize; Presidential Medal of Freedom, Harvard Honorary degrees, and when you spoke to a Joint Session of the US Congress.Indeed your approval rating will rise; the calls for you to step down will seize, you will establish a legacy, and your people will be content, if and only if, you seize this opportunity to cater to their emotional, social, psychological, nancial, educational and medical needs.The Ebola epidemic is an opportunity for you to show your people and your critics that you do have a heart, and that you truly care about the well- being of the Liberian people.You must show all us that you are willing to prosecute corrupt individuals with as much urgency and determination, as you did when you expressed your plans to prosecute Thomas Eric Duncan.You must appeal to President Obama to help us establish a robust health care delivery system, with as much urgency as you did during the heat of the Ebola crisis.You must appeal to the women of AKA, the Peace Corpse and others MADAM PRESIDENT PLEASE RESIGN.... NO NEED FOR ADAMA SIRLEAF TO  APOLOGIZE TO ‘DISGUSTED LIBERIANS’ The Editor, A ren't these the same busybodies who, back in August, were accusing the President's son (Dr. James Adamah Sirleaf) of coming to Liberia to eat their Ebola money??? (Re President's Son Sets Record Straight, 08/29/14, Liberian Observer)If so, why are they now disgusted with his decision to stay in America with his family? (Re Liberians Disgusted Over President's Son Loose Ebola Talk , Frontpageafrica) Hey disgusted Liberians! Dr. Sirleaf is a private citizen. He owes you NOTHING! Instead of apologizing, he should've given you  people the one nger salute! (Re I apologize: Dr. James Sirleaf.. .) Apologize, my arse!Look: If you don't agree with the Doctor's decision to stay in America with his kids, that's ne! You're entitled to your opinion. Everybody has one!But as father (no, he's not a sperm donor like you!) of two young children, Dr. Sirleaf has a moral obligation to act in their best interest! That means he shouldn't abandon his kids because he's the President's on OR risk making his wife a widow or making his young children fatherless because of Ebola!In case you don't know, Dr. Sirleaf grown ass man! So his mother has no more control over him than you have over your sorry ass adult son or daughter! Besides that, Dr. Adama Sirleaf, private citizen, has the right to live his life as he sees t. It's none of your damn business whether he decides to stay in America with his family or go back to Liberia and  battle Ebola!I've spoken to several Liberian Doctors, who, like Dr. Sirleaf, are committed to helping Liberians ght the Ebola epidemic, but NONE of them, I repeat, NONE have gone back home (Liberia) or even expressed the slightest hint of going back home to battle Ebola! If you know one, who left his job and family here in America, please let me know!Rather than being disgusted with Dr. Sirleaf for being a father, you should be disgusted with those hoodlums in that hellhole (West Point), who ransacked an Ebola isolation unit and the born rogues in your government, who are eating Ebola money!Martin Scott Father of three children Atlanta, Georgiamartyretire@yahoo.comto help you restructure our Educational system to ensure that more than 15 out 13,000 can pass the LU entrance exams.You must rid yourself of cronies and sycophants, who are failing to remind you of your stance on nepotism, which has led you to continue to maintain your family members in various government  positions.You must create more than the 20,000 jobs you promised to provide for our youth and adults. You must ensure that papa goes home with a decent paycheck that feeds, clothes, educates and shelters the average Liberian family of 5 children.Ma Ellen even when you were booed and insulted in Lofa, you still showed us and your critics that you are not only smart, articulate, and energetic, but that you are also kind, loving, forgiving and  patriotic.There are folks that still believe in you and have no doubt that you will leave a positive and lasting legacy, unmatched by any of your  predecessors.God Bless you, God bless the people of Liberia, and God bless Liberia.Bartum N. Kulah MD,
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