Gate Mechanical Sm by Nodia

Gate Mechanical Sm by Nodia
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  CONTENTS VOL 1 ENGINEERING MECHANICS AM 1 Equilibrium of Forces AM 3AM 2 Structure AM 40AM 3 Friction AM 81AM 4 Virtual Work AM 117AM 5 Kinematics of Particle AM 128AM 6 Kinetics of Particles AM 157AM 7 Plane Kinematics of Rigid body AM 190AM 8 Plane Kinetics of Rigid body AM 206 STRENGTH OF MATERIALS SM 1 Stress and Strain SM 3SM 2 Axial Loading SM 41SM 3 Torsion SM 86SM 4 Shear Force and Bending Moment SM 118SM 5 Transformation of Stress and Strain SM 179SM 6 Design of Beams and Shafts SM 226SM 7 Deflection of Beams and Shafts SM 270SM 8 Column SM 315SM 9 Energy Methods SM 354 THEORY OF MACHINES TM 1 Analysis of Plane Mechanism TM 3TM 2 Velocity and Acceleration TM 20TM 3 Dynamic Analysis of Slider - Crank and Cam TM 38TM 4 Gear - Trains TM 59TM 5 Fly Wheel TM 91TM 6 Vibration TM 109 MACHINES DESIGN MD 1 Static and Dynamic Loading MD 3MD 2 Joints MD 22MD 3 Shaft and Shaft Components MD 54MD 4 Spur Gears MD 71MD 5 Bearings MD 88MD 6 Clutch and Brakes MD 105  CONTENTS VOL 2 FLUID MECHANICS FM 1 Basic Concepts and Properties of Fluids FM 3FM 2 Pressure and Fluid Statics FM 33FM 3 Fluid Kinematics & Bernouli Equation FM 80FM 4 Flow Analysis Using Control Volumes FM 124FM 5 Flow Analysis Using Differential Method FM 172FM 6 Internal Flow FM 211FM 7 External Flow FM 253FM 8 Open Channel Flow FM 289FM 9 Turbo Machinery FM 328 HEAT TRANSFER HT 1 Basic Concepts & Modes of Heat-Transfer HT 3HT 2 Fundamentals of Conduction HT 34HT 3 Steady Heat Conduction HT 63HT 4 Transient Heat Conduction HT 94HT 5 Fundamentals of Convection HT 114HT 6 Free and Force Convection HT 129HT 7 Radiation Heat Transfer HT 155HT 8 Heat Exchangers HT 181 THERMODYNAMICS TD 1 Basic Concepts and Energy Analysis TD 3TD 2 Properties of Pure Substances TD 28TD 3 Energy Analysis of Closed System TD 52TD 4 Mass and Energy Analysis of Control Volume TD 76TD 5 Second Law of Thermodynamics TD 106TD 6 Entropy TD 136TD 7 Gas Power Cycles TD 166TD 8 Vapor and Combined Power Cycles TD 199TD 9 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning TD 226 ***********  CONTENTS VOL 3 MANUFACTURING PROCESSINDUSTRIAL ENGINEERINGOPERATION RESEARCH  CONTENTS VOL 4 ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS EM 1 Linear Algebra EM 1EM 2 Differential Calculus EM 24EM 3 Integral Calculus EM 46EM 4 Directional Derivatives EM 67EM 5 Differential Equation EM 79EM 6 Complex Variable EM 103EM 7 Probability and Statistics EM 123EM 8 Numerical Methods EM 142 VERBAL ANALYSIS VA 1 Synonyms VA 1VA 2 Antonyms VA 16VA 3 Agreement VA 26VA 4 Sentence Structure VA 37VA 5 Spellings VA 58VA 6 Sentence Completion VA 87VA 7 Word Analogy VA 111VA 8 Reading Comprehension VA 135VA 9 Verbal Classification VA 148VA 10 Critical Reasoning VA 153VA 11 Verbal Deduction VA 168 QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS QA 1 Number System QA 1QA 2 Surds, Indices and Logarithm QA 14QA 3 Sequences and Series QA 28QA 4 Average, Mixture and Alligation QA 44QA 5 Ratio, Proportion and Variation QA 59QA 6 Percentage QA 75QA 7 Interest QA 89QA 8 Time, Speed & Distance QA 99QA 9 Time, Work & Wages QA 112QA 10 Data Interpretation QA 126
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