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sample recall ballot.
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  | 1300 South Grand Avenue | Building C | Santa Ana, CA 92705 | 714.567.7600 E A S Y -T  O-V  OT E  ORANGE COUNTY REGISTRAR OF VOTERS CITY OF YORBA LINDA SPECIAL RECALL ELECTION Tuesday, October 7, 2014 Polls Open at 7:00 A.M. and Close at 8:00 P.M. Sample Ballot FIND YOUR POLLING PLACE: ON THE BACK COVER OF THIS PAMPHLETON THE WEB AT OCVOTE.COM / FINDPOLLSOR CALL 714-567-7600 Look inside for your sample ballot! Special Election QuestionSpecial Election Candidate 001 andVoter Information Pamphlet We are required to send your sample ballot in English. If you have requested your election materials in another language, you will receive a sample ballot in that language within a few days. If you would like to receive a sample ballot pamphlet in Chinese, Korean, Spanish, or Vietnamese for this and future elections, please call 714-567-7600. 我們須按規定寄給您英文選票樣本。如果您已經提出請求,希望索取另一種語言的選舉資料 ,您將在幾天內收到該語言的選票樣本。 如果在本次及往後選舉中,您想獲取中文、韓文、西班牙文、或越南文的選票樣本, 請電洽 714-567-7600。 저희 선거관리국은 영문으로 된 견본 투표지 팜플렛을 먼저 발송하도록 규정되어있습니다. 이전에 한국어로 된 견본 투표지 팜플렛을 신청하여 받으신 적이 있으시면 수일 이내에 한국어로 된 견본 투표지 팜플렛을 받으실 것입니다. 이번 선거와 차후 선거에서 한국어로 된 견본 투표지 팜플렛을 받으시기를 원하시면, 714-567-7600으로 전화하십시오. Se nos requiere enviarle el folleto boleta muestra en ingles. Si ha solicitado el material electoral en otro idioma en los próximos días recibirá un folleto boleta muestra en dicho idioma. Si desea recibir el folleto boleta muestra en el idioma chino, coreano, español o vietnamita para esta elección y futuras elecciones, favor de llamar al 714-567-7600. Chúng tôi buộc phải gởi đến quý vị phiếu bầu mẫu bằng tiếng Anh. Nếu quý vị đã yêu cầu tài liệu bầu cử bằng một ngôn ngữ khác, quý vị sẽ nhận được phiếu bầu mẫu bằng ngôn ngữ đó trong vòng vài ngày. Nếu quý vị muốn nhận tập phiếu bầu mẫu bằng tiếng Trung Hoa, tiếng Đại Hàn, tiếng Tây Ban Nha, hoặc tiếng Việt cho kỳ bầu cử này và những kỳ bầu cử trong tương lai, xin gọi số 714-567-7600.   R e c e  i v e  y o u r   b a  l  l o t   b y m a  i  l !   I t  ’ s  f a s t  a n d  e a s y !  V  i s  i t  o c v o t e. c o m / v o t e  b y m a  i  l  SAVE TIME. VOTE-BY-MAIL! Sign up today at return the postcard located on the back of this booklet. BE PREPARED! Mail your ballot early and allow for any added postal delivery times. Learn more at Application Deadline: September 30, 2014 Save time and vote-by-mail. It’s easy to sign up. Oct72014 *If your ballot is not mailed but is dropped off at a polling place, State law requires the poll worker to verify that the ballot envelope is filled out properly prior to depositing it in the ballot box.  lywukjl}l ox hojylk ~ .. kUOP\ wRcV`}N_VO_E |X`], {kcVPc}VcE {cX[^URV[c >/1.:D1~7' :-191-..jzz D1~7' :-191-.Fx}f D1~7' :-191-/1MMM,UaNUP_,aUW py}rsyrrye l_][QPRcR U^ hUP_RQqc[X[V]}``R_QQ5n,o, |UL ~~/>FkcVPc}VcE {cX[^URV[c >/1~~ z_cR oRcV]_ {UOVPK hUP_R5j\_ {[PK U^ eURbc r[V`c kT_a[cX l_acXX yX_aP[UV [Q oaPUb_R 1E /.~7, nX_cQ_ PcY_ c WUW_VP PUb_ TR_TcR_` TR[UR PU NUP[V], !  hUP_9bK9qc[X5  eUO acV QcN_ P[W_ cV` NUP_9bK9Wc[X, eUO WcK R_SO_QP c NUP_9bK9Wc[XbcXXUP cV` Wc[X [P bcaY PU OQ, j\_ XcQP `cK PU R_SO_QP c NUP_9bK9Wc[X bcXXUP [Qk_TP_Wb_R .E /.~7, }V cTTX[acP[UV acV b_ ^UOV` UV P\_ bcaY U^ P\[Q TcWT\X_P DOVX_QQKUO cR_ c T_RWcV_VP NUP_9bK9Wc[X NUP_R' UR bK N[Q[P[V]  UaNUP_,aUWHNUP_bKWc[X , !  nUXX[V] nXca_5  u^ KUO a\UUQ_ PU NUP_ cP KUOR TUXX[V] TXca_ TX_cQ_ TXcV c\_c`, ncRY[V][Q X[W[P_` cP QUW_ XUacP[UVQ cV` KUO acV cNU[` aUV]_QP[UV bK NUP[V] W[`9`cK [^ TUQQ[bX_, eUO M[XX \cN_ P\_ UTP[UV U^ NUP[V] cV _X_aPRUV[a UR TcT_R bcXXUP cP P\_ TUXXQ,k[WTXK c`N[Q_ P\_ TUXX MURY_R U^ KUOR TR_^_R_Va_ M\_V Q[]V[V] P\_ RUQP_R, !  mO_QP[UVQ5  u^ KUO \cN_ cVK SO_QP[UVQ cbUOP P\_ oaPUb_R 1P\ {[PK U^ eURbc r[V`ckT_a[cX l_acXX yX_aP[UV KUO WcK N[Q[P  UaNUP_,aUWH[V^U  UR acXX ~9FFF9-/F9-F 1, g_ cR_cXQU UV QUa[cX W_`[c    ^ca_bUUY,aUWHo{loh UR jM[PP_R IUaR_][QPRcR,kOaa_QQ^OX _X_aP[UVQ acVVUP \cTT_V M[P\UOP  eoi@  g_ V__` TUXX MURY_RQ ^UR P\[Q cV` ^OPOR__X_aP[UVQ, qcVK V__` PU b_ b[X[V]OcX [V {\[V_Q_E sUR_cVE kTcV[Q\ UR h[_PVcW_Q_, nX_cQ_ acXX~9F--9::~9F-F UR N[Q[P  UaNUP_,aUWHNUXOVP__R   cV` Q[]V9OT PU`cK@oOR W[QQ[UV [Q PU Q_RN_ P\_ R_][QP_R_` NUP_RQ U^ oRcV]_ {UOVPK [V c OV[^URWE aUVQ[QP_VP cV`caa_QQ[bX_ WcVV_R M[P\ P\_ \[]\_QP X_N_X U^ [VP_]R[PK, g_ XUUY ^URMcR` PU aUOVP[V] KUOR NUP_cV` ][N[V] KUO cVUP\_R QOaa_QQ^OX _X_aP[UV,k[Va_R_XKEp_cX s_XX_Kl_][QPRcR U^ hUP_RQ OR NP001-001  dq \d^ouqdg eatfnpre^f_Zapnl`_ataeo]e_pa` w (+DD `E<=P n@WFT t:SF<S w s<NITNFQ r w `WF=W tFW- rt *>#D w #(%v &#v#&DDEU@E: EU@SQN?=@W@ vog jo iky jvuk k}qnry|}rroj n}qnvryj j\[Q kcWTX_ |cXXUP ncWT\X_P \cQ [V^URWcP[UV ^UR P\_ oaPUb_R 1E /.~7eURbc r[V`c kT_a[cX l_acXX yX_aP[UV,eUO WcK OQ_P\[Q kcWTX_ |cXXUP PU WcRY KUOR a\U[a_QE cV` PcY_ [P M[P\ KUO M\_V KUO NUP_ cP P\_ TUXXQ,|K X_cRV[V] ZOQP c ^_M P[TQ cbUOP \UM PU VcN[]cP_ P\RUO]\ P\[Q TcWT\X_PE KUOCXX b_ R_c`K PU ]U, dW_I)J VPJV[Z 8 iQ_ P\[Q ncWT\X_P PU X_cRV \UM PU5hUP_9bK9Wc[X+ \ hUP_ c TcT_R  \  UR   _X_aPRUV[a bcXXUP cP P\_ TUXXQ+ cV`gURY cP P\_ TUXXQ, \  }XQU [VaXO`_`5uV^URWcP[UV R_]cR`[V] P\_ kT_a[cX l_acXX yX_aP[UV+ \ kPcP_W_VP U^ l_cQUVQ ^UR P\_ nRUTUQ_` l_acXX+ \  }VQM_R PU P\_ kPcP_W_VP U^ l_cQUVQ ^UR P\_ nRUTUQ_` \ l_acXX+ cV` } QcWTX_ bcXXUP, \ dWZKZ _KZ IWZ hI_IZRZPI OY iZ_JOPJYOK IWZ kKOMOJZ[ iZ]_SSw IWZ {PJFZK IO IWZ hI_IZRZPI OY iZ_JOPJ YOK IWZkKOMOJZ[ iZ]_SSw _P[ y_P[V[_IZJ)hI_IZRZPIJ? j\_ kPcP_W_VP U^ l_cQUVQ ^UR P\_ nRUTUQ_` l_acXXE P\_ }VQM_R PU P\_ kPcP_W_VP U^ l_cQUVQ ^UR P\_ nRUTUQ_`l_acXXE cV` P\_ {cV`[`cP_QC kPcP_W_VPQ cR_ XUacP_`c^P_R P\_ bcXXUP,yca\ {cV`[`cP_CQ kPcP_W_VP [Q NUXOVP__R_` bKP\_ acV`[`cP_ cV` [Q TR[VP_` cP P\_ _LT_VQ_ U^ P\_acV`[`cP_, yca\ {cV`[`cP_CQ kPcP_W_VP [Q TR[VP_` _LcaPXK cQQObW[PP_` bK P\_ acV`[`cP_, eUOR NUP_ aUOVPQ@ elofmgvvi eUOR aUWWOV[PK V__`Q KUOR \_XT@ |_ c TcRP U^ UOR ]R_cP `_WUaRcaK UV yX_aP[UV zcK,v_R_CQ \UM5gURY cP P\_ TUXXQ+ \ v_XT cP cV _X_aP[UV V[]\P QOTTURP a_VP_R+ UR  \  }XXUM KUOR ]cRc]_ UR ^ca[X[PK PU b_ OQ_` cQ c TUXX[V] \ TXca_, uVP_R_QP_` <k[]V OT5oVX[V_5 \  UaNUP_,aUWHNUXOVP__R  {cXX5 1~79>:79~>.~ \ x[XX UOP P\_ TUQPacR` UV P\_ bcaY U^ P\[Q TcWT\X_PE \ cV` M_ M[XX acXX KUO@ OR NP001-002
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