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Presentation about processing unit for all gas streams in refinery
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    PART III. PRACTISE ON DYNAMIC SIMULATOR I.GAS PROCESSING PLANT II.GAS DEHYRATION UNIT 1/169    I. GAS PROCESSING PLANT ON DYNAMIC SIMULATOR 1.Process description 2.Simulation PFD 3.Start  –  up procedure on dynamic simulator 4.Shutdown procedure on dynamic simulator 5.Malfunction exercises 2/169    1. Process description  Slug catcher  GPP Deethanizer  GPP Dehydration  Gas Stripper  Regeneration  Stabilizer  GPP Condensate Process  C3/C4 Splitter  Gas chill down & Rectifier  Metering for pipeline  Storage tank and pumps 3/169     Separate condensate and Free-water from the gas at 109 BarA, 25 o C  Piping type  The volume should be sufficient to receive liquid slug coming from the battery limit 1. Process description  Slug catcher (SC-01) 4/169

Gas plant_2

Jul 23, 2017
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