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1. Presenting the... “Hey Dan,how did you create that?” Series a ‘project-perspective’ based series of presentations on the creative process of Dan Madinabeitia…
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  • 1. Presenting the... “Hey Dan,how did you create that?” Series a ‘project-perspective’ based series of presentations on the creative process of Dan Madinabeitia
  • 2. Slideshow I “The GAIM 2013Cabana Illustration Project”
  • 3. Where did this idea come from? he GAIM USA team from the Finance Division at IIR. GAIM stands T for Global Alternative Investment ManagementAssigment? Create an illustration (“New Yorker”/“Wall Street Journal” style) of a crowd of hedge fund managers and investors networking in cabanas in Boca Raton for the cover of the GAIM USA 2013 brochure.Timeline? 1 monthDesign challenge? creating a cohesive style while simultaneously drawing a crowd of people from scratch.
  • 4. The tools: • encils and sketch pad p • Adobe Photoshop • A WACOM tablet • tylistic references from S publicationsI used Pinterest tocreate a mood boardof cartoons I found commuter geek:created by various me and my tablet onillustrators the New Jersey Transit train from Gladstone to Penn Station, NY
  • 5. First - sketch in pencil, scan and start transferring in Photoshop with the WACOM tablet and pen...
  • 6. Also adjust contrast to set a cohesive visual rythm...
  • 7. Begin adding color in Photoshop using paint tools...
  • 8. Adjust size of the piece toeventually fit into the cover once THAT size has been approved...
  • 9. We played with the idea of a sepia-toned image to fitwith the GAIM brand. Time was a huge challenge.At one point we had to place the image on an unfin-ished mock up of the cover... It looked really bad.The Divisional Manager freaked.- deal, move on...
  • 10. Present to divisional team in progress and make adjustments - One person felt as though it made serious financial people look like ‘Beevis and Butthead’- deal, move on...
  • 11. Hone in on the detail Photoshop allows for great detail work with its zoom function. The golfer in the back- ground will be really small in the final piece. This is just an example of doing detail which is really important in creating a final effectPhotoshop is also great for creating shadows (look underthe tables and couches in the background) which wereadded as a final touch to add “pop” to the image
  • 12. And here we have our final piece...
  • 13. The client really liked it.So we made more for the brochure interior and website
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