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  DateA0Approved For ConstructionAHHRECAJ8/7/2014Rev.DescriptionPrepared byChecked byApproved by EQUIPMENT NO : V-2000 TOTAL PAGES 3 REVISION :  A0 CALCULATION TITLE : GAS VENTING CALCULATION NO : 14PRJ001-NGL-PR-CL-5001 P&ID NO : 14PRJ001-NGL-PR-PI-0001 PETRONAS CARIGALI PROCESS CALCULATION GAS VENTING PROJECT : WEST LUTONG LPPU CLIENT :  Equipment No :V-2000P&ID No :14PRJ001-NGL-PR-PI-0001 Sht. Calculation No: 14PRJ001-NGL-PR-CL-5001 Rev.A0 123  1.0 CALCULATION OBJECTIVES 41.1To determine the volume of gas from gas lift that passes through the pressure balancing line56  2.0 CALCULATION BASIS & ASSUMPTIONS 72.1The volume accommodated by gas during blowcase is the same as volume of liquid from LAL to Top of Vessel82.2The number of moles of gas in vessel V-2000 is calculated using Ideal Gas Law 92.3The difference in the number of moles of gas at high pressure and low pressure is equivalent to the number of moles of gas passing through10the balancing line during pressure balancing. This equates to the amount of gas loss from vessel V-2000 for each blow case cycle112.4The amount of cycles per day is dependant on the liquid holdup time.122.5The gas properties are obtained from ICON Process Simulation1314  3.0 CALCULATION METHOD 15See attached1617  4.0 REFERENCES 184.1Ideal Gas Law194.2ICON Process Simulation2021  5.0 CONCLUSIONS 2223The total amount of gas vented per day is 0.058 mmscfd 2425262728293031323334353637383940414243444546474849505152535455565758596061626364656667686970 PROCESS CALCULATION Approved For ConstructionAHHRECAJ8/7/2014Prepared byChecked byApproved byDateProject:WEST LUTONG LPPUSht. 2 / 3Description  Equipment No :V-2000P&ID No :14PRJ001-NGL-PR-PI-0001 Sht. Calculation No: 14PRJ001-NGL-PR-CL-5001 Rev.A0 123456789101112131415161718Liquid Volume from LAL to TOV (Top of Vessel) 1.79m 192021222324 Pa 25-26J K -1  mol -1 27 K 28kmole2930NO. OF MOLES VENTED PER CYCLE0.760kmole31323334LIQUID DISCHARGE TIME2.5 mins 35VESSEL LIQUID HOLDUP TIME10 mins 36GAS VENT TIME (Depressurization)1.0 mins 37TIME PER CYCLE15 mins 38NO OF CYCLES PER DAY96 cycles 3940VOLUME OF GAS VENTED PER CYCLE17.018  sm 3 41600.530 scf  4243VOLUME OF GAS VENTED PER DAY0.058 mmscfd 444546474849505152535455565758596061626364656667686970 GAS VOLUME VENTED HIGH PRESSURE11013250.9648.315296.2900.830NORMAL OPERATING PRESSURE1013250.9888.315313.000OPERATING TEMPERATURE [T]NO. OF MOLES [n]GAS COMPRESSIBILITY [z]GAS CONSTANT [R]0.071UNITPROPERTY Checked byApproved byDateGAS PROPERTIES OPERATING PRESSURE VOLUME OF LIQUIDProject:WEST LUTONG LPPUSht. 3 / 3 PROCESS CALCULATION Approved For ConstructionAHHRECAJ8/7/2014DescriptionPrepared by LAH LAL HP GAS/GAS LIFT RO VOLUME OF GAS LIQUID OUTLET TOV (Top of Vessel) PRESSURE BALANCING LINE


Jul 23, 2017
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