(G) Altitude-Intercept Method 1

(G) Altitude-Intercept Method 1
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    One way of fixing position is by means of altitude- intercept method and the Navigator must be familiar on identifying the celestial body, stars  in particular……..    Identification of Stars  Although no formal star identification tables are included in Pub. No. 229  , a simple approach to star identification is to scan the pages of the appropriate latitudes, and observe the combination of arguments which give the altitude and azimuth angle of the observation. Thus the declination and LHA of Aries are determined directly. The star’s SHA is found from: SHA of the star = LHA of the star  –  LHA of the Aries . From these quantities the star can be identified from the Nautical Almanac.   Altitude-Intercept Method Learning Objectives:  – Comprehend the concept of the circle of equal altitude as a line of position.  – Become familiar with the concepts of the circle of equal altitude.  – Know the altitude-intercept method of plotting a celestial LOP.  Circle of Equal Altitude ã Imagine a pole attached to a flat surface, with a wire suspended from the pole. ã If the wire is held at a constant angle to the pole, and rotated about the pole, it inscribes a circle. ã This scenario is depicted on the next slide...
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