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Further Notes On Lifting The Veil

This is a companion to the original project, it has important notes that help to streamline and provide further motivation and synchronization into materials provided so far.
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  Further Notes On 'Lifting The Veil'   This photo was one of the earlier ones taken before narrowing to mainly feldspar.Important to these notes; especially the elestial smokey quartz on the far left, a.k.a. 'candle quartz'. To the right, a Himalayan uartz cluster, the !methyst aco#enite goddess already displayed, the Tibetan scepter, and far bottom left is an Indigo !ura uartz; far bottom right is $pal, abo%e is !qua !ura, to the left is an !#inite chip, and far upper right is a &epidolite chunk with a deep !methyst point beside, These not pictured before.  The $pal.ou don't ha%e to get all the same things, by any means.This should offer an idea of how to start setting up and some implements to begin to work with gradually more and more with dedication.(hate%er it is you decide to add in or lea%e out, be true to yourself and listen to your soul and the spirits you know most. ))) as palaces of *uada +*eith's masculine consort here-*eptune as $rchids of !steria-/ranus000 erridwen's auldron stirs and con1oins-2luto!ssociating the planets this way is 1ust helpful 3 not lawful or doctrine set in stone. The 2lanets, along with the modern zodiac, I had ne%er transfi#ed to the 4pheire of the 5orte#, till %ery recently.That must seem strange...  The  th  4pheire The ) th  4pheire's aspects in the core of  6 includes another that is a bridge connected to the 0 th ...


Jul 23, 2017
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