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  I have got direct admission to IITB. (Score 810 Rank 9) Here are my suggestions( These are !ure y #ased on my e$!erience n it te s the %ay i %ou d have !re!ared i& I had to take 'T again this year. I %ou d e$! ain in o#servation * so ution manner) 1) +ost o& the ,uestion !atterns are re!eating * nothing much is e&t to ask conce!t %ise-hat I %ou d have done o ect ,uestions * ans%ers (ho%ever time the so ution might take/ #ut understand the conce!t &irst * get the so ution trick) su#ect %ise. eg I& you co ect !erating System !ro# ems &rom a 'T !a!ers * so ve them yourse & a&ter going throughre&erence #ooks/ its more than su&&icient.2o this &or a su#ects * you %i see the re!eating !attern. So ve !a!ers (each n every ,uestions). I #et this %ou d cover ur 304 marks in 'T 5008.6 can devote ur &irst month o& !re!aration &or this.It %i %ork. These notes %ou d #e !recious * %ou d he ! u in &ina !hase.Search ans%ers urse &.5) 7uestions are in the &orm o& !ro# ems #ased on key conce!ts. ( eg s!anning tree conce!ts in net%ork s%itches) o ecting ,uestions %ou d uncover the !ro# em statement tricks/ so utions %ou d he ! understand the a!!roach * u %i get to kno% %hat is rea y e$!ected &rom the student.This %ou d he ! u study to!ics &rom 'T !ers!ective %hen u %i start studying (reading n understanding). 6 %i / yourse &/ #e a# e &rame ,uestions. ) I &ound most o& the !ro# ems unso va# e at &irst site.ach !ro# em is taken &rom some re&erence #ook. I have attached re&erence #ook ist. ( I had !re!ared the ist &or one o& my &riends %ho is !re!aring &or Su#ect 'R. 6 can a so give a chance to it/its during ovem#er * !ri (t%ice a year). my seniors have actua y got very good (stan&ord etc) universities on y on Su#ect 'R score):;53;0< ADVICE PAGE 2 =) 2o so ve ,uestions given at the end o& every cha!ter in re&erence #ook. This %i #oost ur mora e. I te u/there r rea y interesting !ro# om!uter et%orks (Tanen#aum * >arou?an) !ro# ems (es! 2ata ink ayer) ne mai is insu&&icient &or e$! aining.I have tried my #est.Best o& uck.Be in touch.>ee &ree to ask any ,uestions.S!read these suggestions i& u &ee %orth.@ ease eave comment at community thread &or others to make choice.  Regards/Aiay 9890151313@. S. o ect &ormu ae on # ank !a!er * !aste them on your %a s. (not a sing e !art shou d remain vacant) ANALYSIS OF PAPER >irst o& a / go through a !revious !a!ers. s!ecia y/ the !a!ers o& the year %hen organi?ing institute is same as that o& 'T09. 'T08 %as organi?ed #y IISc. The !revious years %hen IISc %as organi?ing institute %ere year 5005/ 199:/ and 1990. -hen I so ved these !a!ers/ I &ound out that there are some conce!ts on %hich IISc %as &ocusing more. .g. In each o& these !a!ers there %as ,uestion onB;BC tree/ e%tonDRa!hson +ethod/ +ore stress on  and 2igita / +athematics is more inc ined to%ards a cu us than 2iscrete +athsn the contrary !ro# ems on @ro#a#i ity/ et%orks and om!i ers %ere not much di&&icu tE..I& u so ve 'T08 !a!er u &ind the same thing here a soE. So we can say that GATE paper is !ch pre icti#e$ so &irst task to do is go through a the !a!ers (I thinkthe organi?ing institute this time may #e +adras and !rev years %hen madras %as organi?ing institute %ere 1991/ 199</ 500E) and &ind out the simi aritiesE.stress on them.I m not saying to ski! a other to!icsE#ut !ractica y its rea y di&&icu t (not im!ossi# e) to &ocus on a the su# I ust %ant to say/ i& u %ant to ski! some to!ics dont ski! the to!ics stressed #y the organi?ing institute.  so dont underestimate the remaining to!ics E.  here coes y %irst ista&e'I !n er(estiate ;0;08  बहरन    ज󰤜त    आह󰤹   $$$   IR 98 )   Pro*a*i+ity an so+#e #ery sip+e pro*+e wron,+y '$res!+t was (2$- ar&s . But %arning is i& u ski! some to!ics u must #e !er&ect in a the remaining to!ics. nd the de&inition o& !er&ect/ here/ is there !st *e on+y one person to so+#e partic!+ar pro*+e on that topic *e%ore !'$the paper setter///$$$$$no one e+se o% ne$t !oint is/very 'T !a!er contains three kinds o& ,uestions1. !ro# ems on tricky conce!tsi& u kno% the conce!t/ ur doneE5. 2i&&icu t !ro# ems6 ve to !ut ur #rains to so ve these !ro# emsE. @ractica y unso va# e !ro# ems6 may &ind tota y unkno%n and ne% conce!ts %hich cou dnt #e so ved in hrs time this ty!ica y inc udes !ro# ems on  and !ro#a#i ity.To crack the 'T u ve to so ve correct y FF the !ro# ems o& &irst kindE.&or 5nd kind/ the more the !ro# emu so ve/ esser the rank u getGGG  o% %hi e so ving the !a!er/ I so ved it in  !assesE.1. So ve a the !ro# ems that u can so ve undou#t&u yEmeans ans%er on y %hen ur 5004 sure a#out the ans E. %or this pass I #e ,i#en 2hrs !rin, the paper which is 0!ite s!%%icient 5. heck a the !ro# emsERemem#er %hi e checking have thorough checkingE.check %hether u ve marked correct o!tionEcheck ,uestionDtoDans corres!ondence is correctEmany times it ha!!ens that %e so ve 7.0E eave 71 # ank and a&ter so ving 75 %e mark o!tion in &ront o& 71E. here coes y another ista&e'I ha#en1t chec&e three o% 0!estions %or which I tho!,ht no chec&in, is necessary'*!t I +ost $- ar&s'$this pass ay ta&e 3-(24 in'5$ a%ter care%!+ chec&in, on+y t!rn towar s pro*+es %or which ! are o!*t %!++'try to rethin& on these pro*+es'! ay so+#e 5(6 o% the'I + +i&e to e7p+ain ! how !ch ip !r hit ratio'$in GATE148 I attepte -6 0!estions'o!t o% which 36 are o% 3 ar&s an 64 are o% ar&s'o!t o% 369 33 are correct an 5 cae to *e wron,'an o!t o% 64'28 cae to *e correct an 32 cae to *e wron,'so y score9 I thin& is ro!n a*o!t :4;3-4'$ ;0;08 Now i% I + #e attepte on+y 33 one ar&e 0!estions an 28 2 ar&e 0!estions'$%or which I was 244< s!re'then y score + #e *een :;3-4'$eans s!re+y I + #e ,ot ran& =-4 ontinuing the discussion a#out marksEI think/ &or easy !a!er( ike 'T0<) <3;130  IIT >or di&&icu t !a!er( ike 'T08) Eu can see even :0;130 is doneGGGSo in genera attem!t 30D:0 ,uestions %ith hit ratio 904 and ur throughGGG -e /o% I come to !re!aration !art o& the 'T >OO?S an S@>ECT ANALYSISDiscrete Batheatics +ST I+@ su#ect as &ar as S is concerned>irst order ogic !re!are it &rom Trem# eyD+anohar and so ve e$ercise &rom 2iscrete +athematics and !! ication #y Jenneth Rosen. asy to!ic. nce conce!t is c ear marks are ursE.Im!ortant ru es o& thum# are given in Jenneth Rosen@ro#a#i ity and om#inatoricsI ski!!ed this !art. But Jenneth Rosen again has variety o& !ro# ems on this to!ic.Set TheoryTrem# eyD+anohar Boo ean a ge#ra/'rou!s/ Fattice/ Re ationsJenneth Rosen has good discussion on Re ations and Fattice.Book #y J.2.Koshi on 2iscrete +aths has good derivations regarding enumerating the re ationsEgo throughit/ it sure y he ! to #ui d u! the ideasE>or Boo ean  ge#ra and 'rou! Theory again #ook #y Trem# eyD+anoher is good/ #ut &or e$ercises I used #ook #y Ross(I dont remem#er the &u name o& authorEsorry &or that)Trem# eyD+anoher inc udes good theorems in 'rou! TheoryEFinear  ge#ra/ a cu us and umerica +ethods>or these su#ects I used the course #ooks #y oca authors %hich %e used &or semester e$amsEThere are some ,uickie methods to &ind out inverse o& matri$/ eigen va ues and eigen vectors/ determinantEunderstand those &rom @ro&s in ur co egeRecurrence Re ations  Jenneth Rosen inc udes some ru es o& thum# &or @articu ar So utions o& Recurrence Re ationsEonce u got them so ving !ro# ems on RR is %ork o& &e% secodsE@articu ar y &or Recurrence Re ations/ try to &ind ans #y e iminating %rong o!tionsE;0;08i.e. i& u kno% &(1)a and &(0)#Etry to !ut 1 and 0 in o!tions and see %here u get correct ansE.#e ieve me in most o& cases u get ,uick and correct ans #y this %ayE.'ra!h Theory+ST I+@ to!ic &or STry to go through a !ossi# e #ooks and materia &or 'ra!h Theory.ote do%n the genera &ormu ae;theorems given in #ooksEread them &re,uent yEJenneth Rosen inc udes good discussion in most o& the conce!ts o& 'T.'ra!h Theory #y 2oug as -est is a so gr8 #ook. Theory o% Cop!tation Book #yKohn . +artin This is gr8 &or Regu ar Fanguages/ >inite utomataEtheory and !ro# emsohenThis inc udes variety o& !ro# ems on every other conce!t o& TEtheory is a so very !er&ect (as good as s!oon &eeding) Ees!ecia y &or !um!ing emma@eter Fin? gain good theory Eeasy to understandE.!ro# ems on Turing +achine are trickyE+iche Si!ser This #ook is good es!ecia y &or 6nDdecida#i ity/ Recursive and R anguages/ @Dcom! eteness>or @Dcom! eteness #ook on  gorithms #y Sahani is a so good I suggest u to read these #ooks in &o o%ing order 1. Read conce!ts &rom ohenE.u a so can re&er @eter Fin?Eso ve e$ercises5. So ve e$ercise &rom Kohn +artin. Read +iche Si!ser &or advanced conce!tsstatutory %arning T #ook #y 6 man is inurious to #rain E#ut do read this #ook onceEthis contains/ e$c usive y/ conce!ts o& Homomor!hism/ HF> o& F'6' etcE Di,ita+ Lo,ic +orris +anoEmorris manoEmorris manoGGGGGGGGThere are !!ts on the de!artment %e#site o& IITD2 regardin this courseE%hich contains good discussion on some conce!ts ike >au t 2etection and Ha?ards in ircuitsE-a ker y is a so good #ookEThere is a so a #ook >undamenta s o& 2igita ircuits #y . nand Jumar %hich inc udes thorough discussion on um#er System(dont underDestimate this !ointEthere are many tricky conce!ts in itGGG);0;08 Cop!ter Or,aniation an Architect!re Book #y +orris +ano(not the same as 2igita Ethere is se!arate #ook &or )Eit contains good theory and !ro# ems &or ddressing +odes/ 2+ and IE re%er +atest e ition co pre#io!s e itions oesn1t inc+! econcepts o% Re,ister in ow'$so I co!+ not attept pro*+e on it Book #y K. @. Hays contains good discussion on +icroD!rogramming and HardD-ired 2esign/ a so it contains good &ormu ae &or @i!e ining K. @. Hays a so contain thorough discussion on > oating @oint num#er &ormatsE.'ood and e$c usive &ormu ae &or Secondary StorageE
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