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Presentation about processing unit for all gas streams in refinery
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    GAS PLANT Instructor: LE Thi Nhu Y, Ph.D  EMERGENCY EVACUATION INSTRUCTION Whenever you hear the building alarm or are informed of a general building emergency: ❑ Leave the building immediately, in an orderly fashion ❑ Do not use elevators ❑ Follow quickest evacuation route from where you are ❑ If the designated assembly point/area is unsafe or blocked due to the emergency, proceed to the alternate assembly point ❑ Report to your Work Area Rep at the assembly point to be checked off as having evacuated safely ❑ Specific safety requirements for TODAY   Today: NO testing of fire alarm systems   2/169  COURSE OBJECTIVES When you complete this module you will be able: ❑ To grasp the role of gas plant in the refinery ❑ To describe the sat and unsat gas processing unit ❑ To grasp the different types of amines: advantages and disadvantages ❑ To select an amine from the various types available and calculate amine circulation rates required ❑ How to handle the operation of units, interaction and challenges encountered 3/169  COURSE PLAN ❑ Total duration: 5 days ❑ Lecture: 3 days ❑ Practice on dynamic simulator: 2 days 4/169
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