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  GAMBIT Version 2.2.30 Release Notes  © Fluent Inc., Oct-04 Page 1 GAMBIT Version 2.2.30—Release Notes GAMBIT 2.2 includes significant improvements in key geometry and meshing operations, enhancements to existing features, and bug fixes. NOTE: A list of all known and fixed defects in this release is accessible in the GAMBIT Release Information section in the Fluent online User Services Center. One of the known defects involves an application error (crash) upon exit on some Windows operating systems. The crash does not affect the GAMBIT database and can be ignored. An upgrade to Windows XP service pack 2 is recommended. Enhanced Features in GAMBIT 2.2 include: ã geometry enhancements , including: o an upgrade of the ACIS geometry kernel, o better import of IGES, STEP, Parasolid and native CATIA V4 files, o improvements to the direct Pro/ENGINEER interface, o enhanced healing and checking of imported geometry, o face-connect improvements for automatic handling of gaps and overlaps, o improvements to the cleanup tools, o improvements to face-stitching operations, o improvements to wireframe face creation; ã meshing enhancements , including: o HexCore improvements to handle dangling faces, o improvements to size-function speed, o addition of a new size function based on an existing mesh, o enhancement of the curvature size function to recognize edge curvature, o improvements to boundary-layer operations, o improvements to the PAVE meshing tool; ã miscellaneous enhancements , including: o allowed importation of plug-in files o G/Turbo enhancements, o new defaults for tetrahedral meshing, o a new startup icon for the Microsoft Windows desktop, o the ability to repair corrupt databases, o improvements to defaults descriptions, o improved tolerance specification, o improvements to the geometry summarize and sweep path operations, o more-informative journal files, o interpreter enhancements.  GAMBIT Version 2.2.30 Release Notes  © Fluent Inc., Oct-04 Page 2 Enhanced Features ã Geometry o The integration of an updated version of ACIS (R12) improves speed and robustness of all geometric operations. o New “interop” translators result in a better import of IGES, STEP, Parasolid, and native CATIA V4 files. (NOTE: The license file must contain the feature “ geom-trans ”—available at no additional cost—to access the translators). Improvements will also allow users to obtain upgraded translators as patches independent of the full GAMBIT release. o Improvements to the direct Pro/ENGINEER interface include support for Proe-WildFire. (NOTE: The direct Pro/ENGINEER interface in GAMBIT 2.2 is supported for both Pro/ENGINEER 2001 and ProE-Wildfire. The interface with Wildfire is supported on Windows, Linux, HP, and Sun platforms. The interface with Pro/Engineer 2001 is supported on all platforms except Linux). o Healing improvements include a new smooth-geometry option (for example, in the Smooth/Heal Real Faces  command). Geometry smoothing can help replace bad geometry and/or reduce complexity of the geometry. Tolerant modeling improvements include options for automatic removal of small edges and sliver faces. o The geometry check  command is enhanced to allow for early detection of geometry and topological issues. o Face-connect functionality is enhanced to support T-Junction splits, which helps to ensure connectivity among parts with gaps and overlaps. o Cleanup tools improvements include new tools to detect and eliminate duplicate geometry and improvements to existing cleanup tools. Duplicate geometry cleanup include options to detect and fix duplicate/coincident vertices, edges, faces, and volumes. Improvements to existing tools include better automated removal of short edges, faster large angle cleanup, and additional face creation options for cleaning up holes. Cleanup tools defaults are now better organized and placed in a separate category. o The face-stitch operation for volume creation is enhanced to accept tolerance values. In addition, multiple real and/or virtual volumes can be created in a single operation. When creating a single volume, it is unnecessary to specify more than one of the faces in the set of faces to be stitched together; GAMBIT automatically finds and uses the other faces. (NOTE: A default flag is available to enable/disable this behavior.) When creating multiple volumes in a single operation, GAMBIT can automatically discard unneeded faces. Both real and virtual face-stitch operations can handle internal voids and dangling faces. o Wireframe face creation is enhanced to construct a real face from a set of non-planar edges using the tolerant functionality.  GAMBIT Version 2.2.30 Release Notes  © Fluent Inc., Oct-04 Page 3 ã Meshing o The HexCore meshing tool is improved to handle volumes with internal (dangling) faces. o Size-function operations are two to five times faster in GAMBIT 2.2 compared to GAMBIT 2.1. Speed improvements are most significant for proximity and curvature size functions. o A new “meshed” size function is available to ensure a mesh with desired growth from a pre-meshed boundary. o The curvature size function now accepts both faces and edges as source entities. It also allows automatic mesh refinement based on the edge curvature. o Boundary-layer improvements include smooth height transition for volume boundary layers, and better element quality near internal corners due to improvements in angle based smoothing. A default flag is also available to deactivate size-function calculation during the temporary display of boundary layers. Imprinting of both volume and surface boundary layers are now controlled by a single default to ensure consistent boundary layers definition. o The PAVE meshing tool is improved to better handle variation in mesh size of premeshed edges. A size function is automatically invoked if the variation exceeds a limit that can be set by the user. Performance when meshing a group of faces is also significantly improved. Interval count is automatically adjusted to satisfy the requirements of even numbers of intervals per loop. ã Miscellaneous o GAMBIT 2.2 allows the importation of plug-in files, which can be used in conjunction with special GAMBIT functionality to create customized modeling operations. o G/Turbo enhancements include an application-specific template for pumps and automatic volume creation from the turbo file. The application-specific template, available as a plug-in file, automates the entire process from geometry creation and meshing to solver settings and the solution. o New defaults for tetrahedral meshing allow modifications to initialization attempts and refinement levels in order to improve the success rate of mesh initialization and refinement. o GAMBIT 2.2 installation offers a new startup icon for Microsoft Windows operating systems. The GUI-based launcher supports browsers for easy selection of working directory and the session identifier. It also stores prior history and also allows standard startup options. o Automatic repair of corrupt databases is available in GAMBIT 2.2. The repair process requires saving the database multiple times. GAMBIT issues a message indicating “database being repaired” while reading a corrupt database. Users  GAMBIT Version 2.2.30 Release Notes  © Fluent Inc., Oct-04 Page 4 should repeat the save  command several times until there are no repair messages. (NOTE: If a similar message appears while saving a “good” database, the message indicates that a problem has been introduced during the last working session and should be reported as a defect). o Descriptions of many defaults have been enhanced to include specific values used by the automatic settings. Documentation also includes the applicable range for the values to provide a better guidance to users. o Tolerance specification fields on many forms are improved to be more intuitive. Each field includes a toggle button to select either an “auto” or “manual” option. For the manual option, the tolerance-value input field is automatically populated with a default value to provide a guidance for the user. o Geometry-summarize information is better displayed in the Transcript  window to make the information more intuitive to read and understand. The information includes face area for real geometry and volume for cad entities. Sweep path alignment operations are improved to ensure consistent behavior for both real and virtual sweeps. o Journal file header is more informative and includes the database version and platform information. o Interpreter enhancements include new query functions that return number and types of mesh elements, angle at a face vertex, and the Pro/E parameters.
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