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  Electrolyte and Metabolic Disturbances A. Salahuddin, M.D Anesthesiologist Dept. of Anesthesiologi, ICU and Pain Management Faculty of Medicine Hasanuddin University  Introduction  Common in critically ill & injured patients   Alter physiologic function and contribute to morbidity & mortality  The most common electrolyte disturban-ce  in critically ill patients are: disturbance in K, Na, Ca, Mg, P levels  Metabolic disturbance  accompany many systemic disease processes or result of altered endocrine function  Objectives  Review causes and clinical manifestations of severe electrolyte disturbances  Outline emergent management of electrolyte disturbances  Recognize acute adrenal insufficiency and appropriate treatment  Describe management of severe hyperglycemic syndromes  Principles of Electrolyte Disturbances  Implies an underlying disease process  Treat the electrolyte change, but seek the cause  Clinical manifestations usually not specific to a particular electrolyte change, e.g., seizures, arrhythmias

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Jul 23, 2017
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