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   GAMERS: SECOND EDITION Sixth Draft March 29, 2004 by Matt Vancil   1 1. INT. DUNGEON - CORRIDOR Torchlight flickers down a dark dungeon corridor. Three figures turn the corner. Turk, a massive armored warrior, leads them. Following him are Fastidian, a robed priest, and Rennard, a swarthy rogue in a black cloak. Bringing up the rear is Nodwick, a runty servant with a large treasure chest on his back. A door blocks the end of the corridor. Turk reaches for it, but Rennard catches his arm. He points to cryptic runes on the door. Turk yanks his arm away. Fastidian grips his medallion, the Sunburst of Therin, and chants softly. The Sunburst glows. The runes on the door burst into flame, then die out. 2. INT. DUNGEON – CAVE A sliver of light pokes through a peephole in a brick wall. RENNARD Nodwick, stay here. We'll be back soon. NODWICK Aye, my lord. Nodwick remains outside. The others enter. Rennard spots the gap in the wall. Fastidian's Sunburst flares. Six Ghouls burst out of the floor. They are undead beasts with sharp teeth and claws. Turk kills three Ghouls with his axe. Rennard stabs one in the back. Fastidian grips his Sunburst and points at the last two. FASTIDIAN Turn! The Sunburst flares. The Ghouls shriek and melt. Rennard peers through the peephole. He waves the others over.   2 3. INT. DUNGEON – ROOM BEHIND THE WALL Turk smashes through the wall with his shield. Bricks fly everywhere. Two Ghouls stand guard at another door. They lower their spears and charge the heroes. 4. INT. DUNGEON – ANTECHAMBER Outside, sounds of a struggle and clash of arms drift through the door. Turk kicks the door open. The heroes stride inside. TURK Mort Kemnon! Mort Kemnon broods on a black throne, shrouded in darkness. His face is hidden in shadow. FASTIDIAN We're -- KEMNON Doomed. Ghouls pour in through entrances to the side of the throne. They surround the heroes and cut Fastidian down. He falls in a pool of blood. TURK Fastidian! A Ghoul drops Turk to one knee. Others swarm him and hack him to death. Rennard finds himself alone and wounded in a circle of Ghouls. He glares at Kemnon. RENNARD This doesn't end here! KEMNON It does for you.   3 The Ghouls stab Rennard. He falls on the corpses of Turk and Fastidian. KEMNON laughs, dark and deep. CASS (VO) Crap! 5. INT. GAMING STORE Cass (Rennard), Gary (Fastidian), and Leo (Turk) share a table in the back of a gaming store with Lodge, their gamemaster. Gaming books and junk food cover the table. CASS Why didn't you turn those ghouls? GARY I lost my powers. How am I supposed to turn undead without my powers? LEO Way to detect the trap, Cass. Very rogue of you. CASS That was an ambush, not a trap. There is a slight difference. I found the trap on the door, didn't I? Next time, I'll let you take it in the face. LODGE Hey, guys? CASS Nice job defending the cleric, Conan. He lived for, what, six seconds? Real smart, letting them kill the healer first. LEO I didn't see you helping. LODGE Guys? Hello? GARY Again, it wouldn't have mattered. I didn't
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