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   GAMERS: SECOND EDITION SECOND DRAFT MATT VANCIL, 2003   1 X. INT. DUNGEON - CORRIDOR Establishing shot of dark dungeon corridor. Vermin scurry about. Debris lines the walls. Three figures turn the corner, carrying torches. TURK is a massive warrior in scarred armor. He has an axe and a shield slung over his back. FASTIDIAN is a priest in a white robe. He’s gripping a holy symbol, the Sunburst of Therin. Third is RENNARD, a swarthy rogue in a black cloak. He’s brandishing a thin sword. Following them is WODNICK, a runty servant carrying a large treasure chest on his back. At the end of the corridor is a large metal door that bars the way. TURK moves to force the door open, but RENNARD catches his arm and points to cryptic runes on the door. TURK sees the runes and yanks his arm away from the door. FASTIDIAN grips his Sunburst and chants softly. The Sunburst begins to glow. The runes on the door burst into flame, then die out. WE HEAR: A locking mechanism unlocking. X. INT. DUNGEON – CAVE Half of the room is natural cavern, the other half, manmade. Light is shining through a peephole between the bricks of a wall. RENNARD Wodnick, you stay here. WODNICK Yes, my lord. WODNICK remains outside the door. The others enter. RENNARD spots the gap in the wall. FASTIDIAN’s Sunburst flares. WE HEAR: a musical chime The three HEROES brace for combat. Six GHOULS, undead beasts with sharp teeth and claws, burst out of the floor. TURK kills three GHOULS with his axe. RENNARD tumbles, springs up behind a GHOUL, and backstabs it. FASTIDIAN grips his Sunburst and points at the last two GHOULS.   2 FASTIDIAN Turn. The Sunburst flares. The GHOULS shriek and melt away, their bodies consumed by blue flame. When it is clear that they are safe, RENNARD peers through the peephole in the wall. He waves the other two over. X. INT. DUNGEON – ROOM BEHIND THE WALL On the other side of the wall, only a trickle of light shines through the gap in the bricks. TURK smashes through the wall with his shield, sending bricks flying. FASTIDIAN and RENNARD follow. Two armored GHOULS stand guard outside a large door. The GHOULS lower their spears and charge the HEROES, howling. X. INT. DUNGEON – ANTECHAMBER WE HEAR: A brief struggle and clash of arms. TURK kicks open the door. The HEROES stride inside. TURK Mort Kemnon! MORT KEMNON is seated on a black throne, shrouded in darkness. His face is never revealed. There are dark passages on either side of his throne. MORT KEMNON Welcome. RENNARD Your reign of terror ends here! FASTIDIAN aims his glowing Sunburst at KEMNON. FASTIDIAN By the light of Therin, you shall fall! KEMNON laughs menacingly. KEMNON   3 What good is the light of your goddess? She cannot help you here. Black energy crackles around KEMNON’s hand. The light around the SUNBURST blinks out. The HEROES look at the dark Sunburst in dread. FASTIDIAN We’re ... KEMNON Doomed. DEATH KNIGHTS, armored undead, pour in through the side entrances and charge the HEROES, swords drawn. The HEROES circle up to defend themselves, and the DEATH KNIGHTS surround them. The DEATH KNIGHTS quickly cut FASTIDIAN down from behind. He falls in a pool of blood. TURK Fastidian! TURK tries to fight his way to FASTIDIAN, but cannot. A DEATH KNIGHT’s attack drops TURK to one knee. He fights on, but is hacked to death. RENNARD, alone and wounded, finds himself in a circle of DEATH KNIGHTS. He glares at KEMNON. RENNARD This doesn’t end here! KEMNON For you, it does. Die. The DEATH KNIGHTS stab RENNARD in the back. He falls on the corpses of TURK and FASTIDIAN. CAPTION: Gamers: Second Edition CASS (v.o.) Crap! X. INT. GAMING STORE Establishing shot of a busy gaming store. GAMERS are shopping and playing games.
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